Chapter 19:

Chapter 19 [Starting from scratch]


["I won't give up on you!!!"]Bookmark here

I can't help but smile as I remember those word, even after happen. She still won't give up, it makes me happy just thinking about it. Maybe, I can go back after all this, I shake that thought away.Bookmark here

Don't be ridiculous you know what you did, yes, you know what you did to those people.Bookmark here

Back away, we had a deal.Bookmark here

Fine... You no fun.Bookmark here

"Haru what wrong?" Cindy said.Bookmark here

When my mind finally clear, I look up and see Cindy holding a small spoon and in front of her on top of the table we set a huge bowl of rainbow sprinkle, chocolate mix with vanilla five scoops of ice cream and a kit kat bar on top of it plus two Marshmellow on the side.Bookmark here

"Here you go sir, super blaster combo" a waiter suddenly pop up beside me and serving me a bowl of ice cream.Bookmark here

I look at the double scoop of vanilla ice cream drowning in a pool of chocolate, with a chocolate sprinkle on top it.Bookmark here

"Cindy, since when did I order this?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Oh, I order that when you were dozing off and smiling for no reason," Cindy said while grabbing a spoonful of ice cream and devour it.Bookmark here

I look at the interior of the ice cream parlor, the wall is painted with blue and pink pastel color, there is a counter to the right side of with an assortment of ice cream cover by the glass on its side, on the wall, there is unicorn logo light up with neon and underneath it the shop name.Bookmark here

Unicornia Bookmark here

Unicornia is that the name of this shop, I look at the customer around us mostly filled with young girls and college girl with one or two boys in the mix.Bookmark here

I sigh.Bookmark here

"I thought you were taking me to a private place so we can discuss our plan?" I said.Bookmark here

"What wrong with this place?" Cindy ask.Bookmark here

"How are we gonna discuss our plan when we surround by people," I said.Bookmark here

"Pfft.. like they know what we talking about" Cindy scoff.Bookmark here

"Fine, let just begins,"I said while Cindy grin.Bookmark here

"So tell me, who is the masked woman that kill my uncle?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I don't know," Cindy said, shrugging her shoulder.Bookmark here

"WHAT DO YOU..." I said aloud, but stopped when everyone around me starts looking at me, "what do you mean, you don't know?" I said slowly.Bookmark here

"Well I don't know exactly who she is but I do know who she works for," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Care to elaborate?" I ask.Bookmark here

Cindy takes another spoonful of ice cream and devours it.Bookmark here

"Ok look it all start when I took a job 2 year ago from someone who called himself Shadow," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Shadow? Wait for what job? And how old are you?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Do you mind? I'm telling the story here.." Cindy said annoyed, her left eyebrow raised.Bookmark here

I raised both my hand letting her continue her story. Cindy then took another bite of the ice cream.Bookmark here

"I'm 18 by the way and I been working as information broker since I was 15, continuing the story, the job was to investigate a company named Anomaly Inc, the company is an international company who dabble in a lot of things from Trading into Weapon research," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"For the first year of the investigation, I found quite a lot of dirt on the company but it was pretty standard stuff for the company that size, a few bribes there and a few deals with criminal, I mean if you worked long enough as me in my line of work, it was pretty normal" Bookmark here

"But it all changed a year ago, the company suddenly went quiet for a month, I mean really quiet.... there no contact or deal has been done for that entire first month." Bookmark here

"Then after the first month, the company went alive again but it was very chaotic, they started to do deal with criminal a lot often and money being tossed at official like it was the 4th of July."Bookmark here

"And if you are wondering what about the people who don't accept the deal, well let me tell you that those people won't able to see the light of day again," Cindy said while moving her hand horizontally in front of her neck.Bookmark here

"What all that got to do with the masked woman?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Well when I was still investigating the company, a lot of rumor being tossed around about a Masked woman with a sword that works for the company, she the one who do they called if there is a problem that needs to disappear," Cindy said and continuing eating her ice cream.Bookmark here

"Also the one who kidnapped me also worked for that company, the group you just kill what was they're named again?" Cindy said.Bookmark here

"HogBrawler," I said.Bookmark here

"Yes them!! those fucker burn everything I had even my unicorn collection" Cindy said, her face shows a slight anger.Bookmark here

"How do you get caught?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Some asshole ratted me out, he told the company all about me and get pay a large sum of money for it, Thank god they didn't send the masked woman or I won't be alive today," Cindy said then continue to eat her ice cream.Bookmark here

I look at my bowl of ice cream, shrugging my shoulder then grabbing the spoon on the side of my bowl. I scoop up a spoonful of ice cream then I place it in my mouth.Bookmark here

Slowly, rolling the ice cream that is inside my mouth trying to taste it then I swallow it. How am i not surprised, I still can't taste anything, I place a finger on the back of my neck where the scar is, my theory is that my power doesn't fully heal properly that why my sense of taste doesn't connect to my nerve, in conclusion, I have been to be more careful in a fight.Bookmark here

Even the pain where I was shot last night still not gone yet. I wince a little as I remember the pain from last night.Bookmark here

"What wrong?" Cindy ask.Bookmark here

"I'm not in the mood for ice cream," I said, Looking at Cindy, she is looking at my bowl of ice cream like a tiger looking at it preys.Bookmark here

"you...can have mine?" I offer.Bookmark here

"Are you sure?' Cindy said, but her hand already reaching my bowl.Bookmark here

"I'm sure," I said and immediately she drags the bowl to her side, Cindy smile and humming happily as she begins eating my bowl of ice cream.Bookmark here

"So what is the plan?" Cindy ask.Bookmark here

"Go to Anomaly Inc headquarters and start killing everybody there," I said.Bookmark here

"That is a stupid plan, first we don't know for sure who is the mastermind behind the company, second that place is heavily guarded, third even you pass through the defense, there no guarantee that the mastermind is there" Cindy said, then let out of moan as she combines both ice cream from different bowl in her mouth.Bookmark here

"What is your plan then?" I ask while Cindy grin as she heard my question.Bookmark here

"We make them come to us," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"How?" I asked.Bookmark here

"Ok hear me out, before I was captured, I heard from one of my informant in the company about something really important that they codename it the Catalyst, and they plan to bring it here through a cargo ship but if we intercept the delivery and steal it, I'm sure that will they will turn every stone to get us, when they do that when we strike," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"I don't think this Catalyst that you talked about will make them come to us"I scoff.Bookmark here

"Well, it important enough that they sent the masked woman after my informant and kill him" Cindy retort.Bookmark here

"Okay if you think the catalyst will help us, when do we steal this catalyst?" I ask.Bookmark here

"In three year," Cindy said nonchalantly.Bookmark here

"What!! In three year?" I said surprised.Bookmark here

"That way too long, I can't wait that long," I said.Bookmark here

"Look three years is reasonable time because we need that time to prepare, we need a base of operation to operate from and store the catalyst for the time, we also need equipment when we about to strike and to help us get all is in the duffel under our table" Cindy said as she kicked the duffel bag full of money slightly toward my feet.Bookmark here

"So what about it you in?" Cindy's eyebrow raised as she looks at me awaiting my answer.Bookmark here

I look at the empty bowls of ice cream that Cindy have been chowing down as she talks earlier, then I look around us, people enjoying their time. Can I wait that long? That the question has been floating in my mind.Bookmark here

No matter how long it takes, I make sure to get those people who responsible for uncle death. I dig my finger into my palm as I promise myself.Bookmark here

"I'm in," I said.Bookmark here

"Great!!!" Cindy said then pumps her fist in the air and her face light up like a kid that woke up on Christmas day.Bookmark here

"I need to get a cone of ice cream before we head out," Cindy said then stand up headed to the counter.Bookmark here

I follow her after I grab the duffel bag under the table.Bookmark here

"Wait, you getting more after you just ate two bowls of ice cream?" I said as we head to the counter.Bookmark here

"Of course I love Unicornia ice cream they are the most delicious thing in the universe" Cindy exclaim.Bookmark here

"One scoop of sunshine ray," she said to the Unicornia worker.Bookmark here

The worker nods, and serve her the cone ice cream she orders, its yellow color ice cream with a green sprinkle on top of it.Bookmark here

As Cindy, about to pay for the ice cream, the something pop behind the counter, immediately I drop the bag and reach for the handgun back in my pant. Bookmark here

"CONGRATULATION ON BEING OUR 1 MILLION CUSTOMER!!!" the worker shout.Bookmark here

I look at the worker with confetti cannons, I stop my hand from taking out the handgun. I relax my shoulder and move my hand away from the handgun.Bookmark here

"Here your prize, a Unicornia unicorn plushie" the worker hand Cindy the unicorn plushie.Bookmark here

The plushie had a rainbow horn and white body.Bookmark here

"OH MY GOD, IM GONNA TREASURE THIS FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE" Cindy squeal in excitement and hug the plushie in her chest.Bookmark here

I grab the bag that I dropped and Cindy Grab her ice cream then head out of the store.Bookmark here

"Where we headed?" I ask.Bookmark here

"We need to meet a guy about an unfinished business," Cindy said while licking her ice cream.Bookmark here

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