Chapter 20:

Chapter 20 [unfinished business]


After a long ride.

We arrive at the sketchiest part of town, there is a lot of abandoned building around, people covering their face with a bandana as they walk down the street, I can see a handgun poking out of their pants.

"Ok just around this corner," Cindy said as I follow her from behind while holding both duffel bag in my hands.

I follow Lina to a dark cold valley.

"Ok, here is the plan, went I show you the signal" Cindy nod her head, showing an example of the signal, "you do your thing, ok?" Cindy said.

"Ok," I said.

"Ok then let get this show on the road," Cindy said excitedly.

Two light appeared at the end of the alley, as it gets closer, a hood of a car can be seen. As it finally under the alley light I can see the full view of the car, a black Chevrolet Impala 1967 with silver grill stopped in front of us.

The engine stops at the door of the car open, a Chinese man step out of the car and walk toward us.

He wearing a Hawaii shirt with a couple gold necklace around his neck and a beret on his head. The man looks at me up and down with his way intimidating me. Ok, he not what I expect, I mean expected he would be taller than me, he shorter than me by a few inches.

"Who is this prick, Your new boyfriend? I thought you didn't swing that way?" The Chinese said.

"Hi, Todd— long time no see? he is not my boyfriend, his more of an associate to me" Cindy said sarcastically.

"Cindy Crowe still living and kicking," Todd said.


I look up in the roof and I can see the crow perched on top of the wire, it the same damn crow following me around. Am I curse or something?, I change my focus toward Cindy conversation with Todd.

"Ohh poor todd, you were so desperate to get rid of me because you can't handle the competition," Cindy said.

"I'm not desperate, I did it because you stole one of my jobs because of you I lost quite a lot of money and I don't like losing money," Todd said, a tinge of anger his voice.

"Because of you, I lose all my shit!!" Cindy said I can see her open hand turn into a fist.

Cindy opens her fist and turns her back on Todd, I can see she trying to.calm herself by taking a few breaths.

"Ohh Cindy... it just business nothing personal," Todd said with an arrogant smirk on his face.

I look at Cindy as she tries to hold the anger inside of her, then she looks at me and nods. Giving me the signal, I let out a smile and begin walking toward Todd.

Your up.

"Hey!!—what going....."Todd said.

I grab his jaw and the back of his neck and rotate it forcefully breaking his neck, his body falls limping to the ground while his head turns away abnormally, his eyes widen like he just saw a ghost.

"Listen to me Todd, if you don't want my associate to cause more pain to you, beginning tonight you should work for me, of course with payment because who wants to work for free..." Cindy said her head still facing the other way.

My eyes widen as I realized my mistake, I turn my sight back to Todd dead body.

"aaahhh... Cindy?"I let out.

"Yes?" Cindy turns her head toward me again while saying.

"I think Todd is no longer with us,"I said.

Cindy eyes widen as she saw Todd bodies laying on the ground, "what did you do?" She said.

"Well you did give me the signal," I said.

"Yeah, to hurt him not kill him" Cindy explained.

"I was going to threaten him to work for us, to get the stuff we need" Cindy.

Cindy looks at the bodies again and she immediately covers her mouth, gagging on something, "oh my god I'm gonna..barf" Cindy said.

"His head is turned in a weird way," Cindy said, covering her mouth so she doesn't barf.

"I thought the signal was you nod and I break his neck?" I said confused.

"Haru!! In what world does nodding mean to break his neck?" Cindy said.

"Look it your fault ok? We don't discuss anything heading here then you suddenly said 'hey I nod and you do your thing' i was like 'ok' and now he's dead, just because you want to look cool while nodding your head" I said, 

"Fine, I admit IT!! I wanted to look cool nodding my head" Cindy confessed.

"You happy?" Cindy said.

"Now, what we gonna do with the body?" I ask.

"We need to get rid of it," Cindy said.

"Sure," I said then crouching down and grabbing both of his shoulders and pull up his upper body, Todd's head bends backward facing the other way.

"Noo!!" She said then covering her mouth not to puke "oh jeez his head!!" Cindy said.

"Just drop him down, I'm gonna call the cleaner, and they gonna handle it," Cindy said.

I let go of the shoulders and the body falls back to the ground.

"Cleaners?" I said.

"Yeah, they are a group that clean and dispose of evidence, hence the name cleaner," Cindy said.

"Huh you learned something new every day," I said.

Cindy begins to take out a phone and start pressing the number.

After one call later.

A white van appears behind Todd car when they stop the van door slide open and a few men wearing full body hazmat suit come out of the van, and when the driver finally come out, he walks to Cindy and opens his hand.

Cindy places a 2 stack of ten thousand each on top of the man hand, the man starts to count and nod to the rest of his men then they begin to grab Todd body and drag it toward the van.

"I'm sorry Cindy" I apologize.

"Nah it fine... he was a prick anyway," Cindy said as we both look at the cleaner dragging Todd dead bodies away.

"now what we gonna do?" I ask.

"I know another person that might help us but it somewhat complicated with her" Cindy said, she scrunches her nose.

The cleaner throws Todd bodies inside the van and searching something in his pocket. Oh, they found it, the cleaner takes out a set of car keys, and went to his car enter it then start the engine.

The van starts its engine and begins to back slowly so do the car, in a matter of minutes the car and the van has gone.

"Let us go," Cindy said.

I grab the duffel bag and we begin walking back to where I parked the chopper.

Another long ride later.

This time we arrive at the parking of a nightclub, neon light shine on the street with a beautiful mix of color. Looking at the front door I can see people lining up to enter the nightclub and the muscle-bound bouncer who guarding the front door.

The beautiful people who lined up to enter all wear expensive beautiful cloth that matches their shoe compare to me, I still wearing the suit from the funeral.

I brush off my shoulder and grab the duffel bag then about to take a step when a hand grabs my shoulder.

"We not going through there," Cindy said.

"We going through that way," Cindy said then point toward the back door of the nightclub.

I look at where Cindy where pointing and Cindy begin to walk toward it, I start following her.

In front of the door, Cindy knocks on the metal door, a sound of a metal lock being unclocked, then a peephole slides open, two eyes can be seen on the peephole.

"What the password?" A rough manly voice can be heard from the other side of the door.

"Open up Bigjaw, It's me" Cindy grumble.

"Ohh it Cindy? you back... Miss Lucinda has been waiting for you" Bigjaw said in excitement.

The peephole had closed back and the loud sound of multiple lock unlocking can be heard from the other side.

The door open to a Big muscle man with a big jaw, wearing a black t-shirt and black pants just like the bouncer in front.

"Miss Lucinda is waiting for you upstairs," Bigjaw said and turn his body sideways allowing us entry.

Cindy enter first when I was about to enter Bigjaw massive arm blocked me. Cindy look back at us, "he with me we are associate don't worry he won't cause trouble," Cindy said.

Bigjaw grunt and reluctantly lower his arm, I glare back at him while he glares right back at me.

I walk pass Bigjaw and into a dark hallway, I can see a light coming from a doorway at the right side, as we passed that I can see in the room contain a few more muscle individual playing poker, they look at me while I pass by, I ignore it.

As we get closer to the end of the hallway, I can feel the vibration from the rhythm of music shaking the wall, my body and few sounds escaping from the double door on the other side.

I glance toward Cindy, her body slouches slightly, her feet heavy, and a small frown on her face as she walks.

"What wrong?" I said after bumping my arm with her arm.

"It complicated," she said and not turning her head toward me.

As I don't want to push the issue right now so I lay it off, for now, finally we arrive at the double door then I open the door and was amazed by the sight.

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