Chapter 22:

Chapter 22 [Nobody Move, Lets talk]


After A Long Bloody Story.Bookmark here

Lucinda tightens her grip on Cindy's hand after I told my story of what happen and Cindy told her part of the story.Bookmark here

We have moved from the door to the mahogany table in Lucinda office, she sits opposite side of us, while holding Cindy hand on top of the table.Bookmark here

"I almost lost you, Cindy," Lucinda said.Bookmark here

"Thank Haru since he the one that saves me," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart Haru, if you weren't there, I could never imagine what would happen to my love," Lucinda said then nod her head to show her appreciation to me.Bookmark here

"May I ask one more question?" Lucinda ask.Bookmark here

"yeah go ahead" I replied.Bookmark here

"you still didn't tell me why you both come here?" Lucinda ask.Bookmark here

"Well, the reason why we come here is to acquire resource so we launch an attack toward the Anomaly Inc," Cindy said.Bookmark here

Lucinda let go of Cindy's hand, and her face is distraught. She let out a breath and trying to calm her self. She then stands up from the chair and walks toward the windows overlooking the dance floor.Bookmark here

"I cant help you," Lucinda said.Bookmark here

"Why?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Wait you didn't tell him?" Lucinda asks Cindy.Bookmark here

"I was going to tell him eventually," Cindy said, I look at Cindy confused about what going on.Bookmark here

"Haru, I work for the Anomaly Inc that why I can't help you and Cindy know that," Lucinda said.Bookmark here

I look at Cindy, my eyebrows furrow, anger rise in my heart, Cindy didn't tell me, she lies to me.Bookmark here

"You lie to me?" I ask.Bookmark here

"You were freaking WORKING WITH THEM," I said, standing from my chair, I quickly take out the handgun from the back of my pants and aim it at Lucinda.Bookmark here

Do it.Bookmark here

Lucinda's eyes widen, she take a step back, moving her hands to the back of her waist then I hear Cindy stand up from her chair and I turn my handgun toward Cindy.Bookmark here

"Calm down Haru," Lucinda said with a soothing voice.Bookmark here

"Haru listen to me, I know you would freak out if I told you that Lucinda is working for them," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Remember what I told you at Unicornia, everyone in the cities underbelly worked for them," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Look trust me Haru that Lucinda can help us, you know they don't have a choice whether to work for them or not," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Just calm down and let me talk to her," Cindy said, I reluctantly lower my handgun and nudge my head toward Lucinda.Bookmark here

"Lucinda please help us, they almost killed me, Luci, don't you care what they did to me?" Cindy plead.Bookmark here

"You know I can't say no to you, fine but we to do this very quietly also we need a lot of money," Lucinda said.Bookmark here

"Don't worry we got the money, how about you Haru are you okay with that?" Cindy said then look back at me.Bookmark here

"Fuck, fine but No more lying, I had enough with the secret, if you were to lie to me again I make sure it will be the last," I said then holster the handgun back on my pants.Bookmark here

"I promise," Cindy said while looking me in the eyes.Bookmark here

"Haru takes out your handgun and places it on the table, I can't trust you with a gun right now," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"If you want me to drop my handgun, Lucinda needs to drop whatever she holding behind her," I said.Bookmark here

"Okay, Lucinda will you?" Cindy says, then look at Lucinda, Lucinda nod and show whatever she holding behind her back. I look at Lucinda's hand and saw an 8-inch knife with an ornate handle.Bookmark here

I take out my handgun and remove the clip then I place it on the table, Lucinda walks to the table and places her knife on it while looking at me, I can feel a slight anger from her.Bookmark here

"if you threaten Cindy again, I will break every bone of your body before killing you slowly," Lucinda said.Bookmark here

"Make sure you sent everything you got because the last person didn't and now he dead" I replied.Bookmark here

"Can we stop the threat? I'm fine Luci you don't need to be angry at Haru, Haru went through a lot and Haru you have to understand, Luci got to do what she got to do to survive" Cindy said, I and Lucinda both look at Cindy.Bookmark here

"You have a terrible choice in friends, Love" Lucinda said to Cindy.Bookmark here

"First off Luci do you have a weapon that just comes in that we can purchase?" Cindy asks excitedly.Bookmark here

"In a matter a fact a new shipment just arrive, let me show you," Lucinda said.Bookmark here

Lucinda walks toward the door and gestures her hand toward us to follow her, Cindy smile and begin walking toward the door where we came from. I look at the handgun on the table, feeling unsecured without a weapon on me.Bookmark here

"Don't worry my men will grab the weapon and bring downstairs," Lucinda said.Bookmark here

Lucinda and Cindy begin walking arm to arm, I follow her behind after grabbing the handgun and the duffel bag I drop earlier.Bookmark here

As we were walking, I can see Lucinda's eyes glance toward me, I can tell that she doesn't like since what happened earlier, I don't care if she ever crossed me, I wouldn't hesitate to end her.Bookmark here

No!! what wrong with me, she Cindy loved one, why am I thinking like this... Stay down, I know you there just back away, I'm in control.Bookmark here

I can feel the anger simmer down, he is gone now.Bookmark here

The moment we went downstairs to the floor, everybody on the club stopped and look in awe at Lucinda.Bookmark here

"It's her lady of the night"Bookmark here

"She so beautiful just like the rumors say"Bookmark here

Lucinda let out a small nod toward the guest of the club as she walks toward the red door beside the bar.Bookmark here

We walk through the red door entering a small closet room, Tony also enter last and close the door behind him. Lucinda walk to the steel locker and knock three times in a sequence, some kind of a code.Bookmark here

After a few minutes, a sound of metal lock unlocking can be heard on the other side, the steel locker open and inside I can see a hole a size of a door leading to another room.Bookmark here

Lucinda enters the steel locker and into the other room, Cindy enter next then me and lastly Tony.Bookmark here

The white clinical light hurt my eyes as I was exposed to it after the room, I wipe my eyes and regain my sight again.Bookmark here

Happiness flow through as I saw the room, every wall in the room filled with a metal rack that contains many types of a firearm from a handgun to LMG.Bookmark here

In the center room, a metal table on it splayed all kind of knife and melee weapon on the earth. There also a worktable in the corner with a disassemble AK-47 on it.Bookmark here

A short woman with short messy hair, dark skins, with a huge smile on her face, wearing round goggle that covers her eyes and wearing a works coverall that dirty by oil grease, she wipes her hand using a cloth that dangles out of her pocket and walks toward us.Bookmark here

"Miss Lucinda, how may I help you?" The short woman says.Bookmark here

"Ricky, you have something on your nose," Lucinda said, Ricky wipes her nose with a finger, it only dirty the bridge of her nose more rather than clean it.Bookmark here

"Did I get it?" Ricky asks Lucinda nod.Bookmark here

"Cindy!!! You back!!" Ricky said and run to hug her.Bookmark here

"I miss you too Ricky," Cindy said, rubbing Ricky's head.Bookmark here

"Ricky let save the reunion later, we have customer today," Lucinda said.Bookmark here

"Ohh I forgot," Ricky said then release Cindy.Bookmark here

"Hello the name is Ricky, how may I help you?" Ricky said to me.Bookmark here

"Ricky here is our weaponsmith, she is the one that maintains the gun here and occasionally accepts special order such custom upgrade for the customer, let me tell you, she the best weaponsmith in Lunarhaven," Lucinda said.Bookmark here

"Let see what you got?" I said and turn my head to the collection of firearms in the room.Bookmark here

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