Chapter 21:

Chapter 21 [Lady of the night]


By opening the door I was amazed by the beautifully decorated hall of the nightclub, the strobing light and neon light fixture compliment with the old victorian design of the building, it truly something else in here.Bookmark here

Its not just that, the energy of the people in here is so overwhelming mix of the hard powerful music almost compel me to dance with them besides the people in here is so beautiful it almost I was inside a party filled with models, their cloth all unique and out there and the arousing way they dance with each other, I can feel myself getting hypnotized by them.Bookmark here

Two ladies in their late twenties, with green and red highlights in their flowing smooth long hair while wearing a dress that hugged their curve as if it was part of their skin walked toward me, both of them eyeing my body up and down with desire.Bookmark here

"Hey, you are new around here right? I can tell—i like new things... Do you want to party with us?", she whispers to my ears after closing her body to mine while her hand caressing my chest and her other friend touching my bicep.Bookmark here

Cindy let out a cough, I turn my head toward Cindy, seeing her left eyebrow raised and her hand in front of her mouth pretending to cough. I turn my head back to two of the ladies in front of me.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry but it seems my friend need me for something," I said then wiggle my arm out and back away toward Cindy, both ladies pouted as they watch me leave.Bookmark here

"Not a friend, just an associate" Cindy let out.Bookmark here

Cindy begins walking toward the end of the room where the staircase leading up to the upper floor, I walk behind her and kept thinking about Lina and Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter to keep my head focus. As Cindy finally arrived at the staircase, another large man with a ponytail stood in between Cindy and the entrance to the staircase, there are also people trying to get into the stair.Bookmark here

"Please we really wanted to meet the lady of the night, we heard a rumor that her beauty knows no bound" the man in suit plead with his friend on the site.Bookmark here

"I said NO, now shoo before I drag you both out of the nightclub," The large man said while crossing both of his arms over his chest, both of men give up and move along.Bookmark here

The large men noticed Cindy and his face immediately light up, Cindy stands there a small smile on her face, "Hey, Tony" Cindy said, Tony quickly grab Cindy and hug her tightly.Bookmark here

"Cindy!! I miss you, I thought you were not coming back," Tony said, then let Cindy down gently on her feet.Bookmark here

"It good to see you again, Tony," Cindy said while a small smile on her face.Bookmark here

"What bring you here?" Tony ask.Bookmark here

"I need to meet Lucinda," Cindy said, her face change to a small frown.Bookmark here

"I wish you luck my small friend," Tony said and move away to let Cindy in.Bookmark here

Cindy walk up the stair and I follow her behind, I was stopped by another hand. I turn and saw Tony hand on my shoulder. Bookmark here

"Hey you, Cindy new friend," Tony said, "not a friend just an associate" Cindy let out and keep walking up the stair.Bookmark here

"I don't want to say it but I have too, you hurt Cindy or Lucinda, I will break you," Tony said.Bookmark here

"There nothing to break when my own self already is broken," I said then keep walking up the stair.Bookmark here

I arrive at what looks like a living room with a bar on the right side of the room, a large window that overlooks the entire dance floor and one door at the end of the room, I look at Cindy sitting on the couch in the middle of the room looking out the window, Cindy look distressed as she sipped on glass of liquid.Bookmark here

I walk to her side and sat next to her after dropping the duffel bags on the floor.Bookmark here

"Ok, you need to tell me what going on because you look like shit since we came here," I ask.Bookmark here

"I was a 15 when I run from the orphanage, I was alone that time and almost die from hunger but I was saved by Lucinda, she brought me in, taught me what I need to survive and in return, I work for her," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Did she betray you?" I ask.Bookmark here

"No, it was the opposite, I betray her, they treat me like a family here and I betray them, steal some cash and run away, at first when I come here with you, I thought they would hate me but they were happy to see me even miss me," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Why did you betray them?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Because Lucinda and I get too close, we were in love with each other, I still am but I'm not sure for her, I afraid right now to see her and Lucinda is just behind that door waiting for me," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Get too close, what wrong with that?" I said.Bookmark here

"I don't like to get close to people, people tend to betray me in the past but the thing I own doesn't betray me that why I prefer items rather than a human companion," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"I know what it felt like to be scared of connection, at first I was afraid to hurt Lina that why I leave her behind but she never give up on me, maybe one day after all of this I can be with her but I don't have that chance right now instead you have that right now, go in, apologize to her and see where it go next, that my advice," I said, extend my hand for a fistbump.Bookmark here

"Your right," Cindy said, looking at me a small earnest smile on her face when she returns my fistbump.Bookmark here

I stand to extend my hand to Cindy and she grabs my hand. I pull her off the sofa then nudge my head toward the door.Bookmark here

"Let go," I said.Bookmark here

Cindy begins to walk toward the door, I walk to the duffel bags and lift it. Cindy stood in front of the door for a few moments, I can see her taking a breath and open the door.Bookmark here

She enters and I follow.Bookmark here

I couldn't believe myself that I could be amazed two times in a row in the same but here I am, in awe of the most beautiful woman I could lay my eyes on, her flowing black hair with wavy end moving gently as she turned her head from the window to us, she walked toward us while her hip moving, the dark purple with silver glitter on her dress like a star in dark night, the dress hugs her skin until the waist, from the waist to the bottom the dress expand and loose to provide movement.Bookmark here

I blink quickly, to regain my focus. I thought she was walking toward us but the truth she was heading toward Cindy.Bookmark here

Cindy looks into her eyes and she replied the same things, they both show no emotion on their face but I can see Cindy hand shaking nervously.Bookmark here

Lucinda was a couple inches taller than Cindy, Lucinda raised both of her hand to Cindy's cheeks, then lower her luscious lip until it met Cindy's own lips, Their kissed was fuel by passion and deep longing with a tinge of regret. Bookmark here

Lucinda releases her lip from Cindy and she places her own forehead to Cindy's own forehead.Bookmark here

"Luci I am...... sorry for what I did to you," Cindy said, a tear flow toward from her eye.Bookmark here

"I know, I didn't care what have you done to me instead I want to say that I'm sorry for causing you to leave me, I should have known you better, you keep on smiling all those time that I didn't realize that you were hurt and afraid inside," Lucinda said, her eyes closing.Bookmark here

"I love you" Cindy confess.Bookmark here

"Me too, always," Lucinda said a smile crept across her face, and gentle eyes looking in Cindys.Bookmark here

Cindy was still torn up but she manages to let out a smile, not from sadness but from happiness and the regret that she managed to lift from her soul. Their both embrace each other while I stand awkwardly, dint knows what to do in this kind of situation.Bookmark here

"Umm excuse me?" I had to let out.Bookmark here

"Ohh your Cindy new friend" Lucinda said after releasing Cindy from the embrace and turn her head toward me.Bookmark here

"associate," I said, "no... a friend" Cindy corrected me, I let out a smile so do Cindy.Bookmark here

"How do you two know each other?" Lucinda ask.Bookmark here

"it a long story actually, you may need to take a seat," I said, Cindy nod toward Lucinda.Bookmark here

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