Chapter 24:

Chapter 24 [Prom Dance]


Four Month Later.Bookmark here

Spark fly everywhere and hitting the welding mask I wear, something pop in my mind causing me to immediately stop what I'm doing, I turn my head to Cindy playing a game on her on one of many computers she set up, she wearing her pink unicorn pajama and unicorn wool slipper.Bookmark here

"What month is it?" I ask.Bookmark here

Cindy raised her hand, making a don't bother me right now' sign, I grunt and turn my head to Lucinda wearing a black nightgown that almost sees through while watching a horror movie on the 1080p 32-inch flat tv-screen.Bookmark here

"Lucinda, what month is it?" I ask again.Bookmark here

"June," Lucinda said, pouting.Bookmark here

"What is Cindy doing?" I ask.Bookmark here

"She playing that game and ignoring our movie night right now!!!" Lucinda said sarcastically, Cindy doesn't respond.Bookmark here

"Why are you enquire what month is it?" Lucinda ask.Bookmark here

"Tonight my school prom night today," I said.Bookmark here

"Oh how I miss prom, I wish I could do it again" Lucinda reminisce.Bookmark here

Cindy grunt as the monitor shows 'Defeat' on it.Bookmark here

"Luci I just lost, I need emotional support right now," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Ahh come here" Lucinda call out.Bookmark here

Cindy stands up from the chair and leaves her computer behind, walking toward Lucinda. Cindy sit next to Lucinda and place her head on Lucinda lap, Lucinda rubs her head gently trying to console her.Bookmark here

"There, there," Lucinda said, gently rubbing her head.Bookmark here

"You do know, you spoil her too much?" I said.Bookmark here

"But Cindy just too cute to say no" Lucinda aid, Cindy rub her head on her hand like a cat.Bookmark here

"Aaaawww" Lucinda let out, as she rubs Cindy head more.Bookmark here

"So what you are guys talking about?" Cindy asks, grabbing one of the snacks on the table.Bookmark here

"Today is my high school senior prom," I said.Bookmark here

"Prom, pfft, is overrated" Cindy scoff.Bookmark here

"You never had a prom?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Yeah I am an orphan also I ran away from the orphanage like a long time ago," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Shit, I totally forgot,"I said.Bookmark here

"No shit" Cindy let out.Bookmark here

"I remember my prom, the dress, the first love, the dance, music and the light, it was so beautiful, I wish you can see it," Lucinda said.Bookmark here

"I lost my virginity that night" Lucinda let out, Cindy and I, eyebrow raised looking at Lucinda.Bookmark here

"Lost to who?" Cindy asks, her voice annoyed.Bookmark here

"Don't be jealous love, its long time ago" Lucinda assured.Bookmark here

"I'm not jealous," Cindy said, her mouth pouted. Cindy quickly gets up and sulking walk toward the computer and start playing another game.Bookmark here

"My Love!! You're jealous right now" Lucinda called out.Bookmark here

"I'm not jelly" Cindy scoffBookmark here

As thing getting awkward here, I start to walk toward the stair leaving those two behind, taking the stair I arrive in the office of the warehouse where my room is, a single mattress no decoration with windows that has 360 views around the warehouse.Bookmark here

Cindy prefers sleeping close to the ground something about sleeping above ground give nightmare, it weird. So she picks a room downstairs.Bookmark here

I grab the bag of seed beside the window and open the window, stepping out of the window, I grab a small bowl and place it in front of me.Bookmark here

Pouring the seed into the bowl, I step back and sit on the ground leaning on the window.Bookmark here

Squawk, squawk.Bookmark here

A single crow landed next to the bowl and look at me.Bookmark here

"Here you go buddy," I said.Bookmark here

The crow squawks at me and begins to eat the seed in the bowl. I wonder if she has a prom date, my heart begins to feel heavy as I think about it. I wonder if I look at the moon tonight and she doing the same thing right now, it like we connected, and its so cliche, Lina would probably tease me right now.Bookmark here

My hand starts shaking and I can feel his eyes on me, and I know he's smiling right, headache begins to resurface with the burning pain I felt that night.Bookmark here

I quickly reach into my pocket and pull out two bottle pill, I look at the label.Bookmark here

Opioids and Clozapine.Bookmark here

Popping two pills in my mouth, after a few seconds my body start relaxed and his eyes no longer staring at me, he not there anymore.Bookmark here

You cant keep me away, one day you gonna slip up and I will the one that in control.Bookmark here

That the last word I heard, I sigh and look back at the night starry sky.Bookmark here

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Bookmark here

Lina.Bookmark here

Flash of light blinded my eyes, as I regain my sight I finally see Mom happy face holding a DSLR camera. Her eyes start to tear up and she wipes it with her hands.Bookmark here

"You look so beautiful in that dress, my daughter is growing up," Mom said, covering her mouth with her hand.Bookmark here

"Mom, do not cry!! Seriously" I said, trying to calm mom down.Bookmark here

"I just wish Dad were here to see this" mom said, sniffing her nose.Bookmark here

"Mom," I said then step toward her and hug her gently, feeling her warmth with my body.Bookmark here

"Dad will always watch us from above," I said, comforting her. "I'm going to be late for the prom, mom," I said.Bookmark here

"Your right!! let me get my keys" Mom said, releasing herself from the hug and went straight to the kitchen.Bookmark here

I turn my body toward the mirror on the wall, looking at my reflection, I check on my white lace backless dress, mom help me pick this dress even though I don't want to go tonight but mom insists I go.Bookmark here

If I say no, she probably worried more and I don't want to do that. I touch the lock of my wavy hair, it took 3 hours just to do this hair. The bracelet shingle as it slide down my arm, the bracelet had gold color with flower design.Bookmark here

"Got it! Let go" mom said and walk toward the front door.Bookmark here

I follow mom and closed the door behind me, we took the car going to the school. Bookmark here

20 minutes later.Bookmark here

We arrive at the school, mom stopped the car in the school car park, I can see people entering the gymnasium wearing a beautiful dress and a nice tuxedo or suit.Bookmark here

Somehow it annoys me when I see a girl and boy walking in pair entering the gymnasium.Bookmark here

"We have arrived! Oh look at that couple so cute together" mom said.Bookmark here

"Mom do I really have to go? I mean I don't have a date to go with." I ask.Bookmark here

"You have honey, I don't want you to have any regret in your life, just have fun in there, honey, that is the important thing here."  Mom said.Bookmark here

"Ok mom, I'll try," I said.Bookmark here

I open the car door and steep outside, closing the car door behind me.Bookmark here

"I'll pick you up after prom, bye honey," mom said and drive away, I watch the car as it getting further and further away.Bookmark here

I sigh and turn my sight toward the gymnasium hallway, I can hear music playing from outside.Bookmark here

I breathe in the air and start walking toward the gymnasium, passing through people and couple. Finally, I enter the gym, a few people glance at me mostly from my classmate and the same grade as me.Bookmark here

The light shines from the ceiling as I look up I was surprised by the hanging reflecting glass star that the student council hangs, the light reflected from it making it look like the night sky.Bookmark here

What was the theme for tonight again, it was under the starry sky. They really nail the night sky.Bookmark here

I look down and saw people already dancing to beat, I avoid the dance floor by walking to the side. As I get close to most people, they start to move away from me.Bookmark here

They still afraid of what happens with Haru. It's not the first time I get isolated from my fellow student but why am I feeling hurt. Yes, all that time when I was isolated, that right, I just realized that I was never alone then. Haru was always there making me feel home and happy, now he not here. I Grip my forearm with my right hand as I lean to the gym wall, I look downward.Bookmark here

But, a sound of laughter came from the counter of snack and punch.snapped me back to reality, I turn my head to see Stephanie getting harassed by a group of student.Bookmark here

"You Fake!!" Bookmark here

"You make Brandon look bad just to make yourself popular, just how low you willing to go huh?"Bookmark here

"You make me sick"Bookmark here

"What a bitch"Bookmark here

One of the student splash Stephanie with a glass of punch, I immediately walk toward them.Bookmark here

"Back off!" I said after getting close to them.Bookmark here

"What? Why do you care?" Bookmark here

"I'm not gonna repeat myself, I said b a c k o f f!" I threaten.Bookmark here

"Fine like we care about two freaks" the group of the student left.Bookmark here

I turn my head toward her, she looks horrible, bag under her eyes, makeup ruin and her hair a mess but when I look at her I just feel angry and sad at the same time, I quickly shake my feeling and walk to the entrance of the hallway.Bookmark here

Pushing the double door, I enter the lonely hallway. A voice stops me in my tracks.Bookmark here

"STOP!" Stephanie yell.Bookmark here

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