Chapter 25:

Chapter 25 [True Strength Is To Forgive]


I stop in my track, standing with my arm on the side, I did not turn my head even though Stephanie just call out to me. I don't know whether to answer or ignore, I just don't want to see her face, looking at her just bring back painful memories.Bookmark here

"Lina!—i know you hate me but please hear me out" Stephanie lamented.Bookmark here

I turn around, facing toward Stephanie and glare at her, my eyebrow furrow and my lip flattened.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry for everything that I had done, I did so much bad thing and hurt so many people in my entire life. I just can't live with myself knowing that I hurt those people in my life. Please, Lina, Forgive me" Stephanie wailed then suddenly, she falls to her knee and start crying, tear seeping through her fingers as she covers her face, failing to stop herself from crying.Bookmark here

This girl. Because of this girl, I lost him, she pushes him too far until he breaks. He left me because of her antics, he was fine, he was in control until this girl do what she did. How could I forgive her for what she did?.Bookmark here

"Stand up!" I order, what the hell am I doing?.Bookmark here

Stephanie wipes her nose and eyes, let out a couple sniffing then she lift her self up. Her eyes are red from the outburst.Bookmark here

"You know I can't forgive you,"I said, Stephanie about to let out another outburst of tear when I raise my hand interrupting her.Bookmark here

"Let me finish. I can't forgive you right now but I can try to accept your apology if you gave me time" I said, then walk until I was in front of her and extend my hand toward her.Bookmark here

She grabs my hand and I place my other hand on top of her. "You look horrible," I said and giggles. I remember what my dad once said to me when I was young, true strength isn't about beating the other guy until he surrender but it about to forgive what people have done wrong.Bookmark here

Stephanie sniff and her lips begin to turn into a small smile as she saw mine.Bookmark here

"Do you have a date for a prom tonight?" I ask.Bookmark here

"No" Stephanie.Bookmark here

"Same, want to hang out together tonight?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Are you sure?" Stephanie said.Bookmark here

"90 percent sure, c'mon lets go,"I said then start pulling her with me to the direction of the stair.Bookmark here

we climb the stair and open the door to a night starry sky, I walk on the rooftop while dragging Stephanie behind me. I breathe in the fresh night cold air while the cold wind blew my faceBookmark here

"Haru and I used to come here when we having a rough day," I said.Bookmark here

"It beautiful, you can see the town and my home from here," Stephanie said in awe.Bookmark here

"Why you bring me here?" Stephanie ask.Bookmark here

"I want to know why you did it?" I ask.Bookmark here

"At first it was because of what my mom told me, be a good girl she says. I was a good girl at first, I get praise and attention from my family and that makes me the happiest girl in the world. As the year goes by, I still follow that word but the older I get the harder it was to be a good girl." Stephanie said.Bookmark here

"Do you remember those mean girl that bully you when you enroll three years ago?" Stephanie said.Bookmark here

"Yea..h," I said, remembering quite clear what happens when I first enrolled here.Bookmark here

"Do you know why they stop bully you and you?" Stephanie ask.Bookmark here

"No, now that you mention it, they suddenly stop one day," I said.Bookmark here

"It because I took over that group by using Brandon" Stephanie confessed.Bookmark here

"You use Brandon?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I don't want to use him! but I was blinded by the praise and attention that I keep on going using him even though Brandon was in love with me and I used him. He is hurt because of me, because of my stupid goal of wanting to be the most popular girl in school." Stephanie said.Bookmark here

"You said Brandon was in love with you, do you love him back?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I do!" Stephanie bawled.Bookmark here

"Even after what happen, I visit Brandon at the hospital and he finally confesses his love to me, my heart was shattered after he confesses, I hurt him so much but he still in love with me," Stephanie said.Bookmark here

"It okay," I said, rubbing her back, trying to comfort her.
Bookmark here

"To answer your question earlier—i bring you here because I wanted to be your friend," I said.Bookmark here

"So do you forgive me?" Stephanie ask.Bookmark here

"Nope but we still can be friends, if you want me to?" I said.Bookmark here

"I would like that" Stephanie said, wiping her tears.Bookmark here

******************************************************************************************************Bookmark here

Haru.Bookmark here

I walk downstairs, as I get closer to the bottom step. I can hear 'let's stay together by Al green' playing in the background.Bookmark here

Entering the main room, I was astounded by the twinkling light on the ceiling and under it, Lucinda and Cindy in each other embrace and slow dancing together.Bookmark here

I look for the source of twinkling light and saw Tony sitting on a chair and shine a flashlight through a collection of broken glass, and beside him on the table a box of pizza.Bookmark here

"Better than Eric?" Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Eric who?" Lucinda said while smirking.
Bookmark here

I sighed and walked toward Tony, he smiles as he saw me coming to his direction.Bookmark here

"It like watching a drama on the tv with those two" Tony said.Bookmark here

"Yep pretty much" I sighed.Bookmark here

"Care for a slice?" Tony offer.Bookmark here

"Sure, why not," I said grabbing a slice of pizza, bringing it into my mouth and I chew on the tasteless pizza even though it pepperoni pizza.Bookmark here

"How do you get dragged into this?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Well I was bringing them the food but when I arrived, I was immediately ordered to stand here and shine this flashlight" Tony explain.Bookmark here

"Don't you get bored following weird order like that?" I ask.Bookmark here

"Meh.. not really, it keeps thing fresh, you know," Tony said.Bookmark here

"I do actually"I let out.Bookmark here

I do wonder what would happen if I dint met these people, would I even be alive or in a ditch somewhere or I just went mad, they don't realize this but there the one who keeps me sane.Bookmark here

But this moment won't last, sooner or later the storm will be here and believe me that blood will be spilled, I just hoped that it not our blood instead it the enemy.Bookmark here

"what wrong?" tony ask as he waving his hand in front of me.Bookmark here

"nothing I just was thinking about something," I said.Bookmark here

I walk toward the workbench and look at the item on it, lifting it up using my hand I bring it to the light. the black matte color didn't reflect any of the light, the tough metal skin of the full face motorcycle helmet was added so it deflects any incoming bullet or blunt object.Bookmark here

Uncle, I swear that I will take down your killer and restored your honor so may you and I can finally rest.Bookmark here

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