Chapter 8:

To Infinity and Beyond, Part 2

The Divine Punishment

The man began to explain what he wanted

"Look, you have something I need," he said to Evan.

"What the fuck do you want!"

"Nothing much, just...your stone."

"You mean my kamien?"

"Well call it what you want, I mean the one on your chest."

"What? I'll never give it to you!

The man made the sign of cutting Mark's neck as a threat.

"Don't touch him!"

"Then give me the stone."

"I can't pull it off, I'd probably bleed to death."

"You'd rather have your life than your little brother's?"

"Give him back his brother!" I yelled at him.

"I said you had nothing to do with it."

I was angry, I couldn't stand by and watch, but he had a hostage.

"Alright, actually I didn't even introduce myself, my name is Ace Rufort I have thirty--"

"I don't give a shit who you are, give me back my brother!"

"Then you give me the stone. Simple barter economy. Besides, I can't keep my master waiting."

"You bastard! Are you part of that shitty clique too?" I asked, pissed off.

"..." Evan didn't know what to do.

"Okay, I wanted to end this in a fairly rational manner, but that's not possible. I'm only going to give you ten more seconds to think, then I'm going to cut this little guy's head off."

"What! You're crazy-" said Evan.


"Hey, didn't I tell you I was okay with that--"


I tried to say something too

"This isn't a deal, it's a scam, he'll die if you extract the kam--




We didn't know what to do, our hands were tied psychologically. Evan couldn't give the kamien to someone like that man.

"Fine... I'll give you the kamien."

"No, big brother! You'll die and then who knows what he'll do with that powe--"

"Ok, perfect, give it to me."

"Nooo!" said Mark, who then crazily bit his hand.

"Ahhh, you bastard!"

He started hitting him, Evan couldn't take it anymore, it was also the right time. He threw a shot of fire at him, he was hit, but he was still standing.

So before he recovered I launched an attack too.

"Teaser Pistols!"

It was another technique that consisted of simulating precisely a teaser but firing a shot from a distance as if it were a firearm.

He got hit by that one too but stayed on his feet.

Tired of this, he pulled Mark up, put his hand on his neck... and... decapitated him.


Evan was enraged, he pulled out all the energy he had in him and used it with one attack. It was devastating, but he couldn't aim well with that much power, so he didn't take it in stride. He even managed to defend himself a bit, taking advantage of all the smoke Evan had created and ran away.

With the blinding cloud over, Evan and I didn't know where he ended up.

"... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" he let out a deafening scream as he looked at his brother's head detached from his body.

He even started to cry, but that was reasonable, he had just seen his family getting destroyed.


I had to talk to him, I didn't immediately think of something to say, but I realized that staying silent was a good thing to do, so I kept quiet.

When Evan came to, we told Emmy what had happened, as I thought she was worried too, but that would have been obvious. We went to start preparing for the Senator's funeral, during our training, Emmy had made an appointment in front of the funeral home that remained along with some trusted guards with a strong connection to him and his friends. Unfortunately, his wife was on a business trip and had gone to a place hit by the meteorite.

We met up with these people, there were about ten of them, they looked to be in their 30's.


"Hi. You're the guys with the kamien right?" one of the people asked.


"Well...shall we start going in?"

"Alright," we replied.

We went inside, of course, everything was demolished; there was one person in front, being the only one we thought we should have talked to, or rather we let one of the three people talk.

"Hello." said this person.

"Hello, how can I help you?"

"We had booked to arrange a funeral"

"Um, yes. Wagner?"

"Yes, I am."

"Okay, who is the funeral for?"

"For... for... AHHHHHHHHH"

The one who was talking sounded crazy, he had let out a scream all of a sudden, he must have been a great friend of the senator. Another one came up to him and tried to get him up.

Afterward, they continued to talk about the funeral. We had few choices of a coffin and flowers, as many had been destroyed in the zombie attack.

Speaking of money, Evan, Emmy, and I didn't have much, but the other ten people were prepared and could pay. I don't understand why then some people would keep trying to make money, I understand bartering for food or something, but it doesn't matter.

We had finished preparing for the funeral, it was going to be in two days.

I felt sorry for Evan that he couldn't memorialize his parents, in the world, they aren't important enough to have a funeral, there aren't even their bodies anymore, and to make matters worse now he also lost his brother.

"Ace Rufort," Evan said.

"What?" Emmy asked him.

"The man who killed Mark, he said his name was Ace Rufort...I'm going to take his life with my own hands."

By now his last reason to live was to avenge his brother.

We went back to Emmy's house to think about where that dude and the others might have gone.

"They had run south it seemed. At the rate they were going, they must have covered a lot of miles in less than a minute," Emmy said.

"So you're saying that maybe they could have gone to one of the few lands where there's water in the rivers put in by the senator for the survivors?" I guessed.

"So... if they went to a city in southern Europe with that speed... um... they should have made it to Italy, right?" continued Evan

"Yeah, you're right, now they'll be either in northern or central Italy, also we can spot them using my kamien since it's attracted to Reid's" Emmy added.

How fucking perceptive we are! We made a guess where they might have gone in a very short time! Unfortunately, Evan did too, so I didn't take full credit.

"There's no sign of my brother's killer though."

"I'm sorry," Emmy said.

I was getting pretty annoyed seeing Emmy so attached to that idiot though, I could understand that after losing the only person he cared about, but man, was it irritating.

"Those two who wanted the water kamien were already annoying and now another one who wants the fire kamien shows up."

"Wait, they both want kamiens, what if they want all of them? What I mean is that to feel the presence of a kamien, you need a specific one. For example, mine, the electricity one, is attracted to the water one. They, in order to find the ones they want, have to have the right ones, until they have all of them," it occurred to me, "so maybe they're recruiting people to find them."

"Probably, but we're not sure, just so I understand, what stone is yours attracted to, Emmy? Mine is attracted to yours, the wind type, it's because of that attraction that I met you."

She explained how the two met.

"Mine is attracted to the guy's that was with Clark, Reid as I said before. I'm pretty sure of that."

"Hey, what if they're in an organization?" said Evan.

"What do you mean, Evan," we asked him.

"Well, I think it's difficult to get them all alone against three stones and also three others chasing him. What if he was a servant of those two to act as a vessel for a kamien? Then in the dialogue, he was talking about a certain 'master', did he mean Clark himself?"

"So maybe if we go to Italy, and indeed those three are there, we can kill not two, but three birds with one stone!" continued I.

"Yes, that may be. You had a good idea, great!" said Emmy who immediately hugged me.

I was all red, I was happy, I even had her tits near me.

Evan on the other hand was a little envious, how I was happy to see him like that.

"So we're leaving tomorrow?" asked Evan to make Emmy stop hugging me.

"Well, no. We have to go to the funeral first," Emmy replied.

"Oh, yeah, sure, the funeral, right."

"What a figure he made, he forgot about the senator," I thought to myself.

"Whatever, so we're leaving in three days" Evan laughed.

"Alright." Emmy replied.

"We can get an electric car so we don't have to put fuel back in it since I'm in it."

"Yeah, and we can also go faster with me because of my wind."

"And since you two will have to use your energy, I can drive" Evan proposed.

"Perfect, it's all set to go to Italy," said Emmy.

"I have a question, where can Evan and I sleep?" said I.

"That's right, since all the remaining houses are for the survivors who will be arriving, where do we go?" Evan continued

"Well, you can sleep here."

"Huh?" said Evan and I in unison, turning red.

"No, I don't want to bother you, this house is small and we would be too much of a bother," I said

"Well, this way I can return the favor from a few days ago."

"What favor?" asked Evan.

"Oh, right, you weren't there. Simply Tenkei had let me sleep over at his house."


"Uhm, yeah, that's right... well, if you insist then it's fine."

"Uhm... then, s-so do I." Evan said trying to sound as unembarrassed as possible"

"The only difference is that there is a sofa bed here as well as my room, so you can sleep there"

"Oh, yeah, good idea" said Evan.

"But...I there really no other place where to sleep, a couch, nothing?"

"No, I'm sorry, you'll have to sleep together."

Both Evan and I weren't too happy about this news, but if we didn't want to sleep under a bench, there was nothing else we could do.

"So you also found where to sleep, that's perfect right?"

"Yeah...perfect," Evan said.

"Why do you say it in that tone? Does it bother you to sleep with me?"

"Well, why didn't you ask first if you could sleep somewhere else?"

"Hey, how dare you say that to me!"

And we began to argue.

Emmy gave a slight laugh

"Mm? Why are you laughing?" I asked her

"You guys are so funny, you look like you've been friends forever."

"What, I'm funny?" said Evan.

"Well, she's not that wrong."

"She's wrong about looking like friends, though."

"Yeah, I completely agree with you."

And we pouted at each other and turned away from the other.

"Okay, back to us, when you're done arguing we could eat, what do you think?"

Our stomachs after this sentence began to make various noises.

"I guess that's a yes. Tenkei could you make pizzas again like last time?"

"Oh, all right."

"Gentlemen. I figured out how to make it last time, so now I can season it in other ways too. What do you want it with Emmy?"

"Hmmm...can it be made with ham? Oh and in a wedge of mine, could you put pineapple in there too? I want to see if all the insults they give it are deserved or not."

"I've read that a lot of people don't like it, so I suppose they do. How about you Evan?

"Um I don't know, take your pick."

"I want to put frankfurters in it for me, for you... I can put fries. Since you're from London you gotta be eating a lot of fish and chips, so I'll go with these."

More or less half an hour passed and the pizzas were ready. I set the table and we immediately started eating.

"I want to try a regular slice first and then the one with pineapple."

"But why are you so afraid of the taste of pizza with pineapple?"

"Well, almost all Italians hate it."


Emmy tasted the regular one.

"Wow, this one tastes even better than the last one. Now it's the pineapple's turn."

She just put it in her mouth.

"Yuck! That's gross!"

Se spitted it out right away.

"Is it really that disgusting?"

"It's horrible!"

After we finished eating, Emmy made our bed.

"Good night, boys."

"Good night, Emmy."

We got into bed and before we went to sleep, she said:

"Try not to snore."

"Speak for yourself" I replied.

And that's how the day ended.