Chapter 7:

To Infinity and Beyond

The Divine Punishment

*Please note: we return to the point of view of the main character, Tenkei*.

That day had been unforgettable for me. Seeing Emmy again after such a long time and knowing that she had become so pretty had been unforgettable.

But I had to get on with life, so the next day I decided to go help the city by restoring some electricity here and there.

I did this the whole afternoon until I was joined by a bicycle with two guys on it, I was just outside the house, heading to yet another apartment to help people.

those two guys were Emmy and a guy I had never seen. They looked very worried and tired.

"Heyyy Emmy!!!" I yelled.

"T-Tenkei!!!" he replied panting.

"What are you doing here? Who's this?"

Oh no, a new bastard was riding a bike with her, so she doesn't care about me but she cares about that guy? Well then, I'm going to beat the crap out of this guy so he learns to try and steal my probable girlfriend.

I ran towards them pissed off, and pushed the guy off the bike.

"Hey, what the fuck are you doing?!" he replied.

"Does this look like the way to show up here with Emmy? EHH?!"

"G-guys, chill..." said Emmy.


I didn't expect it, she was much stronger than me, that's probably why she likes him more, I had to accept it, it was my destiny, I was going to be single for life.

Well yes, he had kneed me in the nether regions, I fell to the ground, I couldn't speak, shit.

"Evan!!! No! You two should get along!"

"What the fuck does that mean? This guy comes and pushes me off the bike for no reason! Does that sound like a reason to get along with him? After all, we've already been through a lot before" said the guy, who seemed to be named Evan.

"Y-you're right, Evan... Tenkei, but why?"

I was thinking about it and it didn't make sense to throw him off the bike, plus this Evan guy looked tired, he said something had happened earlier. Wait...

"Don't tell me you and Evan..." I said.

"But n-no! What are you thinking Tenkei!"


Oh, so by "we went through something earlier" he didn't mean that huh? Okay, maybe they had been through something bad. It was best to get up, so I did.

"UGHH. Okay and so what happened before, that was so upsetting?"

"The senator...he died," she replied holding back tears.

Fuck, I had made the shit of the century. The senator had just died and I was arguing with the one who had probably tried to save him.

I felt like shit.

"Ah, sorry, I got caught up in the situation."

"Apology not accepted!" replied the bastard Evan.

"Tenkei... back to serious talk..." said Emmy.


"Two guys killed the senator, took his stone, and ran away. I don't know what they'll do with it though...They both already had a stone each..."

"Shit! What about the water? How are we going to do that?"

"The senator filled dozens of huge containers in the old abandoned factory behind Frankfurt City Hall...But that's not the problem. The guy who fought him wasn't super strong, he almost died, but what we're more worried about is the other guy, he seemed to be named Reid, Reid Regan."

"What about the other one?"

"Um, I haven't been paying that much attention," she replied.

"Clark. That was his name," Evan replied, still pissed off.

"Clark, huh? But where did they come from? And where did they get the stones from?"

"England not for sure, the only Brits that got away is my small town," Evan replied again.

"Ah, so you're British? Very nice!" I said imitating a British accent.

"Are you kidding me? Watch for another one coming your way!"

"No, no, no, sorry!", I certainly didn't want to upset him again, I hadn't recovered from that blow in the balls yet!

"Gee, looking back on it, they spoke good English too, they sounded like native speakers," said Emmy, who was thinking about where they were from.

"What if...? No, it can't be," Evan tried to say.

"What?" said I.

"The accent was very similar to an American accent, also their names are English..."

"No way! America wasn't saved!" I said.

"How do we know? They can always come from there and since Reid was so fast it wouldn't be weird if they walked all over here. Evan's right."

"They're coming from either Canada or the United States, no doubt," Evan said confidently.

"Besides, how many stones are there? From what we know there can be infinite." he continued.

"No, there are very few resources in the world, my guess is 10 stones max." said Emmy.

"Not even, I say 6, there aren't that many resources..." I replied.

"8. 8 stones."

"Huh?! What do you know about that?" I said.

I was just jealous but he was probably spitting bullshit, but at least he was spitting it better than I was. That undoubtedly made him smarter than me.

"It's just a guess! I averaged your number with Emmy's, and 8 comes out!"

Ah. Basic math then, I should have thought. That makes me even dumber.

"Oh, and by the way, there might still be zombies around, Clark's not dead, he might generate more," Evan said.

"True, but generating them for him costs him a bit of life."


"Y-yes, there are some weird zombies generated with corpses of people and animals, but also inanimate beings."

"So that's his power? Can you explain them to me in brief?"

So they did, I'm going to cut this part out because I have absolutely no intention of explaining it to you again.

"I see. So they both have very strong powers, one of life energy and the other of radiation..."


"Well, then we need to get stronger."

"What?" said Emmy.

"Well, we're going to have to train and then defeat those bastards," I said threateningly to Evan. I was going to offer him a fight to take revenge after that knee in the balls!

"Yeah, but..."

Emmy was very afraid. She wanted us to get along, which we probably never would have been able to do.

Sometimes I think there are some people you literally can't even get along with. Like they're incompatible with you.

I thought Evan was one of those people.

"Emmy, you stay out of it," I said.

"All right, I'm in. Tomorrow, above the old hospital building in Frankfurt." he proposed.

I accepted.

"Ahah, alright, I'll kick your ass, Evan-chan!" I used the "chan" to kid him. I'm a comedian.

"By the way. I think you two should move to Frankfurt...That's the center of this 'apocalypse'."

Evan and I both turned red.


"Alright, sure, but I need to finish helping the people of my city first," I said proudly.

"Oh, Evan, your brother and the Londoners can come too."

Evan turned pale.

"S-shit! My brother! Shit, is he going to be okay? I have a very bad feeling about this!"


Various amounts of time passed but I decided to let them eat something at my house before we moved to the town at the center of the apocalypse.

I didn't feel like having Evan in my house, but after a little chatting, I found out that he had lost his family, and the only important person left for him was his brother, so he wasn't a bad guy.

After this little break, we set out for Frankfurt, this time using a stolen electric car, since there was no point in buying things anymore, the money had become almost useless.

Arriving in Frankfurt, I found the absolute devastation, comparing it to the city I saw one/two days before, this one seemed to have been hit by the meteorite too.

Those two guys must be very dangerous to have created all this discomfort and mess.

Many zombies had killed people, and they were trying to get into an armored building.

"There, there is my brother and all the survivors!" said Evan.

"Okay. Let's go there," I said.

We ran toward that building.

"I got this" said Evan.

"N-no, fuck that! I'll kill those zombies!"

"Go on, you'll show me what you're capable of besides driving cars."

I stuck my tongue out at him, I didn't want to argue too much, I'd disappoint Emmy, who wanted us to be friends.

"Lightning Strike!" I yelled.

I concentrated all the energy into one tiny finger and shot it upwards, they hadn't noticed, in fact, the energy was so small that it was visible only after it had exploded, thus creating a lightning bolt on the ground. A small lightning bolt though, big enough to eliminate the little monsters in front of the building's door.

"What a ridiculous name, well done though," said Evan.

"Ahah, I'd love to hear what you name your techniques, or maybe you don't have any because you're too noob?!" I replied.

He remained silent, maybe he didn't know how to answer me.

"Let's not waste any more time and go!" said Emmy.


We opened the door with the key Emmy had. And several people walked out of the building, all safe and happy. Too bad for the people who couldn't hide.

"Mark! There you are! How are you little brother?" said Evan.

"Good, Evan, was it you who killed the zombies? Way to go, big brother!"

Actually, it had been me...

But I didn't want to ruin their awesome sibling relationship.

So that same day we got ready to move here to Frankfurt.

I brought the stuff I needed and we slept there that night.

Evan and I shared the house, fortunately not the room.

I spent the night almost sleepless, continuing to think about the people who died because of those two bastards. Not that I cared much about the people, but I wanted to fucking take them both out.

The next morning I woke up and used the electric stove to make myself some coffee, I was so tired and I was going to have my workout with Evan just a few hours after breakfast.

After that long morning spent trying to get to sleep, I walked out of the house, at around 11, and saw Evan in the distance already on top of the "roof" of the hospital.

Actually, it wasn't a roof, but where the helicopters land.

The classic letter H that you see in movies.

I walked up the stairs and found him waiting for me sitting on the ground.

"You're late, loser," he said.

"I'm not! We never decreed a time!"

"Ahah, so, shall we get started?"


"Let's go soft, we don't have to risk getting too hurt, it's a workout after all."

"Ahah, you're half-assed."

I decided to practice improving the techniques I already knew rather than learning new ones.

"Multiple Lightning Strikes!"

I used the same technique I used against the zombies last time but multiplied.

"Ahh!" a bolt of lightning struck him directly in the head, almost knocking him unconscious."

I moved closer, not wanting to hurt him too much, I already knew I had won.

"What, are you tired already?" I asked him.

"Hah, it's all a bluff!"

Lying down he grabbed my leg and began to send fire up my entire leg, moderating himself though.

"Shit! My leg!"

The fire was very weak thankfully, so it went out after a few seconds.

He had burned all the hair off my leg.

He grabbed my leg and started spinning and then threw me.

On the fly he shot a fireball straight at my stomach, he could have killed me but maybe he did that technique because he knew I would be able to defend myself.

I used a lightning bolt that not only destroyed his fireball but made it fulminate and come back at him more powerful than before.

Just as he was about to hit it, a powerful black hole-like ball sucked up the electric fireball.

"Tre Bien! But you're in danger of getting hurt, this way!" said a shady figure who had climbed the stairs while we were fighting.

"Who the fuck are you?" I said.

"Shut up, electric man, I'm not here for you" he replied, meanwhile he had stepped out of the shadows and you could very well see that he didn't mean well.

He was holding a child by the shirt, it was...

"MARK!" yelled Evan.

"Ahah, you finally figured out who I'm holding hostage here with me."

"Put it down!" yelled Evan.

"Ahah, no way."

"Who are you and what the fuck do you want with my brother!"

The shady figure began to approach us and we could very well see that he was a French man in his mid-30s, brown hair shot up in the air, slim body, dressed in a suit with tie and sunglasses.

He looked like one of those classic businessmen, but with hair out of the norm.

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