Chapter 1:

The Crowning.

Castle on the hill

    The butler was perparing my suit for my crowning, I was sitting in the tub the hitman called me while I was in the tub, I answer and she tells me that she is already set up,  

“Just wait for my sign then you’ll be able to shoot him.” I remind her.

“Ok.” She replies and hangs up.

     I get out of the tub and dry off, the butler dresses me, he helps me downstairs. I take me seat on the steps and yawn, I look right at the hit man she gives me a thumbs up and I nod. The party is about to begin, the guests arrive. 

      Before the crowning my father takes me to a hall where the hitman is set up behind me. I give her the sign then she shoots, the bullet flies past my head, it slams into my dads head, the last thing he sees is my evil smile, his hand reaches out to grab mine. He close to a window, his dead body lay limp In my arms, I drop his body out of the window and the hitman greets me, my lovely baby girl, my hands rub her cheeks. 

“You still have to pay me.” She says. 

“I already have last night sweetheart.” I grin and kiss her and turn to go tell the people about the tragedy.

     I tell the people and my mom crowns me, the party starts, my baby girl takes me out to court yard and makes out with me.

“Babe, it’s my duty as the king to make you mine tonight again.” I tell her.