Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: The Royal Predicament

Castle on the hill

 This chapter will contain blood and gore, if you can not handle blood or gore then I have no fear with you leaving. 💕


     I stare at the mural of the father my lips twist in disgust. 
“He has made the village into a royal predicament.” I say and get up. I roam the castle, I explore the rooms that I have never seen. I find a book, the book seemed the state the laws my god awful father had made. One rule stated that everyone had a curfew, 1-7 years old was 9:00pm, 7-14 years old was 11:00pm, 14-20 years old was 12:00pm. I stare at the book, my eyes are wide. 
“I have planned to escape the castle and go to the outskirts.” I say to myself. 

     I run to the stables and mount a horse, we ride through the hill and through the town, the horses hooves make a loud clopping sound as it’s hooves hit the brick road. I get off and open the gate and get on the horse and leave, we arrive at the woods. It’s dark, the only thing I can see is a bird flying out. I tie up the horse and slowly walk into the woods, my boots slap the wet ground. It rained before I left, it rained hard. I smile softly as I see a fox run out of bushes and stand right in the middle of the clearing, it’s orange fur shined in the little bits of moonlight that for through the trees.
The horse squeals and I run back to it, the fox chases me, almost like I’m it’s owner. I get to the horse, my blood drains from my face as I see the horse, dead on the ground, it’s throat sliced, its stomach has been sliced and the person who killed it took the heart. The blood has spilled out everywhere. 

     I leave the woods and find a field...wait a field. I passed through a town to get here not a field. Anyways, I sit and pick the flowers, the flowers remind me of when my father took me to a field near the castle I picked all the flowers I could see, I always smelled the flowers, they smelled like my mothers fresh baked cookies. I almost start crying, but I hold it in.

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