Chapter 29:

Chapter 29 [Attack]


I stand up from my seating position and begin to stretch my body, I let out a moan or two as I stretch mine arm.

"Rider, I got something for you," Cindy said.

"What is it?" I ask.

"Try putting on your helmet," Cindy said.

I look down where my full face modifies biker helmet sitting next to where my model-37 shotgun lay, grabbing the helmet off the ground. Looking at it first then try putting it on.

"Merry Christmas," Cindy said and inside the helmet green glowing light begin formed into line and target.

"I modify your helmet with a HUD interface and also an x-ray vision, thermal vision and night vision" Cindy explained while the view inside the helmet switch from x-ray vision to night vision.

"Thank you, Athena," I said

"No problem," Cindy said.

"Now I felt bad for not giving you a gift," I said.

"Don't worry about it, you can always treat me to Unicornia ice cream?" Cindy said.

"It docking now, be ready," Cindy said before I could reply.

I grab the shotgun off the metal roof and slip in the sling of the shotgun on my shoulder so I can carry it like a bag.

I know you there,
I have been holding you back for three years,
but today I'm not,
because today I need you out.

My hand left-hand starts shaking uncontrollably as my ears began to ring like a sound of tea kettle squealing. A huge tremendous headache hit me like an ocean wave hitting the sand, I breathe in and out and only then the pain subsides.

"you okay rider?" Cindy ask.

"what?" I ask back.

"I'm looking at you and you were standing there not moving for a few minutes," Cindy said.

I look up in the night sky and saw a glitter of a drone hovering above me, I wave at it.

"let's do this," I said then take a few steps backward.

I begin to run, the moment I reach the edge of the metal container I jump and flip forward then I land perfectly on the other metal container, I jump again and grabbing the edge of another container, I jump from the side of it down to the ground.

WIth only the light post illuminate the street, the darkness of the night provides a perfect cover for me. I stick to the darkness moving silently and quickly.

"How many people are on the ships?" I ask.

"There are 8 people on the deck right now and 5 in the bridge," Cindy said.

I stop and hide behind a crate, I peek out and saw 2 men standing while overlooking the container ship docking into port. Reaching inside my hoodie I grab the CZ-76b handgun with a silencer out of my holster and pull the slide loading one bullet into the chamber then I rest the slide in front of my helmet.

Waiting, just a few more minute.

"OKAY BRING THE GANGWAY DOWN" one of the man yell.

"There is one person waiting at the top of the ladder," Cindy said.

"Alright, here we go let start unloading the crate" one the man said.

I stand up taking aim at the man standing on top of the gangway, I press the trigger and just like that the man falls down the gangway and into the water below. The 2 men on the bottom of the gangway were shocked before they could do anything, I was already aiming for their head, I press the trigger again and one of the men fall to the ground. I press the trigger again and the last men fall to the ground face first.

I quickly dash toward the gangway and climb on it, my stomach was rumbling, I was in an immense sense of wanting to puke everything out but I push through it, I need to finish what I started. On the ship, I begin heading toward the bridge.

"one on your left" Cindy said.

In the nick of time, I turn my body and my arm, aiming my gun at the man. The men eyes widened in shock, I press the trigger again and the man falls flat only the sound of wind being push out of a chamber can be heard. my hand was shaking, I don't know why it not the same thing that I felt when I was in that night.

I continue my dash, I saw a door before I open the door, I stop beside it and knock it twice and then grabbing a combat knife on my belt, unsheath it.

The door open and woman voice can be heard "Thomas stop it with the prank", I move the knife instantly toward her neck but I managed to stop at the last second.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" the woman cried out.

The woman then grabs my hand, in the state of panic I jab the woman throat with the butt of the handgun when I holster the knife and handgun back, she coughs uncontrollably and steps backward. I enter the hallway and pushing her backward, she falls to the ground and I jump on top of her trying to choke her so she passes out.

She tries to grab something for something in her back and she reaches it.

Bang! Bang!

A huge pain can be felt on my stomach, I release her and step back to catch my breath but the moment I step away from her she begins to unload all the bullet on my stomach and chest.

I fall to my knee, my head lower and my breathing became heavy.

she grabs her walkie-talkie and said "we got a boogie on the ship, please be advise, I got one of them, there could be more on the ship"

"you think you can get a jump on me, you fucker!" the woman cuss.

I felt it now the anger rising again for three years I kept it down with drugs and finally, that thing is back. My sight begins to turn red and I can feel a smile formed with my mouth. Bullet slides down from under my hoodies and fall to the ground.

Clink Clink.

"Shit! kevlar I dint—" she didn't manage to finish when I take out the combat knife and dash toward hers, plunging the knife into her throat.

I feel the warm blood seeping through my leather glove and bringing the joy back to me.

"MADELINE!" a man yells out of the nowhere.

I look at the back of the woman and a man holding an AK-47 was in shocked as he saw the blood pouring from his friend neck, he raises his AK-47 up and aim toward me. I grab the woman body and use her as a meat shield. The man unloads his clip on the woman body hoping the bullet would piece and hit me but I was too fast, as I push the woman body toward the man, crashing him into and brought him down with me.

The man was stuck under the woman and me, I unholster my handgun and aim toward the man head then I press the trigger, the man struggles no more.

I stand up from the dead body and wipe dirt off my cloth.

"What happen, I hear gunshot!?" Cindy ask.

"We switching to loud," I said.

"Rider, is that you?" Cindy ask.

as I was about to answer suddenly bullet start flying toward me from the door I came from, I quickly duck and roll toward the janitor closet. I bring the shotgun in front of me, I slide the shotgun loading one shell inside of the chamber.

"They are coming!" Cindy said.

"I know that," I said.

I waited for a few minutes until their clip empties then I peek and aim at the two-man standing at the door, I squeeze the trigger and the bullet came flying out from my shotgun barrel.

The bullet spread hitting the two-man all at once, two the man fall to the ground but behind him manage to survive. I unsheath my throwing knife in my thigh pocket then throw at the man head, it stabs the man in the head and the man falls to the ground.

I slide the shotgun, loading the next shell, then I load the clip in my handgun also grabbing the knife out from the man head.

Inside my helmet, I can still feel my mouth still smiling even my hand has stopped shaking, I felt good. I look at the stair and begin walking toward it.