Chapter 30:

Chapter 30 [Blood and Viscera]


Climbing the stair toward the bridge, I can feel my heart beating fast, excited on the slaughter I about to unleash, I can't stop myself from laughing inside my helmet about the coming event that gonna happen.Bookmark here

The sound of multiple footsteps hitting the metal deck can be heard coming toward me, down the stair. I turn toward the door exiting the stair on the second floor.Bookmark here

I look around and saw what I'm looking for, Grabbing the fire extinguisher then I brought it with me to the stair and place it at the edge of the stair.Bookmark here

I stand overlooking the bottom floor then I check the chamber of the shotgun, making sure that the shotgun is loaded. Bookmark here

"They are coming, why are you just standing there?" Cindy ask.Bookmark here

"I'm waiting," I said.Bookmark here

"Waiting for the enemy, shouldn't you run away from them?" Cindy ask.Bookmark here

"That not my style," I said.Bookmark here

I start humming a song under my helmet, I closed my eyes and wait. The footstep getting closer and I open my eyes again.Bookmark here

Multiple men stood at the bottom stair; all of them pointed their weapons at me. I kick the fire extinguishers down and bullet starts flying toward me, I aim my shotgun at the fire extinguisher and squeeze the trigger causing the puff of white smoke to come out, blinding the man in thick white smoke.Bookmark here

I dash downward toward the men beneath the stair then I take out a combat knife with my left hand while my right hand holding the shotguns.Bookmark here

"Thermal vision now,"I said, my sight change to thermal vision.Bookmark here

An outline begins to form on my sight and becoming a shape of men, I can see the red glowing body in the thick white smoke. Panic soon arrive in the midst of men as I slit one their throats and fire another.Bookmark here

It only took one shot to kill all them, I duck under as the bullet flies widely toward all direction, the gunshot continues until only one person left, I sit on the step of the stair; humming a song.Bookmark here

"thermal vision off," I said and my screen turns normal again.Bookmark here

The white smoke finally clear, the last man was shocked that all his friends were dead then he turned his body to me.Bookmark here

"What happen?!" the man asked.Bookmark here

"I only shot one guy and slit another, you guys did the rest" I praised.Bookmark here

I continue my humming while tapping my foot on the step.Bookmark here

"How could you be happy right now?!" the man shocked.Bookmark here

"Because I been chain down for almost three years and today he finally releases, so I haven't had this much fun in ages," I said.Bookmark here

"fun? FUN!? YOU JUST KILL ALL MY FRIENDS!" the man said.Bookmark here

The man aims his AK-47 at me, the assault rifle made a clicking noise, I let out of laugh so loud that it echoes in the stair.Bookmark here

I slide the shotgun loading the next shell and aim the barrel toward the man, the man eyes widened and he throws his assault rifle down then raise his hand up in the air.Bookmark here

"I have a family, Please" he pleaded.Bookmark here

"So do I," I said then squeeze the trigger, a blast came out from the barrel carrying the bullet toward the man.Bookmark here

A hole appeared where the face should have been, brain matter splatter on the wall behind him, his body falls limp on the floor.Bookmark here

I slide the shotgun again; loading the next shot after putting a few more shell underneath.Bookmark here

"Only five left," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"well that disappointing, I thought they would give me more of a challenge," I said.Bookmark here

"Haru, are you sure you okay? you don't sound like the usual you" Cindy asks worriedly.Bookmark here

"I'm not him,"I said.Bookmark here

"Shit we got no time to talk about this, you need to keep moving up that where the target is," Cindy said.Bookmark here

reaching upstair wasn't that easy that easy because of there is a few more men inside the hallway and the room that I had to kill before reaching the top.Bookmark here

In front of me is the door to the bridge.Bookmark here

"Be careful all of them is aiming at the door you about to enter" Cindy warnedBookmark here

I grunt I turn the valve; opening the lock for the door. I took a couple step backward, I then rush forward to the door at the last minute I slam it open.Bookmark here

I immediately roll on the ground avoiding most of the bullet, then I stand up again heading toward one the man. Bookmark here

The moment I get close to him; I kick his assault rifle upward and hold his body as a meat shield. the men I use was riddle by the bullet that was aimed at me.Bookmark here

"DIE!" one of the men shout.Bookmark here

"Rider the target is escaping on another route," Cindy said.Bookmark here

I push the body to a control panel where I can use as cover, I push the dead bodies away. and load the next shell in my shotgun.Bookmark here

I peek on left of me and took a shot at the man leg, the man cried in pain as his leg was torn off, I roll my body taking out my handgun and precisely aim toward another man head, I managed to take out two of them.Bookmark here

Before I was pushed down by a large man and causing me to drop my handgun, I bring my shotgun forward but the large man holds the barrel of shotgun preventing me from shooting me.Bookmark here

I grunt in frustration as this man use his weight to lock me down. I let go of the barrel and it falls on the ground; I squeeze the trigger and the shotgun recoil causing the man to slip his hand, that moment I grab my knife and stab his chest, I stab him again and again.Bookmark here

I push the large man off me and stand up, I grab my handgun off the floor and walk to the man in pain, I took aim at his head and squeeze the trigger.Bookmark here

"Follow the target, Athena," I said.Bookmark here

"Already on him, the target heading toward the lower deck," Cindy said.Bookmark here

I walk using the same route that the target used, overlooking the stair; I can see the target just enter a door leading to the lower deck.Bookmark here

"We need to catch him before he gets away," Cindy said.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I'm on it," I said.Bookmark here

I took a couple step and run toward the railing and onto the second-floor railing, I push my myself off the wall and onto the stair railing then I used the rest of the stair to reach the bottom floor.Bookmark here

I take out my handgun and open the door, walking in I take a careful step forward. there a few doors leading to other room, I ignore it and keep moving.Bookmark here

As I was about to pass the last door, I felt a bloodlust directed at me, I quickly step backward missing the meat cleaver slash. Bookmark here

I raise my handgun toward him but it was immediately kicked away, He then slash the meat clever at me I keep on dodging then I kick him in the chest forcing him to step backward in the kitchen.Bookmark here

I unsheath my combat knife, he recovered and begin his attack on me, I dodge left then down. I kick his leg causing him to fall then I jump on top of him and plant the combat knife in his throat.Bookmark here

the man chokes on his own blood as I twist the blade in his blood when he finally stops moving then I take out the knife out and wipe the blad on his cloth.Bookmark here

I hear footstep coming from behind me, I turn and throw the knife in my hand toward the man standing behind me. it hit him directly on the center of his head and he falls on his back, his leg twitching, the sound of chocking can be heard coming from the man.Bookmark here

I stand up and walk to the man I just kill, taking the knife out from his skull then I wipe the blood off it again on the man cloth. I search for the gun that fell out my hand and I found it on the floor; I sheath the knife back.Bookmark here

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