Chapter 13:

New friends and Roller-coaster rides


A young boy, short flat black hair covering his eyes. Has eye bags looks like he have not slept for days, Walks down the road at night looking down with his hands in his pockets as he is being followed behind by five muggers. The boy feels that these guys could be bad news. He takes a turn to an alley as the muggers follow behind the kid stands still as he reaches a dead end. The muggers stand behind him as they chuckle.

“Hey kid you seem lost” says one of the muggers as they surround the boy. He stays silent and keeps his head down. “What are you doing out so late, don’t you know it’s dangerous outside, you could run into some really bad guys” says another one, as they all start laughing. The boy grins as he starts to chuckle. “Hey what’s funny” asks the leader of the gang. “You guy’s are so stupid” says the young male while looking down. “You got a big mouth hey” the leader takes out a pocket knife and walks towards the young boy and grabs him by his shirt. “Now repeat what you said my boys didn’t hear it”. The boy grins as he chuckles and looks up to the gang leader as the boy’s eyes turn red. “You’re more dumber than your own goons”.

The leader of the gang holding the young boy’s shirt. He raises his knife as he is about to stab the young boy. “That’s it you’re dead”. The boy punches the leaders throat as the leader lets go of him and holds his throat. The boy grabs the leaders hand held knife moves under it and flips the leader. The boy takes the knife as he looks at the other members. The other members runs towards the boy one after another as the boy gut slices the first two. Dukes the third one and stabs him in the back and slices the last one’s throat. The leader stands up after nursing his throat. He looks at the boy covered in his goons blood. “You’re... not a Kid... you’re a demon” the leader shaking he takes three steps back as he tries to make a break for it. The boy throws the knife as it pierces through the leaders leg joint. The leader falls down, as he tries to crawl away, he hears growling sounds that sounds like a pack of hungry dogs. He looks behind him and sees only the boy as two black wolfs appears beside the boy out of thin air. 

“Seek him”. The leader stands up and tries to run with his wounded leg. One hell hound grabs the leaders leg as the other jumps on him and grab hold on the leaders shoulder with its teeth sink deep in the leaders shoulder. The hell hounds drag the leader back to the boy as the boy looks into the leaders eyes as he bends over. “Dinner is served”. The hell hounds start tearing into the guys stomach as they rip it open and start to eat. The boy watches the dogs eat as he grins and chuckles with his eyes all red.

Goto appears behind the boy as he calls out to him. “Kikuchi”. Kikuchi Kagoshima the boy with the hell hounds stand up as he looks back and sees Goto. “Uncle” shouts Kikuchi covered in blood as he runs to Goto. “Uncle look how much prey we hunted today”. Goto pats Kikuchi as he smiles. “I have better prey for you to catch”.

Ace walks with his hands in his pockets along with his friends Aoi, Kaneko, Kaori, Nishimura, Satori and Takeda to the Amusement park. After Satori and Takeda’s sick leave they thought that it’s a good idea if they took a nice vacation slash after noon break at an amusement park. “Why does Ace have to tag along” asks Nishimura as she hits a nerve in Ace. “I could ask you the same thing”. Ace sighs and looks at Kaori. 

“Kaori I thought this was a date between me and you”

“I did say the others are coming”

“That’s not how I remember it”

“Poor Ace is going senile” Nishimura laughs as The gang makes it to the amusement park. Everyone stand as they discuss what rides should they go on, as the options roller coaster and Haunted house came up. They go to the haunted house first then try other rides including the roller coaster. After a long fun ride and motion sickness Ace is given a paper bag to relieve himself. “Hey lets go again” Shouts Kaneko all excited. “No thanks I think I’ll be fine” says Ace his face all blue. “Wow you’re really sick” says Takeda feeling worried. “So what are you going to do for the time being”. Asks curious Aoi. “Games of course” Ace closes his and smirks while holding his phone up high. Nishimura cringes as she awkwardly stares at Ace “Wow you couldn’t be more lonely”. 

“Shut up”

“Well I guess will find you back here at the loners seat and don’t you dare move a muscle”

“Okay Mom”

Nishimura and everyone leaves to go on another ride as Ace sits on the bench while drinking soda. Ace relaxes as he opens his phone before he could enter his favourite game, the background music of the game starts playing next to him. Ace is curious to who else is playing this game. He looks next to him and sees this kid with short flat black hair covering the eyes, Has eye bags looks like he have not slept for years. “Is that Battle X Dragon 2” asks Ace as he tries to start a conversation. “Yeah” the kid answers not interested in Ace’s small talk.

“I see I my self am a fan of the series”

“Oh wow fantastic” The boy answers as he is being sarcastic and continues to play. Ace feels like the kid is being sarcastic he uses a technique known to all gamers ‘Brag about the character everyone wants but cannot have’. “What for real” the kid becomes a lot more interested in Ace. “Yep and you can get them both if you complete the raid in an hour... of course I could help you”. Ace offers his help as he logs in to play. The both spend hours on the game as they connect. After a long hack and slash Ace has made a new friend. “Thanks Teacher” the kid smiles.

“There you are” Nishimura shouts as she finds Ace sitting with a strange kid. “What is it now” Ace looks at Nishimura. Nishimura walks towards as she leans forward. “Wow you got Hayashi the dragon slayer cool”. Nishimura praise the kid. “It’s because of Teacher I was able to unlock him” The kid shies away as he gives the credit to Ace. “Teacher?... you mean this guy here?” Nishimura laughs and holds her stomach. The kid cringes and looks at Ace as he smiles. “Teacher do you want to play another round”. Ace stands up and looks at the kid as he smiles. “Hmm... maybe next time okay... I’ve added you into my friends list, so any time I’m free we can play”. The kid nods his head and watches Ace leave with Nishimura. 

“So where is the rest of us”

“They already in the Ferris wheel if we hurry we can catch one ride before the curfew”

“I guess one wouldn’t hurt”

“Then stop dragging your feet old man lets go”

Nishimura grabs Ace’s hand as they rush to the Ferris wheel. After a short line they got into it as it slowly starts to move around. Nishimura glows as they reach the top and sees a breath taking view of the city in a starry night. “This is one of my favourite rides” says Nishimura.


“The Ferris Wheel is great at a time like this, you get to see everything at the top, I wish it could stay like this forever”

“Where is the real Nishimura and what did you do to her, you awfully seem nice”

“Do you want me to throw you overboard”

“No that would be bad, and you would miss me if I died”

“Don’t flatter yourself”

Ace looks at Nishimura and smiles. Nishimura looks back as Ace looks up to the sky. Nishimura rests her head on Ace’s shoulder and closes her eyes. “I guess I could miss you a little though”.

After a Nice short ride Ace and Nishimura exists the Ferris wheel as they all leave the amusement park. They laugh and giggle to how their day was enjoyable. Ace feels that he had left something as he stop and pats himself down. Takeda looks back “Something wrong Ace”.“I think I lost my phone”. Ace runs back to the amusement park to look for his phone as he runs into a familiar face.

“Oh hey”

“Teacher is this yours”

“Oh thank you... my life would be over if I had lost this” Ace looks down and calms down his breath. The kid looks at Ace as he is about to ask him a question. “I can relate... umm Teacher... may I know you name".

“It’s Scott... Ace Scott”

“So you're the one hell is talking about”


"You killed Sasayaki, truely remarkable... My name is Kikuchi Kagoshima and I'm here to assassinate you... Ace Scott"