Chapter 14:

Kikuchi’s Hell hounds, KURO and KURO


Kikuchi looks at Ace as his eyes turns red. He flips his knife and clenches it tight as he charges towards Ace. Ace stands his ground as he evades every slashing attack Kikuchi brings to him. Kikuchi throws another slash attack move as Ace brushes it to the side with one hand and disarms Kikuchi with the next. Kikuchi turns with a back spinning kick and kicks Ace away as he crushes into a stand. Ace slowly stands up as two black wolfs appear from thin air next to Kikuchi with drool dripping down from their mouth, hungry and ready to sink their teeth into Ace. “Out of all the days today I just happen to not have any weapons”. Ace complains as he tries to shake of the fear of two hungry dogs waiting to make him their dinner. 

“Ace I would like to introduce you to my two best friends... This one on my left is Kuro and the other one’s name is Kuro”. Kikuchi bends over as he strokes both hell hounds on their backs.“And I’m guessing their favourite meal is me” says Ace as he dusts himself off. “No you’re nothing but a mere appetizer to them”. Says Kikuchi. “Note, no dogs will be harmed in the making of this scene” says Ace as he picks up a wooden pole next to him. Kikuchi orders an attack on Ace. Ace holds the pole tight as one Hound charges after the other and jumps on towards Ace. Ace swings the pole to the side as he lands a hit on one and swings it back the other way as he lands a hit on the other. 

“I can’t believe that worked”. Says Ace. The hounds stand up as they both charges towards Ace on opposite sides. The first one to reach jumps on towards Ace again this time ready to take a bit at his neck. Ace steps back, he blocks it and throws it at the other. The hounds both stand again one jumps and bites as Ace blocks it and the pole snaps in half. The other hound tackles Ace as he falls back and rolls into a face flat position. “Note to self, always carry a weapon”. Ace slowly stands up as Kikuchi walks up to him with his hounds. Ace takes one step back as he makes a break for it. Kikuchi’s hell hounds starts to chase after Ace.

Meanwhile, Aoi, Kaneko, Kaori, Nishimura, Satori and Takeda stand waiting for Ace to return. Takeda feels like Ace is taking so long. He tells everyone to stay where they are while he goes and looks for Ace as Nishimura insists to go with. Nishimura and Takeda rushes to the park after they hear a howling.

Ace keeps running and avoiding the hounds attacks. He stops running to catch his breath thinking that he had out run the hounds. He hears angry growling as the hounds appear with kikuchi. 

“I find it pretty useless to run away since there is no out running my pets”.

“I find it useful, maybe I was just buying time for my friends to find me. I've been gone for quite a while so it's obvious that they'll look for me”

Nishimura and Takeda calls out to Ace as Ace smirks. “Speak of the Devil”. Kikuchi grins and he looks at Nishimura. He orders one hound to attack her. The hound charges straight to Nishimura as it jumps, Nishimura draws out her knife and tackles the hound as her knife plunges through the hounds belly. She toss the hound aside as Kikuchi finches. “KURO!”. The other hound stands its ground as it growls. It runs straight to Nishimura then BAM. The hound falls as it is shot by a sniper, Kaori smiles. Kikuchi grabs and pulls his hair out of frustration as tears roll down his cheeks. “Kuro was the only family I have…”

Kikuchi drops the knife from his hand and turns to look at Ace as Ace charges and stabs through Kikuchi’s chest with a Iron rod that has a paper talisman attached to it. “I'll be reunited with them” EIectrical shocks are sent through his whole body as he falls to the ground and murk slowly escaping his body and fades in thin air. 

Nishimura walks closer to Ace as she takes a better look at Kikuchi. “Isn't this the kid from earlier”. 


Ace looks away and starts to walk with a sad look upon his face. “Naobi… Mom…”