Chapter 22:

The Derose Family Secret Technique

Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

On the way to the town...Bookmark here

“Hey, Uncle, can you tell me about my mom? I don’t fully remember my past,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“Okay, I’ll tell you everything.”Bookmark here

Uncle Goro told the story of Lyra’s life. She was a quiet person. Even so, she loved her family very much. She was always kind to her younger siblings and her older brother.Bookmark here

She was born with a weak constitution, but she had mastered Inner Power, a technique passed down from her ancestors. She advanced the technique into a defensive one by strengthening the muscles and bones so that her body became as strong as a rock.Bookmark here

However, she died young. At that time, Roman was four years old. She had a rare, incurable disease. The cause of her death was the overuse of her Inner Power.Bookmark here

She wanted to be able to practice martial arts like Satria. However, her body was weak. She got tired easily, but she used her Inner Power to strengthen her body so that she could keep training. On the other hand, due to overusing the technique, she got a rare disease that could not be cured. Eventually, she succumbed to her disease at the age of twenty-six.Bookmark here

“Mom was incredible. Even though her body was weak, she looked for ways to keep her body strong. Amazingly, she could develop Inner Power into a defensive technique. I’m very proud to be his son,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“One more thing. Not only could she heal herself, but she could also heal others. I remember that Mom once healed a wound on Roman’s leg. She touched it with water and in a matter of seconds his wound healed.”Bookmark here

“Is that true? She could do that? It’s Inner Power’s most advanced form. She wrote it in the book. Actually, there’s one form that is the most difficult out of all Inner Power forms.”Bookmark here

“What is it, Uncle?” Roman asked.Bookmark here

“You channel your Inner Power to destroy anything you touch. My father could do it. He would lightly touch a rock and it would fall apart.”Bookmark here

“Wow, so this technique has two purposes, huh? It can heal and hurt people,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“Exactly!!”Bookmark here

“So, this technique is extremely dangerous if learned by evil people,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“But I believe in you two. Surely you can master it and use it wisely.”Bookmark here

“Of course. Once I master this technique, the Earth will definitely be safe. I’ll protect all living beings on Earth!!” Roman said.Bookmark here

“Don’t be too cocky just yet, Roman. You’re still much weaker than me,” Julia said.Bookmark here

“You do know who defeated Satyr, right?”Bookmark here

“You used Inner Power several times so you could keep fighting. You should also train your body to become stronger so that you don’t completely rely on it. Don’t you know the consequences of using it too much?”Bookmark here

“Yes, I know. I’ll continue training to become stronger!”Bookmark here

A few days later...Bookmark here

“Hey, stupid little brother! Get up, it’s morning already. We’ve arrived.”Bookmark here

“Whoa, this is really close to Satyr’s castle. Whoa, I can see the tall building over there. So, is this where you live, Uncle? If I had known, I would’ve stopped by to eat.”Bookmark here

“Yes, Roman. This is indeed close to where you fought him. Let’s go inside.”Bookmark here

“Whoa, this place is completely different from Shinra’s house, but this classic atmosphere makes me feel at home. Is that a picture of Mom and Dad?” Roman asked.Bookmark here

“Yes, that’s right. I kept it after your father died.”Bookmark here

“Whoa, they really are a perfect match, huh?” Roman said, staring at the photo.Bookmark here

Then, the three of them cleaned and tidied up the tavern.Bookmark here

In the Sacred Hawk Kingdom...Bookmark here

Torou was going to go to Satyr’s castle. He wanted to check if there was a communication device used by Satyr to relay information to Zhargun.Bookmark here

“Torou-sensei!” Shinra shouted from his room’s window on the second floor, calling Torou who was walking out of the castle.Bookmark here

“What is it, Shinra?”Bookmark here

“Where are you going, Sensei?”Bookmark here

“I’m going to the town. I’m going to Satyr’s castle. Maybe I can find a way to communicate with Zhargun.”Bookmark here

The town? Julia is there. “I’m coming along because I’m your student. I have to protect my sensei,” Shinra said, getting ready.Bookmark here

He came down from his room and made his way to Torou.Bookmark here

Just admit you want to meet Julia. Such a lovesick boy. Torou thought.Bookmark here

“Hey, Shinra, where are you going in such a hurry?” Kong asked. He was sitting in the main hall.Bookmark here

“I want to go to the town with Torou-sensei! Kong, you and the Torto guard the castle, okay? I’m going away for a few weeks to investigate Satyr’s castle!” Shinra answered, catching up to Torou.Bookmark here

“Okay. Take care.”Bookmark here

“Let’s go!” Shinra said.Bookmark here

They rode on their horses. Three days later, they came across a Rhino.Bookmark here

“Hey, you’re Shinra, right?” the Rhino asked, approaching Shinra and Torou.Bookmark here

“Yes, that’s right. What is it?”Bookmark here

“I want to show you something. You would like to know this!” the Rhino said, walking into the forest.Bookmark here

Shinra and Torou followed him. A few moments later, they were astonished to see a large aircraft by the lake.Bookmark here

“Aircraft?! Whose is it?” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“I’m not so sure, but from its scent, it must belong to Satyr!” the Rhino said.Bookmark here

“Right. I detect a strong scent of Satyr around this aircraft!” Torou added.Bookmark here

“So what do we do, Torou-sensei? Shall we inspect the aircraft?”Bookmark here

“All right, come on!”Bookmark here

Shinra and Torou scanned the aircraft. No damage was found. It was very likely it could still be used. They looked around and found a hidden entrance.Bookmark here

“How do you open this door?” Shinra asked.Bookmark here

“I found this aircraft yesterday while foraging for food around here. I wanted to tell you, so I decided to head to the Sacred Hawk Kingdom today. It’s a coincidence that I met you.”Bookmark here

“It can’t be opened! There must be something around here!” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“Very well, for now we had better go to Satyr’s castle first. Maybe we can find something there,” Torou said.Bookmark here

“It seems there’s nothing we can do about it. I’m going to Satyr castle with Torou-sensei.”Bookmark here

“I’ll return to my place. But before that, I’ll look for leaves to cover this aircraft,” the Rhino said.Bookmark here

“Thank you for the information, Rhino!” Shinra said.Bookmark here

“Anytime. After all, it’s for the best, isn’t it? Humans and monsters can coexist.”Bookmark here

“Right!” Shinra gave the Rhino a high five and the Rhino smiled back.Bookmark here

The two of them resumed their journey to Satyr’s castle.Bookmark here

A few hours later...Bookmark here

“Very well, Shinra. We part here!”Bookmark here

“Why is that, Torou-sensei?”Bookmark here

“I know why you wanted to come with me. You wanted to meet Julia, right? It is all right. I will go to Satyr’s castle on my own. You can catch up later if you want,” Torou said, leaving Shinra.Bookmark here

Huh? How did he know? “All right, Sensei. I’ll catch up later, okay?” Shinra said.Bookmark here

He went to see Julia. Now, he was in front of the tavern where Julia lived.Bookmark here

“What should I say? ‘Hey, how are you, Julia?’ Ah, no, no. Maybe ‘Hello everyone.’ Ah, no. It’s stilted,” he said to himself.Bookmark here

Julia came from behind him. “Why don’t you just go inside? Instead of standing here like a madman talking to himself.”Bookmark here

She then walked past him and entered the tavern.Bookmark here

Huh? Since when is she behind me? He looked around. People were puzzled to see him talking to himself.Bookmark here

“Hey, Shinra! What are you doing here? It’s only been a few days since we left. You’ve already missed my sister, huh?” Roman said.Bookmark here

A frying pan hurled toward his head, thrown by Julia from inside the tavern.Bookmark here

“Ouch. Hey, shitty older sister!” Roman shouted.Bookmark here

Another frying pan hit his face.Bookmark here

The three of them then chatted inside. Shinra told them about Satyr’s aircraft outside the town’s border. Roman and Julia were curious.Bookmark here

“Is the aircraft functional?” Julia asked.Bookmark here

“I’ve investigated it with Torou-sensei, but we didn’t find anything useful. The door can’t be opened, either!”Bookmark here

“Just break the door!” Roman said.Bookmark here

“You want me to destroy your face?!” Julia snapped.Bookmark here

“You did it just now, though!”Bookmark here

“Now, where’s Torou?” Julia asked.Bookmark here

“He went to Satyr’s castle alone to check if there was anything he could use to communicate with Zhargun.”Bookmark here

“Why didn’t you come with him?” Julia asked.Bookmark here

“It’s obvious, right? He just wanted to meet you, Sis.”Bookmark here

A frying pan buzzed past Roman. He was able to evade it.Bookmark here

“It missed,” he teased. Julia lifted a large wooden bucket, getting ready to throw it at him.Bookmark here

“Hey, you want to destroy Uncle’s stuff?!”Bookmark here

“Tch. I want to go buy something. Take care of this shop, Roman!” Julia lowered the bucket and walked out of the tavern.Bookmark here

“Roger that.”Bookmark here

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