Chapter 21:

A New Beginning

Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

In the Sacred Hawk Kingdom...

“Have you seen Roman? I heard he’s awake,” Shinra asked.

“I’m going out for a bit.” Julia walked away from him.

“Can I go with you? I also happen to want to go for a walk.”

“Why do you have to ask my permission?”

“You’re right.”

The two of them exited the castle, chatting along the way.

“Why did you never come back?” she asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You said you would come back and train with my dad. I waited for you, but you never came.”

“Forgive me. The Sacred Hawk Kingdom was attacked by monsters while I was training with you at that time. My mother was killed in the attack. After that, the Rhino and the others forbade us to go far from the castle. I didn’t know who to ask for help. If I hadn’t gone to train at that time, I might’ve been able to see Mother one last time. However, if I hadn’t gone back then, I would’ve never met you.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that happened.”

“It’s okay, Julia. I’m glad you and Roman are doing well.” He gave her a reassuring smile.

“So am I,” she said, walking ahead of him.

Before they came out of the castle gate, Kong approached them. “Hey, Shinra, the food is ready. They’re all waiting for you and um, this girl.”

“She’s Roman’s older sister. Her name is Julia.”

“Pleased to meet you, Julia. My name is Kong.”

“Hi, Kong. I’m Julia.”

“All right, Julia. Looks like our walk is over.”

“What? Are we on a walk?” She then made a beeline for the dining hall.

Huh? Her behavior changed completely. She was so gentle just before Kong came…

“Shinra, what are you doing?” Kong asked.

They all were going to eat together. Shinra followed into the dining hall.

“All right, the host has come. Bon appétit.” Roman promptly took some fruits and eat them.

“You really are a disgrace, Roman,” Kenue said, facepalmed.

“Nom… Nom… I, nom… was asleep for a few days. It makes me really hungry. Nom…”

“All right, bon appétit,” Shinra said.

Life on Earth had returned to normal. The villagers returned to their villages. The remaining monsters were no longer harming humans. Before that, they were causing trouble because they were ordered by Satyr. If they did not do so, they would be killed. After Satyr died, they all felt free and relieved. They even helped the villagers repair the houses that were destroyed in their previous raids.

“Shinra, can we continue to live peacefully like this?” Roman asked.

The Torto answered, “I’m not sure. Most likely, monsters from Zhargun would be suspicious since there was no news from Satyr because he was the link between the Earth and Zhargun. Hopefully they don’t send an army to Earth.”

“So you’re saying it’s possible that they could send monsters to Earth? Then what will happen if they find out that Satyr is dead?” Darma asked.

“That means the war 1,000 years ago will be repeated again!” Torou said, interrupting their conversation.

Suddenly, it became quiet. They were thinking about what to do if that were to happen.

“We will continue to fight against monsters forever, then?” Terry asked.

“Isn’t it easy? Just beat up those who try to harm our Earth!” Roman replied.

“It’s not that easy because Zhargun’s weakest soldiers are more or less on par with Satyr,” the Torto said.

“How come? Isn’t he a very powerful monster?” Kenue asked.

“Well, let me explain it to you. We monsters were sent to Earth because the human is the weakest race in this galaxy. We are weak. There are many monsters much stronger than us in Zhargun. The big guns in Zhargun decided to send Firouza and Satyr to be the leaders on Earth because they believed that humans couldn’t possibly defeat the two of them. Despite that, they aren’t that strong compared to Zhargun’s elite soldiers. It’s just that they have the blood of a monster prince, so they have a slightly stronger power due to their bloodlines.”

“Wow, that’s a very long story,” Roman said.

“Then, how do we deal with monsters that will come later?” Darma asked.

“The answer: nothing!” the Torto answered.

A few hours later, Shinra approached Torou who was at the training ground inside the castle.

“Sensei, thank you for your help.” Shinra bowed.

“No need to thank me, Shinra. It was all thanks to you, Roman, and the others,” Torou replied.

Roman walked over to them. “Hey, Mr. Rat, can I have the pill you made that time? It was very useful against Satyr. If you have it, give me some. I want to beat my sister.”

“Very well, I will make it for you later, Roman.”

“What do you want?? Hah?” Julia asked from behind Roman.

“Nothing really. I just want... a massage. Yes, that’s right, I want to be massaged by Mr. Rat. He said he’s good at massaging,” Roman replied nervously.

Two years later...

Smack… Thwack… Thump…

“Keep going!! You guys are too slow! At this rate, you would’ve already been defeated by your opponent!” Kenue shouted. He was teaching his students.

He opened a martial arts school specializing in spears. He continued to train hard to keep his body strong, unlike his brother. Darma was married to Terry and they had a son.

Darma came to Kenue’s dojo. “Look, Uncle Ken is training. Do you want to join the training, too?” he said, talking to his son who was being carried.

“Hey, I was just thinking about going over to your place,” Kenue said.

“Don’t worry, Kenue. I know you must be busy. I don’t mind coming here with Terry and little Brahma.”

“Thanks, Big Bro.”

“Hey, Kenue. I brought this.” Terry threw an apple at Kenue.

“Thanks, Terry. Apples, huh? I remember that I almost killed Roman out of revenge against the one-eyed Sharkin. We went our separate ways, huh?”

“That’s true. Today Roman and Julia will go to the town to live with their uncle,” Darma said.

“That’s why we came here to take you to Shinra’s place. They’re leaving this afternoon,” Terry added.

“Okay, I’ll get ready.”

A few days ago, in the Sacred Hawk Kingdom...

“Excuse me. Do Roman and Julia live here?” a man asked.

“Who are you?” a royal soldier who was on guard asked.

Kong walked up to the man. “You’re looking for Roman? If I may ask, who are you?”

“My name is Goro. Goro Derose. I’m Roman and Julia’s mother’s older brother.”

“So you’re Roman’s uncle, right? All right, come with me.”

Goro was invited into the castle.

“Hey, Roman, someone wants to see you,” Kong said.

“Huh? Who is it?” Roman asked.

“I’m Goro Derose. I’m Lyra’s older brother.”

“Uncle Goro? Don’t you live in the town? Why did you come all the way here?” Julia asked, making her way to him.

“I heard that the Monster Kingdom has been defeated. I wondered who managed to defeat the monsters. Some people said that the ones who defeated Satyr were the Sacred Hawk Kingdom soldiers. I thought maybe you guys were in the kingdom, so I decided to come here. I’m sorry for only being able to come now.”

Goro handed over several thick books on Lyra’s Inner Power.

“What are these?” Roman asked.

“They’re on your mother’s Inner Power. I think you’re more deserving of this book.”

“So you’ve been learning from them all this time?” Roman asked.

“No, it was your mother who wrote them. The Derose family’s Inner Power are all written down in here.”

“What’s so great about Inner Power?”

“Watch your mouth, Roman! Mom’s Inner Power is able to speed up recovery. Even wounds and fractures can be completely healed using this technique.”

“Really? How come?”

“Let me show you, Roman.

Goro cut his hand with a knife.

“Hey hey, what do you think you’re doing?” Roman asked incredulously.

The wound healed in less than a minute.

“You see? If Lyra were to use her Inner Power, it’d heal in less than ten seconds.”

“Wow, that’s great. I want to master that technique, too. That’d be cool..”

“What are you talking about, idiot? You’ve used Mom’s Inner Power several times against Satyr. Just think, why were you able to keep fighting him back then?”

“Isn’t that due to Mr. Rat’s pill?”

“What? Torou only gave you an energy-boosting supplement.”

“Is it true that Roman is able to use Inner Power?”

“Yeah, but I don’t think he used it on purpose.”

So the wounds on my body healed quickly because of Mom’s Inner Power?

“Anyhow, what are you doing here, Uncle Goro? I guess there’s no way you only wanted to give us these books, right?” Julia asked.

“I want to invite you and Roman to live with me in the town. I opened a tavern there. But if you don’t want to, I won’t force you.”

“Okay, I’ll go with you,” Roman replied excitedly.

“What about Shinra? Aren’t you two inseparable friends? You want to leave your friend here?”

“Huh? He’d be fine without me. Right, Shinra?”

“Of course. Do I look that weak without him?”

“I bet you’re the one who doesn’t want to be away from him. That’s why you said that. Just admit it,” Roman teased Julia.

Julia’s face turned red. She gave Roman a good whack with her fist. “Take this!! You idiot. I want to go to the town, too. It’s boring here!”

Julia went to her room.

“Damn. It really hurts!! You’ll pay for this!” A large bruise was forming on Roman’s face.

“You started it, Roman,” Shinra said, rolling his eyes.

“So when are you guys coming to my place? I have a little business in the village nearby. What if I come here to pick you up in three days?”

“Okay, Uncle. We’ll be waiting for you.”

Currently, in the Sacred Hawk Kingdom...

Shinra entered Julia’s room. “Um, have you prepared all your things? Don’t forget anything.”

“I’m not a ten year old kid. I won’t forget any of my belongings.”


“Will you come to our uncle’s tavern someday?”

“Certainly! I’ll be there often. I can leave all matters in the castle to the Torto and Kong. I can also come whenever you want,” Shinra answered quickly.

Julia laughed. “You’re so funny. Sometimes I see a very strong figure in you, but sometimes I see a child instead.”

Wow... Her smile is so lovely. She’s so beautiful when she laughs...

“Hey, what are you looking at? You pervert!” Julia walked toward the main hall.

“Oh no, I’m just surprised. I’ve never seen you smile,” Shinra said, following her.

Not long after that, Darma, Terry, and Kenue came. They chatted before Julia and Roman had to go.

“Hey, Roman,” Kenue greeted, holding out his fists.

“Yo, Kenue!” Roman bumped their fists together.

“You have everything ready, Roman?” Terry asked.

“Yeah, I just need these books.” Roman was delighted to get his mother’s book.

“What are those, Roman? You seem very happy,” Darma asked.

“These are the greatest books in the world. It’s my mom’s! It’s written in full on how to control her Inner Power.”

“I see,” Darma said.

“Hey, little Brahma, when you grow up, Uncle Roman will teach you Inner Power, okay? So that you’ll become a great person!”

Not long after that, Goro came with his horse-drawn carriage to pick up Julia and Roman.

“Hey, are you two ready?” he asked.

“You bet!” Roman said excitedly.

“I’m ready!” Julia answered coldly.

“All right, let’s go. Our journey will last approximately five days. We’d better go now,” Goro said.

“Okay, see you later. Don’t forget to come to the town and stop by my uncle’s tavern,” Roman said, waving his hand.

“See you later, Roman!” Darma said.

“Don’t forget to write a letter when you get there,” Terry said.

Julia just sat quietly, looking once at Shinra. Then the horse-drawn carriage left.

“Take care, Roman!!” Kenue shouted.

Shinra was at a loss for words.

Torou entered the castle and walked over to Shinra.

“This is for you. You look so forlorn. I did not have the heart, so I asked for the address of Goro’s tavern,” he said, handing Shinra a piece of paper containing the tavern’s address.

“Torou-sensei, thank you very much!” Shinra said, his face lit up.

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