Chapter 16:

The difficulties of this world can be fixed by fighting

The Divine Punishment

Clark had just come, who took the kamien from Reid and began to run.

"Clark took the black hole kamien!" I warned.

"I'm not letting the bastard get away," Evan replied, "Fireball!"

Reid stepped to the front cushioning the blow. He had defended himself by hardening his skin and muting it.

"Get out of my way!"

"I don't have to let Clark run away!"

"Are you saying I have to kill you?"

"You want to fight? Fine, I'll accept the challenge, I'll work my hardest to win!"

He created the fireballs behind him. Meanwhile, I had taken advantage of the commotion that had been created to get past Reid who hadn't noticed anything.

"Kagu-tsuchi!" Evan screamed.

"You named some of your new techniques, I'm not interested in naming something like that. I prefer to act directly." said Reid, throwing a punch at Evan who parried it.

"Fireball!" he said, hitting him in the stomach."

"Ouch! Now it's my turn!"

He threw a punch at him that went in for a hit, pushing him away, turning his face purple temporarily from the radiation.

"Evan!" yelled Emmy.


"Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah, I think so," he said standing up.

"Come on, let's avenge the senator!"

"Yes ma'am."

"So you're joining the fight too. I'm fine with that, so it will be more balanced" said Reid, who was underestimating them.

Evan and Emmy had tried a few combination techniques during training, such as the flaming Susanoo, but they had also tried another. If a fire is given wind, it is amplified, and that's what they did:


When he made it, it was magnified by Emmy, who made it three times more powerful.

"This technique," said Emmy.

"We called it," said Evan.

"Firewind!" they said together, hitting Reid.

They were pushing both Evan and Reid, whoever had the most physical strength won.



There was an explosion, you couldn't see anything because of the smoke. As soon as it disappeared a little, you could see Evan, Emmy, and Reid safe.

*Now we switch to the third person, to focus on both fights, which are happening at the same time*.

"I found you, asshole!" Tenkei screamed.

"Oh, you did well. You want to try and face me?" Clark answered.

"I'll kill you!"

"Well, let's not go too far, you're not strong enough for someone like me."

"Tsk, Teaser pistol!"

He decided to use his first technique, but empowered with the katana, he wrapped it in electricity (because he can put more than when using only his hand) and then fired it more accurately, since the sword resisted the recoil more than his arms.

The trajectory was perfect, he would have gotten him if he hadn't used the black hole of the newly absorbed kamien to defend himself. Then he threw it at him as well, but being electricity, it hadn't done anything to him. So he tried to approach him with the kaiten on the katana, Clark decided to defend himself by covering him with water, which suddenly made the blow too powerful for him to control.

"Oh, no! If this keeps up..."

There was a blinding light, when it ended, you could see Evan who had just finished throwing a fiery punch at Reid, to no avail. He was knocked back, but soon after there was Emmy with the Susanoo trying to hit him, but she too failed.

"Now it's my turn!"

Reid put radiation in his fists, it felt like acid dripping from his hands. He sprinted at Emmy trying to hit her, but she knocked him back with an immense blizzard of wind, then he took the opportunity to take flight by growing small wings, then gliding into Evan.

"I will not be beaten, my fire will win. Kagu-tsuchi!"

He created them in front of him to block Reid, who took them in stride

"Ahh! You tricked me, you're good, but since I have radiation to resist fire more, I can muffle your attacks much easier!"

"But you can't cancel them out. Fireball!"

He tried to hit him, but Reid stopped him with a solid wall of radiation, which when it melted away you could see Tenkei and Clark continuing to fight.

"You little idiot, what are you going to do against me? You can try as hard as you want, but I'll win in the end."

"That remains to be seen, why should I die because of an asshole like you?"

"Because it's reality!"

Clark summoned a wave of zombies, which Tenkei avoided to try and hit him with the Raijin, the blade that cuts through anything. Clark dodged it, but with difficulty, then tried to punch him using the kamien of life energy. Tenkei parried him with the sword, and Clark took the opportunity to turn her into a zombie.

"Fuck! You're an asshole, give me back the katana!"

"You have to beat her to get it back, too bad that won't be easy given its power. Attack!"

The katana-zombie started to run towards Tenkei, who decided to try to hit it with the kaiten (the rotating lightning bolt on his hand), because having already done a Raijin with the katana, he couldn't do another one right away, he would run out of all the power he had.

"UURGGGH!!!" He yelled to give himself a charge.

He ran at the being, and they collided; the enemy wasn't even struggling that much, while Tenkei, enough since he was bare-handed as opposed to the zombie-katana.

Eventually, they both did damage by being thrown backward, where nearby was Emmy who was trying to hit Reid, she couldn't but she tried again and again.

At one point, having dodged the last punch, Reid tried his. Emmy was able to stop him only thanks to the Fujin, the "delayed burst" punch; he managed to slow down his punch to dodge it just in time, it was very fast, he must have mutated his biceps. After that, he drew Evan, who attempted a small, but powerful enough Fireball to keep it out of sight. He sneaked up from behind, but got caught; Reid punched him right in the face, but before that, he passed the fireball to Emmy thanks to his wind, which he then enlarged and made more powerful to hit the enemy, this time he wasn't ready to cushion the blow.

They were both lying on the ground, Emmy went to see how Evan was doing; he was in trouble, but he was fine, he just had to recover from Reid's hard punch.

Meanwhile, the air turned green.

"Oh shit!" said Evan.

"We need to escape from here, let's fly away thanks to my wind!" said Emmy to Evan.

And so they did, but the radiation was chasing them, they kept trying to get away, but failing miserably.

They were flying fast, so Emmy was starting to get tired.

"Emmy, I'll take over!" said Evan.

He picked her up and used the thrusters technique to run away. They arrived next to Reid, Evan threw Emmy into the air, who threw a very strong Fujin punch at him, bigger than the enemy's body.

He threw him far enough away, he passed by the clash between the katana-zombie and Tenkei, who were both starting to get tired, the zombie was ahead, apparently, Clark wasn't acting because he was controlling it thanks to his vital links to the zombie.

"You bastard, I'm going to kill you!"

He had to nullify it as soon as possible, otherwise, Clark would have probably tried to escape or help Reid.


He used a lot of energy, to make sure he defeated the zombie. He swung at it, trying not to destroy the sword but only eliminate the essence within it.

"Yes, I did it! I got my katana back!"

"Oh shit, he got his sword back, he's stronger than I thought, I have to get on the defensive and try to escape-" thought Clark.

"Teaser pistol!"

Before Clark could even finish thinking, he hit him to keep him from sneaking away.

"Where do you want to go? I'm going to kill you, I said so at the beginning too."

"You want to fight? Fine."

Clark threw a giant black hole at him, which Tenkei, to keep from getting sucked in, applied electricity to, even though it was a lot, then got it back when the hole sucked it back out.

It had also sucked in some of Evan's fire, which had tried to cut Reid with the flaming chainsaw, retrieved from a warehouse found there in the countryside, but he kept dodging it.

"You bastard! Get caught, I want to split you in half!"

"Please don't talk like that, respect me, as I respect you!"

"You killed an innocent person who made the last people left on earth survive, you also killed more than 500 people with your comrade's zombies!"

"It was mandatory for our objective."

"But what objective?! Human lives are more important than two assholes."

"I understand your hatred for me, but you can't comprehend."

"What is it that we can't comprehend?! It's you people who don't understand that you're crazy!" said Emmy adding herself to the conversation.

She, too, was on a rampage.

"We're not crazy. Please stop talking about this. Let's get back to the facts--"

"Fiery Susanoo!"

They threw a very hard punch, enough to make Reid struggle. But it wasn't enough, he defended himself by injecting radiation into the fire and wind to turn them into poison, to be used against them.

"Careful, don't breathe!" yelled Emmy, referring to Evan.

The poison also reached Tenkei and Clark, who had to move to keep from breathing it in.


Tenkei tried to hit him but was knocked back by immense amounts of water, then Clark tried to catch him with a punch, which with his abilities, would have killed Tenkei. They continued to dodge their attacks, but the boy didn't notice that behind him was a black hole that was about to regurgitate what he had sucked in, he was hit hard. He was also about to receive the killing blow with the life energy kamien.

"I-I can't die...I-I have to kill Clark, to save the world...we promised all the surviving people...I have to dodge that punch at all costs," he thought.

"Enjoy your last moments of life."


He wrapped the katana in electricity which he twirled, to make atoms of electricity flying through the air; which joined the molecules in the air, formed by carbon dioxide and oxygen.

By doing this, he could know where all the atoms around were, and since they were not from all over the world, he could not predict everything he wanted, but only easy to find actions, thanks to Laplace's theory. Using this technique, he was able to predict his enemy's movements.

He managed to dodge the strike, and with electricity on his sword, he tried to hit Clark; predicting how he would elude the attack, he took it in stride.

"Ahhhhh! Asshole!"

He created a horde of zombies, a cluster of black holes, and all in the middle of the water to make it harder for him to move. Thanks to this, he was also able to escape.

"Noooo! You bastard!" By now, after using the Kitsune, he was out of energy, he couldn't fight anymore, so Emmy, who had noticed what had happened, went to help him, taking him to a safe place.

"T-thank you, Emmy." said Tenkei, at his limits.

"It's okay, stay here."

Everything Clark had created was also interfering in Reid and Evan's confrontation.

"Shit, with all this water not only can't I move, but I also can't even use fire!"

"Me, on the other hand, with my radiation, I can mutate to get fins and gills, putting me ahead of the competition!"

He swam towards Evan, then filled the water with radioactive spores so that he struggled to swim.

After that, he leaped out of the water to land on the boy, who was thrown underwater; if he drank even once, he would die, he was put on the spot.

Emmy couldn't help him because she had to try to avoid the zombies and black holes.

Tenkei, on the other hand, was on the ground, dead tired. Clark had managed to escape, but he was very injured too.

"Thanks to Clark, now I can win and advance our plan."

"...!" (Evan was running out of air)

Evan had to be helped, but there was nothing anyone could do. He managed to get Reid's hands off him, pulling away without him noticing. As soon as he got back to the surface, he had plenty of water-savvy zombies and black holes ahead of him, waiting for him.

"You are predictable. You can't run anymore, accept your fate," said Reid.

He kept trying to escape, but there was no way.

Reid initiated the attack he believed to be the final one.

He concentrated a radioactive sphere, his most dangerous move, the sphere kept spinning, like Tenkei's Kaiten.

"Goodbye, Evan Tyrell. You have been a worthy opponent." he said in a very quiet voice.

"...Tenkei...I entrust you with everything...Mark...I'm coming..." thought Evan.

After that he hit him in full force on the stomach, causing him to spill kamien and spit blood.

He had created a huge hole in his stomach.

Tenkei, although lying on the ground, felt a strange sensation that awakened him, but he could not get up, he had overcome himself by using the Kitsune.

Evan was lying on the ground... deprived of life.


"EEEEEVAAAAAN!!!" yelled Emmy.