Chapter 17:

Even gods and geniuses sometimes lose their swords

The Divine Punishment

"EEEVAAAAAN!" screamed Emmy, panicking.

Tenkei was still lying on the ground, unconscious.

Emmy went to check Evan's body while he was still lying on the ground.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit!!!"

She tried to feel his heart, it wasn't beating, in fact, it wasn't even there: his belly had a huge hole in it.

"He's been a worthy opponent, now it's your turn, Emmy Mancker," Reid said.

"Please... Reid... if you are a true fighter who respects your opponents... let me spend these last moments with Evan and...Tenkei..." replied Emmy.

"Tenkei...he's fine..." replied Reid.

"W-what do you mean?"

"His stone is still in its place, and Clark escaped, my master is also in serious condition. So they're both alive, but they'll be out of action for a few hours minimum. So it's just going to be me against you, Emmy Mancker."

"I don't believe you... let me check Tenkei's body too."

"Go ahead, I won't stand in your way, just know that if you try to escape, I will eliminate you both."


Emmy then headed towards Tenkei's body, which was 100m ahead.

Thanks to Susanoo, she was able to quickly fly to the place.

"Tenkei, a-are you alive?" asked Emmy.

"...yes..." replied Tenkei, with a swollen eye and a messed up face.

"Stay here...I won't tell Reid that you've already come to your senses, just rest, I'll come back alive. I promise it because I... I love you." said Emmy, in tears.

"....." Tenkei didn't have time to realize what Emmy had just told him that Reid asked:

"Emmy, come on, are you done checking? You saw that, didn't you? His heart is still beating."

"Y-yeah," replied Emmy.

After that, she walked over to Reid's exact position where they had begun the fight.

"You have to know that I will not hold back, I will use every last ounce of strength I have, even though your friend Evan gave me a hard time."

"I will not make Evan's death in vain!"

Emmy began to form some sort of wind shurikens, which she continuously threw at Reid, who tried to dodge them, almost always failing. 6 of the 10 shurikens went to hit Reid.

You could tell he had been badly beaten up from fighting Evan.

"Cough! Shit."

After that, Emmy readied shurikens on her fists, and combined them with the Fujin, bagging Reid with blows and yelling "ORAH" for every single punch.

Reid was defending himself, with his arms modified thanks to the radiation, but thanks to the "blades" of the wind shurikens on his fists, Emmy was able to penetrate his defenses, every time.

Reid, therefore, stepped back, to form a radiation bubble. But Emmy's Fujin allowed her to keep hitting Reid even while remaining at a distance, so Reid was now in very bad shape.

"AAAAAHHH!!! AWAKENING!!!" yelled Reid.

Slowly his muscles took the shape of a tree, he seemed to be a man-plant, that had to be his final form.

He had become huge, his arms had branched out, from the elbow down.

His neck was practically attached to the "trunk" that had formed with the mutation.

Since this was the perfect form of any living thing because it mixed the benefits of the plant with that of the animal, Reid was in so much pain, blood was teeming from every pore. It was a horrific scene to behold.

Emmy couldn't bear to watch such a scene.

"I-I have to do this, this thing is so scary, but I have to do it. For Evan...for Tenkei. I'm the one who will write the future! Perfect Susanoo!!!"

Emmy, from the ground, rose into the air, she was kicking up a huge fuss, it seemed like she was changing shape too.

Actually, not her, but the wind and the dust she had kicked up.

The wind mixed with the dust took the form of a god's head.

The god Susanoo, one of the gods of the Japanese legends that Acuro had quoted.

Susanoo's head however was opaque, you could see Emmy. She was bleeding from the kamien, this technique required a lot of strength from her, she had never used so much. For any technique.

The clash of titans was about to begin, Reid's final form looked very similar to the god Ebisu, another Japanese deity from the legends of Master Acuro.

It was a clash of titans, no longer a clash of humans.

"Reid, this is the end for you!" shouted Emmy.

"We have passed the step of humanity, Emmy Mancker. We can no longer compare ourselves to humans now, so there is no concept of end. Let's fight!"


With the giant tree-shaped arm, Reid managed to strike Emmy and destroy the eye of the perfect Susanoo.

The deity was related to the technique Emmy was using, so she also lost sight from her left eye, she had to be more careful or she would have gone blind.

"Infinite Fujin Shuriken!" shouted Emmy, preparing around her a hundred shurikens like the ones from before, she threw them in bursts at Reid, who was however protected by his final form, Ebisu.

He wasn't unscathed though, the shurikens destroyed Reid's arms, but he was able to recreate them in no time, thanks to the final form. Otherwise, it would have taken him about 30 seconds to fully regenerate them.

"You'll never reach my strength, Emmy."

"Just the fact that I forced you to use this form means that I have surpassed your human strength. Now all that's missing is the next step, overcoming your divine strength. But you don't seem to have any weaknesses."

After finishing the speech, Emmy concentrated a powerful Fujin punch, using the god Susanoo's arm. It was huge, it hit him directly, destroying all his plant protections.

"Don't think you can win so easily, I have no weak points."

He didn't have time to finish the attack that Ebisu immediately regenerated his body.

Maybe he didn't have any weaknesses...Or maybe he did...

"Do you think my move is over here?" replied Emmy.

The Susanoo-Fujin's fist turned into a tornado, which went into Reid's, or rather, Ebisu's, body like a drill.

Emmy had aimed at the exact spot, the only weak point of the kamien users. The kamien itself!

She did indeed aim for the chest, Reid however was unscathed, the wound regenerated instantly.

"Tsk... you think I didn't foresee this attack as well?"

"Shit!" thought Emmy "Think, Emmy, think, his kamien changed position, he would be dead by now when I hit him his kamien wasn't in the right place. Where could it be? In the head? No...the center of energy, where everything flows... An appropriate answer to this dilemma could be "the heart" but having hit him in the chest, the kamien was not there. The center of where everything flows and everything is born...Born...There I am!"

Emmy repeated the same move, with the Susanoo-Fujin's fist then turning it into an extremely sharp tornado.

"What are you doing? Are you repeating the same move? It's no use, the kamien isn't in the hear- COUGH!"

Reid fell to the ground and returned to his original human form, Emmy did the same thing, she was just tired though.

She slowly walked towards Reid's body on the ground.

"Cough! Emmy did you know about the..." said Reid spitting blood.

"At school, I study anatomy...and not only that...I'll tell you more, according to yoga and tai chi, the center of energy and meridians is also where everything is born, the thread that binds you from birth to death...the belly button."

"I caught just the smartest opponent...shit. You won, Emmy Mancker...but I'm not leaving you the stone."

He used all his last strength to try and destroy the stone.

His body exploded and was reduced to bits scattered across the battlefield.

But he hadn't succeeded, the kamien was still there, on the ground. Maybe they are indestructible, those stones.

It was a horror for the eyes, but Emmy didn't have time to worry about the kamien, using the final form of the perfect Susanoo, for the last time on that day, he brought Evan's dead body and Tenkei's unconscious body safe from any attack, be it zombies or enemies.

"I did it...Tenkei, I promised you..." she began to tear over Tenkei's body.

But Tenkei wasn't dead and the tear that fell on Tenkei's face woke him up.

"Way to go, Emmy, you did a great job," said Tenkei.

He was still lying down but recovering.

"How's Evan?" asked Tenkei. "Were you able to heal him?"

Emmy was crying and Tenkei understood the situation, got up, and checked Evan's dead body.

" did your best...I'll miss friend," said Tenkei, and then burst into an even bigger cry than Emmy's.

He had lost the only friend left on the face of the Earth.


The scream was also heard by Clark, who although wounded, had managed to escape and was returning to the battlefield, to get the kamien.

The first one he recovered was Reid's, whose body was in the middle of the road, all destroyed.

No one saw it, but even he couldn't see the body of his last remaining subordinate: it was smashed and scattered around.

Clark, though a man with ambitions above human understanding, let a tear flow.


February 2, 2015, 1:48 A.M., Blackville, Canada.

"L-let go off me, or I'll hurt you, bastards!" said a guy, short blond hair, looked to be in his early 20s.

A small gang was bullying him, his body was slim and he couldn't defend himself against these boys.

"Pull down his pants and take a picture of him! Haha! Then steal his wallet!" said the thugs.

"Fucking stop it, I'll report you to the police!" said the boy.

"What's this?" said one of the thugs, then threw it at his boss.

"Ahahah! Reid Regan, huh? Born October 17, 1995, a young man, take it all!"

"Nooo! Stop!" replied the boy they were robbing and abusing, named Reid.

A man approached the scene, he looked to be in his early thirties, he was very muscular, had a stylish mustache, and had short black hair.

"Leave him alone!" yelled the man.

"S-shit! This guy is dangerous! Let's run!"

The thugs then ran away, leaving Reid's papers and wallet on the ground.

The mystery man picked them up.

"Reid Regan, huh? Pleased to meet you, my name is Clark Anderson, I'm 27 years old and I've come here to offer you a deal."

"A deal? Well first of all thanks for saving me but...I don't trust you much."

"No need to trust me, I've already recruited several people, we have a great plan in mind."

"A great plan? What does it consist of?"

"Follow me, I'll tell you all about it in my base."

"No! I don't trust people, they always mistreat me... I work the night shift to save my mother who is very sick and during the day I study, sleeping only 5 hours a day!"

"You have big ambitions too...That's okay, I'll tell you about them here, because I trust you, Reid. Although I've already recruited a lot of people, you're going to be my right-hand man."

"Please explain the plan here, Clark, I don't have much time to waste, I have to go to work!"

"If you join me, you'll have lots of money and be able to save your mother without having to work anymore. You'll just have to serve me. Anyway, the plan is very simple but complex at the same time: we will restore the world, without diseases, without scum, without thugs who rob you every night, without any evil."

"I agree, criminals must be eliminated to make the world a pleasant place to live... but how exactly will we do that?"

"I'm going to be very complex, but believe me: thanks to one of our spies, we can know for sure that on June 15, 2023, internal fights will happen in North Korea. Enough to detonate a nuclear bomb that will wipe out the entire world...except..."


"Except those who will be using the special masks we are developing, they are anti-radiation. But I know you're studying nuclear physics, you'd be a great help."

"W-well, Master Clark...I'll give you a hand."

*End of Flashback*

"Reid...Everything we predicted didn't happen. But better things have happened... I'll continue with the endeavor and recreate the world from scratch with your power. Ahah what a coincidence, a radiation expert with the radiation kamien, that's exactly why you used it sublimely. Thanks for everything Reid."

After finishing his speech, he absorbed the radiation kamien and went off to find the others.

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