Chapter 9:

(Lolita) Bald Bastard

Cafe Eris

On the way to the cemetery I am buried at, there’s this café.Bookmark here

I basically live there. The decor may be horrendous, but it’s better than a dirty old graveyard. Plus, the shade of pink lace on my dress is complemented by the atmosphere of the café. The graveyard, however, just dulls out the warm tones in my outfits. Ugh. Bookmark here

Today was Halloween and the stupid bald owner of the café decided to host a “Spooky Ouija Board Session.” He is one of the only people I’ve graciously revealed myself to, and yet all he does is laugh at my face! The one time I decided, “Hey, I am pretty much living rent-free in someone’s property, maybe I should tell him,” and even after my whole “I just want to be treated normally,” speech, he tells me that no one believes in ghosts. The audacity of this man is unreal! Bookmark here

Anyways, I decided that I would finally prove him wrong today. I would reveal myself to whoever came to the Ouija board session and bless the spectators with my presence! That would show Scanta! Bookmark here

I watched the handsome new worker set up the café for tonight’s event. His boring yet somehow charming face was oh-so elegant… It looked like it glowed! Well, now that I think about it, it’s probably just due to his strangely pale, almost translucent skin, but then again who am I to talk? I’m a freaking ghost for God sake! If anything, our matching skin opacity just proves that we are meant to be! His face looks as if God took some extra time designing it. I could stare at it all day! I’m so attracted to him, it almost scares me. And that’s coming from a ghost! It’s almost as if some unknown force has connected us… Maybe a past life? Maybe fate itself? Bookmark here

The handsome worker (who I now know as Tristan) finally finished setting up the main room for tonight’s séance. Luckily there were no customers, I presume everyone was getting ready for the event. He placed the tables in one big circle in the center of the seating area and drew the curtains on every window. I desperately wanted to help him, but today I wanted to save my energy for the big reveal. Bookmark here

I wondered how people would react to seeing a real-life ghost… Would they be scared? Would they laugh? Maybe they would compliment me on my dress! Oooo, I really do hope they like my outfit! I pulled out my best, lacey, sparkly, frilly dress for tonight’s occasion. Wait, was it too over the top? Does this shade of baby pink even go with the lighting? Oh my god, I didn’t even take into account the fact that the curtains were drawn!! And the lighting would only be coming from candles!! No… Would the hints of blue be washed out into orange undertones? What about-Bookmark here

My inner monologue was quickly cut off when Tristan opened the door to the backroom. I guess it was finally time for him to clock out. It’s fine… I always wanted our first meeting to be more personal… More… Romantic…. Bookmark here

It was 8:45. Tristan finally left the back room and walked to the exit. He did one last scan around the main room before calling out to Scanta. Bookmark here

“I’ve clocked out for today! I hope the Halloween event goes well!”Bookmark here

Scanga poked his head out from the back area, “Trust me, I’ve got it from here Tristan!” He turned to smirk at me. Bookmark here

Gross. I hate Scanta. I hate the fact that he has a sixth sense for the paranormal. I can’t hide from him even if I tried. I hate his stupid bald head. Smug bastard.Bookmark here

“Goodnight!” Tristan yelled one final time before heading out for the day. Bookmark here

I floated over to Scanta and squinted my eyes. Bookmark here

“What was that disgusting smirk for, Scanta?”Bookmark here

“Oh nothing, Ms. Lolita, just that this event is gonna be a breeze.”Bookmark here

“And why is that?” Bookmark here

“Because you’re here. I basically have free spooky entertainment.” Bookmark here

Damnit. How does he always know what I’m planning? Bookmark here

“What makes you think I’ll do anything ‘ghostly’ tonight?”Bookmark here

His smirk grew wider. “Trust me, Lolita. I know you’re gonna do something ghostly tonight. And the best part? Everyone will leave thinking, Wow, Scanta sure knows how to scare people with special effects."Bookmark here

Ugh! I despise this man to my very core! I moved to slap him but my arm went straight through his face. He didn’t even flinch. He just laughed. Bookmark here

The door suddenly chimed, signifying people coming into the café. Scanta walked right through me and chuckled one last time. “Do your best, Lolita.”Bookmark here

“Screw you!” I floated straight into the backroom. Bookmark here

Challenge accepted. Bookmark here

---Bookmark here

At 9:30, all of the candles were lit. There was a person in every chair, their expressions ranged from scared to seemingly bored. Scanta somehow stood in the middle of the tables, and I laughed at the mental image of him squatting down and waddling into the center. Bookmark here

The room was filled with idle chatter until Scanta cleared his throat. The noise died down very fast, and it was eerily quiet without the regular jazz music that was usually played in the café.Bookmark here

“Hello everyone. Thank you for joining me tonight, on the sacred day also known as Halloween. Before we get started, I’d like to warn everyone.” His face looked stone cold serious. I scoffed.Bookmark here

“Tonight, I am the only employee here to run this event. Although there may only be 30 people in this very room, including me, we are not the only ones here. Rumor has it, there is an unknown presence in this café. And tonight, we will summon it together. ”Bookmark here

Did this bald man just refer to me as an unknown presence? Scanta… The only thing unknown is your goddamned hair line. Bookmark here

Some of the guests started to shift uncomfortably in their seats. One guest in particular looked as if he was about to cry. Or yell. I couldn’t really tell. Bookmark here

There was a small box at his feet, and he bent down to pick out its contents. A Ouija board, how tacky. Not to mention, the colour of the board did not match the flooring of the café. The wood stain on the board was just slightly off from the floor and I wanted nothing more than to fix it. Bookmark here

Scanta held up the board and slowly turned around to show the guests. “If you are unfamiliar with this object, this is a Ouija board. Although it used to be marketed as a kids toy, it is used by many occultists to contact the deceased.” He placed it down on the table in front of him. The man in front of him jumped back in what looked like disgust, but it was clearly masking his fear. Bookmark here

“Excuse me sir! I came to this event to see what your café had to offer in regards to Halloween events. I did not ask you to place this demonic device right in my face! You basically attacked me with it!” The man screeched directly into Scanta’s face.Bookmark here

Scanta backed up and placed the board onto the next table. “Sir, I was just trying to put it down. If you do not like this type of entertainment, I suggest you leave.”Bookmark here

The scared man inhaled as if he were about to say something, but then leaned back into his chair. Scanta looked relieved and continued with the event. Bookmark here

“Before we use the Ouija board, however, we need to call upon the spirit. I ask that everyone please hold hands and close your eyes. Please focus on your energy and the unknown spirit standing before us.”Bookmark here

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see two people walk to the back room. That was odd. Only employees were allowed back there, and I don’t remember any workers coming in. Maybe someone forgot something from earlier and I didn’t see them come in? Maybe it was Tristan! I rushed to the back to see him. Bookmark here

When I reached the backroom, however, I was met with two people I’ve never seen before. Both wore some kind of restaurant uniform and they had their backs towards me. They seemed to be looking at the main light switch for the café. They were talking to one another, but I couldn’t hear them over the weird chanting coming from Scanta. I floated a bit closer to hear what they were whispering about. Bookmark here

“Benj, do you even know what you’re doing right now?” The girl asked the boy who I presumed to be Benj.Bookmark here

“Yes, Katie! I’m telling you, when I flicker the lights, they’re all gonna freak out! Not to mention the Karen who got scared of the damn Ouija board. He’s definitely gonna complain! If we scare this many people, Café Eris is bound to lose customers! That Karen would probably try to get this place shut down cause’ it’s haunted! Plus, it’ll be hilarious,” Benj said while flipping switches. I guess he was trying to find the lights in the seating area. Right now it looked like he was turning off the basement switches.Bookmark here

Hold on… Lose customers? Shut down? Are they trying to make the café go out of business? But why?Bookmark here

“Benj, just make this fast. We need to get out of here so they don’t know it's us. If we get caught Mr. Pugh will fire us on the spot, and I need this month’s paycheck.”Bookmark here

Pugh is a familiar name, I think I’ve heard Scanta mention it before. Bookmark here

Wait wait wait… If the café goes out of business, Tristan won’t work here anymore! Which means that I won’t see him anymore! I can’t let them do this! I need to save this café!Bookmark here

Suddenly, multiple screams came from the main area. Bookmark here

“Yes! That was the right light switch!” Benj clapped his hands in excitement and then continued to flick the switch. I could see the corresponding lights flickering and Scanta yelling, “Stay calm everyone!”Bookmark here

Benj and Katie turned around to look at the seating area. Now is my chance to scare them off! I won’t let them take away my love! Bookmark here

I channeled my power and I could see their eyes focus onto me as I phased into existence. Their expressions dropped into those of horror.Bookmark here

I opened my eyes as wide as possible and took a deep breath. Bookmark here


Benj let out a ridiculously high-pitched scream and they both ran around me into the main room. Bookmark here

I chased them out but I could feel my powers draining fast. Ugh, my visible form is fading! By the time I reached the group, I was back to being invisible. Such terrible timing, especially since I finally decided I would reveal myself to everyone! Whatever… Bookmark here

The group stared at Benj and Katie with a mix of confusion and horror. There was an empty seat, and it looked like the scared guy from earlier had already ran out from terror.Bookmark here

Benj started to openly weep. “I’m sorry! I just wanted to prank you! B-b-b-but there’s a r-r-real g-g-g-g-ghost in this café! We ss-s-aw it!”Bookmark here

Everyone turned to look at each other in disapproval. I could hear people mumbling, “is this really the big event?” and, “they just got some workers to flick the lights?”Bookmark here

Benj cried harder. “Nn-n-n-n-no! I swear! There was a g-g-g-g-host!” All he got in response were a couple of rolled eyes.Bookmark here

Katie grabbed his arm. “Benj, let’s just go. Sorry for interrupting your Halloween party or whatever.” The two walked out of the café, leaving behind a group of very disappointed guests and a very assumed Scanta.Bookmark here

“Sorry folks, I guess my plan for this year’s scare was a bit underwhelming,” Scanta explained.Bookmark here

Wait, did he plan this whole thing? Is he that much of a psychopath?Bookmark here

“Well, that’s all I had planned for tonight folks! Happy Halloween!” Scanta cheered as everyone slowly got out of their seats, dumbfounded. Bookmark here

Once everyone had left, he turned to me and gave a knowing smile. DisgustingBookmark here

“So you’re telling me you planned that whole thing?” I questioned.Bookmark here

“Me? Of course not! I had no idea there were people in the backroom. I guess you really gave them a fright with your hideous outfit! Actually, maybe it was just your face.” He laughed.Bookmark here

I glared at him menacingly. Well, as menacingly as I could with a sweet face like mine I couldn’t tell if he was lying about not planning it. I turned to float to the back as he started to put everything back. Bookmark here

“Hey Lolita?”Bookmark here

I didn’t bother turning around when answering him. “What now, Scanta?”Bookmark here

“This year’s event actually went pretty well thanks to you.” He gave me a genuine smile. I just scoffed in response.Bookmark here

“Happy Halloween, Lolita.”Bookmark here

“Whatever. Happy Halloween, bald man.”Bookmark here

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