Chapter 15:

A Visit back home


A light shines brightly in the tunnel as it comes closer really fast. A train speeds and passes by. The sub station lights start to flicker and some of the lights bursts. The sub station lightning turns red. A small black dot appears and starts to spiral as the spiral grows larger by the second becoming a gate way to the other side. Out of the Spiral an average size shadow steps out as a short female figure shadow steps out and lastly a tall and large one. The spiral slowly closes behind them and the sub train station lights turn back on.

Ishii, average size, has short black hair one side covering the eye, wears camo (Military style pants), black tight vest and a bullet proof on top, with a Katana on his back. Ono, tall and large, has long white hair with long pony tail, grey skin always wear a cloak. Kimura, short black hair, has eye bags, white pale skin and long black nails, wears a black Kimono with a black Ribbon. Hells top ranking Demon’s called the ‘Assassin’s Three’ that specialise in search and destroy.

Goto appears as he walks towards them with his hands behind his waist. “I’m glad all of you could make it... Ishii, Ono and Kimura”. The Assassin’s Three bows down to Goto as Goto nods his head giving them the permission to stand up. “Recently we had someone interfering with Zagan’s plans, having him removed failed countless times, when Zagan heard the rumours who it was plans have changed... We want the boy captured and the last seal broken... find the boy find the seal”.

A few days after the Amusement park, Ace walks down the hall to the student council with a lot on his mind. “It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen them... I hope they are okay”. Ace opens the door and finds Takeda and Nishimura gaming. Ace sits down and takes the third controller he sighs and puts his finger on the start button. Nishimura give Ace a deep stare behind Ace’s shoulder. Ace feels a bit heavy on the shoulders as he looks at Nishimura with the corner of his eye. “What’s wrong with this girl” Ace thinks to himself as he finds it creepy. Nishimura breaths down on Ace’s neck as Ace feels a small breeze as chills run up his spin. “You miss them don’t you” Nishimura tries to pick Ace’s brain. 


“Your Family… that's why you made that deep sigh”


“If you do, you know you can always visit”


“You do know that goes against the rules right” Takeda interjects into Ace and Nishimura’s conversation. “Well it wouldn’t hurt to break the rules sometimes” Nishimura folds her arms and closes her eyes as she smirks. “It would and a lot... especially for Ace do you know what his report says”. Takeda pauses the game and puts the controller down. Nishimura stays quiet for a short while as she scratches her cheek with her index finger. Ace is confused and curious to what report is Nishimura and Takeda are talking about. “Wait, wait, wait what is this report you’re talking about” Curious Ace asks. Nishimura ignores Ace’s question and replies to Takeda’s statement.

“Yeah but If he keeps a distance and is not seen He won’t get in trouble”

“And what if he is seen”

“We could always come with a plan B”

“What do you mean We”

“It’s not like we’ll let Ace go on alone”

Nishimura smirks, Takeda sighs and he looks at Ace. “We are so going to be in trouble”.

Ace, Nishimura and Takeda walks down Ace’s old school in their uniform. Takeda asks to stop here for a while, Ace still curious about the report he brings up the topic, “So what is this report you were talking about”. Takeda looks at Nishimura then back at Ace. 

“You’re not allowed to interact with anyone around this part of town since everyone thinks you are dead”

“Oh I see”

“So we have to keep you out of distance no matter what”

The bell rings for after school as students exit the school. Ace waits impatiently to see someone familiar, he looks at every girl student from his school until to the last. Takeda laughs as he gives Ace a ‘There There’ shoulder pat. “Were you hoping to see Nojiko”. “I don’t know” Ace shies away​.

“I deliberately made us wait here”


“Grandpa you're so gullible”


Ace, Nishimura and Takeda continues their walk to Ace’s house. Nishimura feels curious about who Nojiko may be. “Who is Nojiko”. Ace chokes as he coughs. Takeda holds his laugh and looks at Ace as Ace shakes his head giving Takeda the signal to not Kiss and tell. “Ace’s Girlfriend” Takeda shies away. “She wasn’t my girlfriend” Ace feels a bit embarrassed as he covers his mouth and a tear rolls down his cheek.

They reach Ace’s house as they stand in a distance. “Destination has been reached” says Takeda. “But it seems like no one is home” Nishimura replies. Ace takes out a sad sigh as he looks down. 

“Mom said she always wanted to move... I guess this whole trip was for nothing”

“Don’t get your hopes down maybe something good will come out of this trip”

“I doubt it the sun’s coming down already”

Nishimura sighs as she stands up. “I guess we’ll have to wrap this up and go back to spades. In the mean time I’ll get us something for the road... Takeda?”. Takeda nods his head as he stands up. Nishimura and Takeda takes a few steps away from Ace as they stand at a corner and watches him. “Hey Takeda... do you think its a good idea to just leave him there alone” asks Nishimura. Takeda chuckles as he looks at Nishimura. 

“You are the one who came up with the plan of leaving him alone”

“Yeah... but Ace is not like everyone at Spades. We all lost both parents from the same tragedy as for Ace his the only one who still has a weakness... poor Ace doesn’t even know what he has been dragged into”

“And you know?”

“I’m just as clueless as you are”

“I guess so”

Nishimura and Takeda leaves to get something to eat while Ace stands watch from a distance. The sun sets as Ace stands up, a car pulls over as Ace’s Mom and little sister are dropped of by Ace’s aunt. The two of them smiles, “seems like they had fun where they were” Ace says to himself. He looks down and clenches his fist as tears starts to roll down his cheeks. “This is not fair... I planned to reveal myself to them as soon as I found them... but… but why am I just standing here... Why...”.

“Because you wanted to protect the smiles on their faces”

A certain familiar voice answers to Ace’s question. Ace feels a little enlightenment, he raises his head and faces towards the direction of where the answer came from and sees Keichiro Watanabe. “Keichiro...”. Mr Watanabe walks up to Ace as he places his hand on Ace’s head. “Usually when someone breaks the rules they should be punished...”. Ace looks down and stays silent for a short while. “But... I could let it slide for once and act like I didn’t see anything. Come on Kid wipe the tears off your face, man aren’t suppose to cry”. Ace wipes the tears off his face and looks into, Keichiro’s eyes. “But there aren’t any woman around to see”. Keichiro laughs as Ace starts to smile. Ace and Keichiro gets into the car as Ace finds Nishimura and Takeda. Takeda opens his mouth and asks how Keichiro found them.

“I over heard you three talking in the student council, as a teacher I should have reported this behaviour before it even started but I wanted to see how far you’ll get. Next time if you want to break the rules always check if someone is not eavesdropping.”

Two weeks after Ace’s visit back home, the Assassin’s Three stands in a distance from spades as Dusk turns to Dawn, the Assassin’s three are ready to set their plan in motion.