Chapter 3:


Hunter Skills

Akiro rested in his seat listening to pop rock music and he wanted to make time because there were still 3 hours of travel left.
After a sudden movement from his grandfather backwards, he realized that a security agent from the train was speaking, he took off his headphones and paid attention.
The security man was saying that there is a person who has sneaked into the train and they are checking everyone if they have their tickets.
As they approach checking the tickets, Akiro is aware of all the passengers in the car looking to see if someone is leaving or not, but it was not the case.Bookmark here

Suddenly a scream was heard, Akiro jumped and looked at the next car, just behind a woman who was escaping from the car was a security one without a hand and a hand on the ground, what I miss the most was that there was not a single drop of blood.Bookmark here

In front of this security guard, there was a kind of ronin with his hair in a high ponytail and a katana about 80 cm long. He was laughing with a crazy smile, then two other guards prepared to face him, they jumped for him.
Akiro with his instinct saw how he cut these guards in half without mercy, but something changed fate.

One of the passengers stopped the Ronin's sword with his bare hand and said:Bookmark here

-You could not make a fuss inside the train some of us tried to sleep.Bookmark here

The frightened guards shouted that he must pay the ticket or be arrested, to which the man who stopped him replied:Bookmark here

-Ah, it's just that, take (he takes out a card and puts it in front of him) I'll pay him.Bookmark here

The ronin simply snatches the katana from the hand of the man, who measured around eight feet with a thin but very defined body. The ronin then says:Bookmark here

-Don't think that I owe you anythingBookmark here

-Ah ... don't worry, I'll see you in the competition anyway, I want to know if you're more than that last cut ...Bookmark here

The two staring into each other's eyes for a few seconds, the whole car was frozen from the tension they created.
The giant turns and goes back to his seat, while the Ronin squawks and returns too, this is how the tranquility on the train arrives again.Bookmark here

Akiro, who contemplated the entire scene in detail, felt fear and at the same time emotion to be able to face such monsters within a few hours.Bookmark here

He returns to his seat as well, but he notices that some of those who were in his car, in the one behind and the next one, there were also people contemplating the events just like him.

Sitting down I could only think of what I could do to beat such a big guy.Bookmark here

2 hours have passed, he only had one more left and he couldn't wait, but neither did his bladder.
He ran to the bathroom, but he was busy, he ran to another car, but also. The meandering and running through all the wagons people looked at him strangely...
He saw that one was about to leave the bathroom and it was so accelerated that he could not stop and collided with the person who came out of the toilet.Bookmark here

After opening his eyes his expression went blank, he could not imagine that the one in front of him was one of the great leaders of guilds, the Boss himself.Bookmark here

Boss tells him:Bookmark here

-You're good kid.Bookmark here

Akiro couldn't even gesticulate words he was muffled looking at him.Bookmark here

-Hey, are you okay?Bookmark here

Akiro regains consciousness and remembers that he is pissing, to which he responds by shouting:Bookmark here

-YES, SORRYBookmark here

And he runs into the bathroom and closes it, and begins to blow all the air while she relieves herself.Bookmark here

Then he comes out of the bathroom and Boss was gone, he was a little disappointed, but he felt great to be able to at least have seen one of the great guild leaders.
In his seat he begins to tell everything to his grandfather who laughs and enjoys how happy his grandson is.Bookmark here

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