Chapter 4:

The arrival

Hunter Skills

The train goes through another golden-colored portal, as soon as the train's nose appears in the sky, you can see the spectacular landscape, an immense ocean with a single gigantic island.
When he finishes leaving the portal, he approaches a floating station, this station is where the train doors stop and begin to open.Bookmark here

Once everyone is down, the train returns to Japan.Bookmark here

From this place people have to wait for the magnetic balls, a type of transport which are balls in which up to 5 people are climbed inside and through a magnetic field it is fired towards the island without noticing the acceleration inside and arriving in just seconds.Bookmark here

Akiro and his grandfather wait their turn to get to the Island, all the other passengers too, no one gets impatient since he is quite fast at the speed that the queues end.
Akiro realizes that there is a special queue in which he sees three, not just one but three of the great leaders together, El Jefe, Diablo and Sec.Bookmark here

He couldn't even imagine seeing three of the greatest hunters in existence like this by chance.Bookmark here

He tried to sneak into the special queue, escaping from his grandfather's sight and passing through the crowd was close to reaching those three. Then a hand grabbed him by the neck and turned him. Akiro scared after seeing the giant who stopped the Ronin on the train earlier.Bookmark here

-What do you want, kid? -The man said to him.Bookmark here

-Nothing, I just got lost ... sorry.Bookmark here

-Don't worry, come on I'll take you to your parents.Bookmark here

-I don't have sirBookmark here

The man punches himself on the head and says:Bookmark here

-Sorry, it's my fault, is someone with you?Bookmark here

-Yes, my grandfather, he's there (points to his grandfather).Bookmark here

The man takes Akira to his grandfather and leaves him on the ground next to his grandfather.Bookmark here

-Here he has his grandson, take a look at him.Bookmark here

To which the grandfather responds. -Sorry for the inconvenience, I will not lose sight of it again.Bookmark here

Then he goes slowly in long poses to the special tail, while Akira glared at him closing the muzzle.Bookmark here

It was the turn of Akiro and his grandfather, together with them the Ronin was also mounted, which Akira could not take his eyes off, a girl with green hair and many tattoos and a hostess who explained to them what the festival was about:Bookmark here

“This is the great hunter festival, all kinds of people can come, maybe you are competitors. You will have to register before the end of the day and pass the hunter evaluation tests. Have a great time this week, and good luck to the participants. "Bookmark here

Akiro asked the Ronin after getting off the magnetic ball:Bookmark here

-Are you going to participate?Bookmark here

The Ronin does not answer anything and keeps walkingBookmark here

-Not too young to participate?Bookmark here

The Ronin turns and says:Bookmark here

-What? What makes you think that?Bookmark here

Akiro puts his hand on her crown and compares her height with his and says:Bookmark here

-You are shorter than me, and I am 15 years oldBookmark here

The screaming Ronin replies:Bookmark here

-I'm not short because I'm younger than you! I'm just like that, don't mess with the bass, you're not much taller than me either.Bookmark here

Akiro laughs. And the Ronin draws his sword and places it around Akiro's neck.Bookmark here

He does not know how to react. Someone appears behind Akiro's back, he himself felt his presence, he had a very powerful aura.Bookmark here

-If it is not difficult for you to keep your sword, there are still many days to finish the competition.Bookmark here

Akiro was familiar with the voice, the Ronin sheathed his sword again then Akiro turned and yes, he was who he thought he was.Bookmark here

-Oh Kenta, nice to see you, thank you very much.Bookmark here

-Don't worry, I was just doing what I had to do.Bookmark here

Akiro in the middle could see how these two looked at each other with the same coldness that the other time in the car with the event.Bookmark here

-Where do you register to participate? -Said Akiro.Bookmark here

Kenta pointed behind Akiro's back, turned and saw the huge queue of people heading into the festival grounds. They all looked very strong, and taller... But he did not lose hope, he knows that he can achieve it whatever this year to become part of a guild.Bookmark here

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