Chapter 65:

Bailey Hollow: Painful Past Part 4

New Leaf!

“What the hell…”Bookmark here

He said it with the same face… His expressionless face… So proper… So professional… So polite… So… So irritating...Bookmark here

W-What?.. Work harder?Bookmark here

He turned again and started to walk away again.Bookmark here

But…Bookmark here

I wasn’t thinking, but I acted… I lunged towards Ren, throwing my fist at him with all my strength…Bookmark here

But Ren quickly spun around and caught it…Bookmark here

“B-Bailey?”Bookmark here

We stayed like this for a few seconds… My teeth were tightly clenched together, I was breathing heavily, and my eyebrows were narrowed down. Bookmark here

But after those few seconds, I caught a glimpse of Ren’s eyes widening… But I don’t care!Bookmark here

“Don’t screw around!”Bookmark here

I threw another punch straight at Ren’s face, and even though his other hand was free, it landed…Bookmark here

I watched him fall to the ground with a bit of blood coming out of his nose…Bookmark here

But this wasn’t enough…Bookmark here

I went on my knees in front of him and started repeatedly punching him. Alternating arms and punching with as much force I could conjure...Bookmark here

“Screw you, Ren!.. Screw you, screw you, screw you, screw you, screw you, screw you, screw you!”Bookmark here

My breathing was heavier.Bookmark here

“Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell!”Bookmark here

I raised my voice at him.Bookmark here

“That’s BS Ren! Tell me the freaking truth!”Bookmark here

His face was indistinguishable due to his blood covering it.Bookmark here

“What the hell are you doing differently!?”Bookmark here

Another punch.Bookmark here

“What the hell am I doing wrong?”Bookmark here

Another punch.Bookmark here

“And…”Bookmark here

Another punch.Bookmark here

“Am I just not enough of a threat to you!”Bookmark here

I said it… My feelings… My thoughts… That’s the main source of my antagonism towards him!Bookmark here

I saw Ren raise his eyebrow through the blood.Bookmark here

“Hey Ren, is that it!? Do you just not see me as a threat!? Dammit, stop insulting me!”
I swiftly wiped the sweat off of my forehead.Bookmark here

“It pisses me off… You know, I notice that you’re so listless. You don’t acknowledge the things you do… You hang out with that idiot Connie… Dammit, are your accomplishments just second nature to you!? Are you laughing at the rest of us!? Stop, it’s so freaking aggravating…”Bookmark here

I punched him again.Bookmark here

“And your attitude is so condescending… You make it seem like my achievements are barely anything to sneeze at…”Bookmark here

I straightened my back…Bookmark here

“Why can I never surpass someone like you!? How are my efforts below yours!? Why is someone like you so superior to me!? Gaah!..”Bookmark here

I never gave him an opportunity to answer… Instead, I just went back to beating him. My fury… I wanted Ren to feel every bit of frustration that I feel, so I couldn’t stop myself.Bookmark here

Ren Morales… I hate him — I hate him so much… I wish he never existed… Things would be better if he never existed! He’s the root of everything — my frustration, my social exclusivity, my wasted efforts. And he laughs in my face while it happens… Acting callous while I try my hardest when he just exceeds me — it’s so annoyingly condescending! Bookmark here

“Hey, you!”Bookmark here

I don’t know how long I was punching Ren for. But after that amount of time, someone called me. I turned my head to the source and saw a man in the distance angrily pointing at me — a teacher.Bookmark here

Oh. Was I too focused on my anger to realize reality? I wouldn’t see the problem with releasing my pent-up resentment on Ren, but others, especially a teacher, would.Bookmark here

When he started running towards me, I ran away.Bookmark here

“Hey, you! Stop it!”Bookmark here

I didn’t listen and continued to run. I hope he stops to check on Ren instead of pursuing me…Bookmark here

Valerie’s POV:Bookmark here

I should check on Bailey… She seemed to be in a hurry, so something might be happening! But I should have chased after her sooner.Bookmark here

I descended the stairs that Ren takes to go home. I walked towards the door… And my eyes widened when I looked out of the glass.Bookmark here

Bailey is beating up Ren? W-Why? I know Bailey can be pretty hot-headed at times, but what happened? Did Ren do something? But he’s the nicest, most laid back, and most respectful person I know! How could that type of person possibly piss Bailey off?Bookmark here

I quickly walked towards the door…Bookmark here

“H-Hey! Sto-”Bookmark here

But I was stopped. Something or someone was covering my mouth and dragging me away. It was Connie — where did he come from?Bookmark here

“Hmm! Mmm! Umu!”Bookmark here

I kept struggling to get myself free — flailing my limbs and biting his hand — but to no avail. Connie kept tenaciously dragging me until we were out of the stairwell and in the main hallway.Bookmark here

I pulled his hand off.Bookmark here

“C-Connie!?”Bookmark here

“Heya!”Bookmark here

“What the heck!? Why did you do that!?”Bookmark here

I was distraught and panicked.Bookmark here

“Obviously to prevent you from disrupting them…”Bookmark here

“To prevent me!? Can’t you see that Ren’s getting beat up by Bailey!? We need to stop them!”Bookmark here

Connie smiled and shook his head — what?Bookmark here

“Valerie, do not interrupt…”Bookmark here

But his smile was small… I could tell that he was serious.Bookmark here

“What!? Why!?”Bookmark here

“Just don’t! Look, encounters like that are good.”Bookmark here

“What!? How!?”Bookmark here

“Well…”Bookmark here

Connie looked away from me. I think he was thinking about something… He looked philosophical.Bookmark here

“I’m sure Bailey is mad about something as usual, and it’s definitely at Ren. She just needs a good punching bag to let go of that anger, and the one she’s mad at will work the best!”Bookmark here

He started walking and signalled for me to follow.Bookmark here

But I can’t accept it…Bookmark here

“But-”Bookmark here

“You needn’t worry about Ren… He’s strong enough to endure a few good blows from Bailey… And…”Bookmark here

I looked at his thoughtful face.Bookmark here

“He’s too nice to hold a grudge against her… Heck, he’s too nice to even be mad at her.”Bookmark here

But I still can’t accept it…Bookmark here

“B-But-”Bookmark here

“Oh, and Bailey? Sure, I don’t know about her to the extent that you do, but don’t worry — a small glimpse was more than enough… She’s mature enough to hold back… She’s self-conscious enough to feel remorse… And…”Bookmark here

He rubbed the back of his neck.Bookmark here

“She’s nice enough to forgive…”Bookmark here

I looked at Connie in shock and awe… Wow… How mature…Bookmark here

“I see… Okay, if you say so, I won't worry… But there’s a lot of blood coming out of Ren! That can’t be good!”Bookmark here

“Oh shoot, really? Sorry, I just caught an unclear peak at them and immediately hid… I guess Bailey’s not that nice…”Bookmark here

You betcha!Bookmark here

“B-But I’m sure she won’t kill him…”Bookmark here

“Then we should interfere, right?”Bookmark here

“No… She knows that we’re his friends, so that’ll just make her feel even more remorseful.”Bookmark here

Connie grabbed my hand and stepped forward.Bookmark here

“C’mon! We’re taking the toddler route and snitching to a teacher!”Bookmark here

“R-Right…”Bookmark here

And with that, we went to seek a teacher…Bookmark here

Bailey, what’s going on? You know you can always rely on me, your friend, to share any troubles, right?Bookmark here

Taylor Victoria
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