Chapter 16:

On the Attack.

She Wolf will not find her mate; I curse the Spring that came too quickly. I won't fall in love!

Caelestis and I found Shizuka sitting alone in her room. I opened the door and there she was. Already nervous and on edge, like some weird little cave animal.

“What do you want? If it's nothing important, go away,” she snapped at us. So damn rude to the person who let her stay here.

“We’re just checking on you, why so nervous?” I asked.

“I don’t need checking up on, thanks,” she bit back like a little annoying chihuahua. Also completely avoiding my question.

“Well actually you do. How are you and Katsu going?”

“I think he’s fine. If you want to know about him, go ask him.”

“But what did he do to you?”

“Nothing…” Shizuka looked extremely on edge.

Caelestis picked up on it too, “What’s up with you?”

Like scared prey, Shizuka’s eyes darted around, “What’s up with what?”

“You’re hiding,” I told her with a firm voice.

“I have nothing to hide and there’s nothing to tell that will interest you,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest.

“You can tell us… it’s fine. We’ve all done it,” My voice was calm as if I was trying to approach a timid wild animal, perhaps a deer since her nickname was Shika.

“What are you implying?” she squinted at me.

“With Katsu.”

She blushed slightly, “Don’t bother me and stop gossiping about me. If knowledge is what you want, I’ll tell you right now that pursuing a relationship with Katsu right now is a little too…. Mature for me right now so there’s nothing to get excited about.”

“So he tried?” I asked. I knew I could crack this girl. Maybe it would impress Caelestis.

“I don’t feel mature enough for all that yet so you guys go live your lives and I’ll be here living mine,” came Shizuka’s bland answer.

“Did he feel good?” I whispered seductively.

Shizuka snapped at me, “Stop asking me provocative questions!”

I shrugged and looked at Caelestis, “She tough Caelestis, you try.”

Caelestis looked down the bridge of his nose at her, “Well something must have happened for her to respond this strongly about the topic.”

“I’m not hiding anything,” she responded way too quickly.

I took a second to think. I needed to place my questions carefully to get her to admit it without realising it. Katsu had red spiky hair and blue eyes. He was built solidly. Much like his father. In fact he looked a lot like his father Itsuki Hirasawa, only younger. I knew from overhearing conversations that Shizuka was very close with Koneko Hirasawa so much so that she considered the werecat a mother figure. So perhaps she was also close with Koneko’s husband. Her husband who looked very much like his son. And there it was.

“Did he remind you too much of Itsuki when he was on top of you?” I asked, leaning closer.

“Just stop. It didn’t even cross my mind,” Shizuka said defensively.

But she didn’t realise it.

She just admitted it.

I smiled a huge supervillain smile, “Confirmed.”

Shizuka went bright red and huffed, unable to get a word out. I don’t think she expected to be outsmarted by someone like me. But that’s right Shizuka I can look sexy and still outsmart you. Oh and be keeping you protected right now.

Caelestis seemed like he was on the verge of laughing, “I know I would have made the connection.”

“Or was it that you wanted it to be Arlen?” I asked, offering up the much younger brother.

“W-Why on earth would I ever even think or desire that!” Shizuka stammered, still tomato red.

I shrugged, “I don’t know, he’s the hotter brother. If Kayin was on me I’d be thinking about Caelestis.”

Caelestis who was standing beside me was a little taken off guard by that remark, “Thanks. I guess.”

I laughed, “I’m sorry.”

“I’m not offended,” he smiled and his eyes glanced up and down my body.

I smiled back at him, very pleased he took that so well, “You’d be offended if someone chose him over you though, anyone would.”

He chuckled, “I’ll let you know how I feel when or if that ever happens.”

I winked at him but turned my attention back to the enraged and humiliated Shizuka. “Everyone has their tastes though, Shizuka likes Ranga beta-male nice guys,” I ruffled her hair, “You can’t help it.

She swatted away my hand and glared at me, “Don’t touch me.”

I smiled at her, “I’m sorry that I revealed your big secret.”

Shizuka looked defeated, “Can you just leave me alone now?”

I walked back over to Caelestis and looked up at him. He smiled at me, “Let’s just go.”

We walked back down the hallway and I smiled at him, “You’re welcome.”

“Yes thank you for revealing that, though it’s almost too hard to believe,” He admitted.

I nodded, “I wonder how it happened.”

“We can always ask the man himself,” Caeestis offered.

“You know I’m good, I’ve got to go to some pack related things but I’ll come see you later on,” I said and winked at him.

He smiled a little.

That smile could still melt my heart. Ugh I needed to get things done as quickly as possible so that I could get back to it.

I quickly ran into the dining hall and grabbed some lunch. I had completely skipped breakfast because of the excitement of Caelestis. Though he had made breakfast for me, I was still starving. Ryan was eating so I joined him for a quick bite.

“I met that vampire, vampire slayer girl,” he told me.

I was stuffing my face, “Oh Shizuka?”

“Yeah that’s the one, she’s kinda cute,” took a bite.

I kept eating, weighing up my options of what to tell Ryan. With so few girls around I supposed his opinions were very limited so maybe she wasn’t the worst idea. But still there was Katsu.

After I had finished I looked at him and said, “Go for it if you want but she might not actually be single.”

He shrugged, “She was pretty flirtatious.”

I shivered, disgusted by the thought of that little bitch flirting, “Good luck to you.”

He thanked me before I darted off to go find the Luna.

The Luna kept me busy for a couple of hours with tasks around having guests which I didn’t mind too much. It was directly helpful to the current situation rather than just being a mountain of paperwork.

However, the moment I was finished I ran back to the guest rooms. I found Caelestis in the hallway.

“Hello,” he greeted me.

“I’m finally all done,” I sighed.

He smiled a little, “It seems you have something very urgent to ask me.”

I took a second to think of something, “Ummm…. I’ve always wondered what are the powers of a pureblood?”

“It’s…” he tried to collect his thoughts, “very difficult to explain, because they’re not things that are very noticeably seen, like fire is. We still have everything all the vampires below us have, but we have many more abilities that go under the radar. I know my father makes a point to keep most of them secret.”

“Oh I see, Prince doesn’t want to give away the family secret,” I smiled but walked up so close I was nearly touching him, “Do you think there are some you don’t know about?”

Caelestis didn’t react to me, “Maybe but not likely. I think half the strength of a pureblood is the enemy not knowing everything about them and what they’re capable of.”

I stood on my toes to try to be level with him, it didn’t really work, “Hmmm well I’d still beat you.”

Caelestis scoffed, “That’s cute of you to think that.”

“Do you know why?” I grinned up at him.

“Why?” he asked smugly.

As fast as lightning I pinned him to the wall and whispered seductively in his ear, “Because I’m stronger.”

He held my gaze, looking unaffected by the sudden jolt, “You are when I let you be.”

“Is that so?” I held his wrists to the wall, I whispered, “I don’t believe you.”

“I mean this is happening right now isn’t it?” he said smugly, his intense gaze still burning into my eyes.

“You’re not even trying to get out of it, why is that?” I whispered.

“Take a guess,” he said softly.

“You’re enjoying it,” I smirked.

He hesitated, “Yes,” he returned the smile.

Even though it was all going to plan I still felt heat rise in my cheeks. He smelt so good up so close. That pine forest blanketed in snow, yet the inviting scent of a sugared rose. I wanted to kiss him so badly and it would be easy enough to do so but I wanted him to want me. I pressed my body against him and even through his clothes I could feel his icy skin. He smiled lazily at this and allowed me to.

“You smell good,” I pressed my face into his neck.

So deliciously scented I couldn’t resist. I needed a taste. If it wasn’t going to be a kiss, maybe something more wolf like. I licked his neck, it was like licking ice. Refreshing yet his skin tasted so good. I wanted more and more but I had to restrain myself.

“Would you say that’s my most attractive feature?” came the soft rumble of his voice, I could feel the vibrations through his body being so close.

“No way,” I smiled and looked up at him, “but it’s a nice surprise.”

“Why are you attracted to me anyway? It’s the pureblood thing isn’t it,” He looked down at me curious. Though he was still pinned to the wall I guessed it was time for a serious conversation.

“No it’s the sexy maturity, and of course … you’re hotter than me,” I told him, not being fully honest.

“It’s fine to say it’s the pureblood thing,” he said darkly. I assumed most in his life only liked him for that. And while it was something that left me starstruck it was less and less about that the more I learnt.

“No it’s not that, it’s very interesting to meet a pureblood or to even know a vampire at all… I suppose I relate to you a lot in terms of leadership and responsibility. We’re both a rarity,” I said honestly.

“Oh?” he tilted his head to the side, “Something actually sentimental?”

“Shut up…” I blushed, embarrassed about being so honest, “It’s because you’re really tall, and sexy, and I like being around beautiful people.”

“Fair enough,” he smiled.

“You just happen to also be a pureblood.”

“Well, thank you. I guess.”

“Also it’s just fun to go against stereotypes.”

“Stereotypes huh? That’s an interesting notion.”

“We’re meant to hate each other because of some ancient turf war,” I said not going into all the detail that I wanted to as to not scare him away. Although he was pinned against the wall. Perhaps that could be the perfect time to lecture someone on history. His beauty was rather distracting though.

“A lot of that seems to be way in the past for most people and their relationships,” he said, almost regretfully.

“And what do you think about it? Would you want to fight the wolves again?”

He smiled, “No, not particularly.”

“How many wolves do you think you could take?” I asked.

“In battle? I’ve never tried. But based off class, I could handle quite a few,” he reflected, and he was likely being that off the Amanes. Their power as wolves was very weak.

“If you don’t run away,” I held him tightly, my skin warming his body.

“How many vampires could you take?”

“Depends on how powerful they were but a lot. I’m made for battle.”

He dipped his head down to be closer to eye level with me, “What about purebloods?”

I tried my hardest not to be distracted, his face up close was so perfect, skin so pale and so smooth. Eyes crystalised, like two rubies embedding into white marble carved to perfection. His lips were pale but they were soft and plump, they got more pink towards the centre, likely from drinking so much blood and the corners of his fangs were slightly visible as he smiled. I drank in the sight of him and his cheekbones.

Yet I had to answer the question, “Your dad probably not, your brother definitely, you I’m not sure, I’d have to see.”

He chuckled that beautiful sound vibrating throughout my body as well. “Very interesting analysis there,” he commented.

“Kayin is a pushover… But in class you’re always with Ephvangeline. I’ve never had a go.”

“We could always try.”

“Yeah? You’re at a disadvantage though.”

“How?” He asked.

“I’ve got you,” I smiled.

He returned the smile and then -

He kissed me.