Chapter 24:


Diary of a Lost Wish

I wake up, and I still have a lot of confusion because of the existence of Kanako's brother. I call Shinichiro, and I tell them we should meet outside the convenience store in the afternoon.

Before going with him, I go with Kanako and Yukino to have breakfast at a pancake restaurant.

Yukino was still sad, “I'm so sorry for telling Kanako everything.”

“I told you not to worry also if I were mad, I wouldn't invite you to have breakfast with us,” I tell her.

“I should be the one apologizing, I asked you, so don't worry, if Meiko were angry with someone, it would be me.” Kanako gives Yukino a smile.

“Thanks to both.” Yukino now smiles.

We then chat while we were eating, I think Yukino doesn't feel sad anymore. We had a fun time.

After breakfast, I go to the convenience store, and Shinichiro, who has a bandage on his head, is there eating some chips, “Hey, I hope you feel better.”

“yeah, I also hope you are better too. Well, I called you to inform you of something I discovered.”

I tell him about Kanako's brother to see if he have any theory. I also tell him that the disappearance of Kanako's brother didn't have a relation with my first wish.

Shinichiro is still eating while talking, “so your first wish doesn't have anything to do with the brother. But I'm not sure, in my opinion, is possible that he had a lot to do with it, perhaps the wish is not about him but about something he did.”

“you're right, I think that in some way my first wish is related to him, also I made the other wishes about him disappearing, and those are suspicious too.”

“This is just like a puzzle. My theory is this, the brother did something to you, Kanako, or someone close like your old man, and you stopped him by making him disappear from your life.”

“Then my first wish might be something serious if it's related to him.” I'm getting worried.

“Yeah, and I have another theory. When you wished about ending every illness, maybe you did it because it was necessary for you or someone important. maybe that guy who disappeared did something bad.”

“But the problem is that his disappearance is not the first wish.”

“I know, but as I said, is a possibility that it has a relation. Perhaps you helped someone, and then you thought, "if I cured this person or myself, then I can cure everyone else," or something like that, and you wished that every illness ends.”

“But if that's true, you're implying someone got hurt or something.”

“Perhaps, but I don't have all answers, just theories. Anyway, I have a suggestion, wish that someone gets better, for example, wish that your father gets healthy or gets cured, or I don't know, and then you will eventually find your first wish.”

“That's not a bad idea, but what if nothing works?.”

"Then I was wrong, and we will need to find anything else.” Shinichiro gets quiet for a while and then continues, “Just to be clear, remember that some wishes get erased after the demon's curse disappear. So everyone will get sick again, including the person you helped.”

“I know, but maybe it's worst to be cursed by this panda demon.” I will die if I don't stop the curse.

“That's right. Also wish for some random unusual things that are not on your diary just in case your first wish is something random.”

“I already tried it, but I don't lose anything by trying it again.”

Shinichiro now eats an apple, “By the way, I forgot to tell you, but the last scroll was moved from that man's office to the police station, so they have it there. When you stop the curse, the scroll will disappear, but I hope they don't move it to another place just in case.”

“That's bad, but as you said, at least it will disappear, and it doesn't have anything relevant to stop the curse. Will something happens if they move it to another town?”

“I don't know, but we have to hurry just in case.” Shinichiro stops eating and continues talking, “by the way, girl, I think I will stay in this town for some months. After that, I will leave, but you can always call my number.”

“That's sad but thank you, you helped me a lot.”

“No problem, I wanted to end the demon's curse too. Thanks to you, I fulfilled my life purpose. by the way, I have to go now.” Shinichiro then left, and when he is walking, he raises his left arm saying goodbye. 

I think everything is going to end soon, I just need to find my first wish, so I can live a normal life again.

That night I started to do what Shinichiro suggested, I first wished that my dad gets cured, but nothing happen. I then tried random and simple things like a day without school or a rainy day, but I already wished for those, and they weren't my first wish.

In the end, I couldn't find anything, but also I haven't tried the wish with other people like my friends, Kanako, Takeshi or Hana. I'm tired, so I will continue tomorrow.

Today I wished for a new pillow because the one I have is old, then I go to sleep.

I wake up, and I'm in a white room, and suddenly Pakya approaches me, “we need to talk, Meiko.”

”Is this a dream? And why you didn't say Pakya at the end?”

“Yes it is, but I'm talking to you through it. It's weird to see Pakya talking.

“This is strange, but okay, what do you want to tell me?”

“I wanted to thank you for wishing that I become human again the other day, I couldn't think you would do that, even if it didn't come true.”

“I didn't think you would talk me in my dreams because of that, but you're welcome. Sadly it didn't become true.”

“That's not all, also thank you for liberating most of the demons, you might not know, but when we were inside those scrolls, we live in a dark place until someone opens them.”

“I see, and that's why when the scrolls open, you search for someone who can replace you.”

“Yes, in some way we prefer to disappear than to live in darkness again. But we also can disappear if the person fulfills our requirements, and so far, no one could until we arrived this town.”

“So no one ever fulfilled the condition before. But why did you give me such a hard requirement? Finding the first wish is troublesome.”

“It's all written in the scrolls, I only followed the rules.”

“Then why are you talking with me on this dream? Isn't that against the rules?”

“Talking is against the rules, but that's why I'm using this dream. I didn't communicate to you before because I didn't know if you were someone I could trust.”

“You trusted me after helping the other demons then. If you can communicate in dreams, then you showed me the other demons' life on my dreams?”

“Yes, I did it because it wasn't a warning or something, but to show you how you saved your friends from a sad life, it might not look like, but by helping them fulfilling the condition, you changed their lives.”

“So even with or without the demons, the life of everyone would be tragic,” I feel sad.

“Yes, but as I said, you changed their lives even if it was a little.”

“By the way, what about the girl that looks like Yukino?”

“Maybe the cat demon wanted to show you something, perhaps its existence.”

“I think I understand. But what's your story then?”

“I used to live a long time ago, I was someone who prefers to help instead of being helped. One day a demon appeared, and I decided to use every wish to help people. But one day I felt like I helped most of the people around me so I helped the demon by not wishing anything, and I ended up like this.”

“You preferred to sacrifice before wishing something you wanted.” I didn't think Pakya would be like that.

“Yes, later by magic, I discovered that my life would have been tragic because I was helping others. But in the end, I would have died because some people would have take an advantage of me and that's would be my end.”

“Maybe if you had liberated from the demon's curse, something would have been different.”

Pakya looks sad, “Perhaps. Anyway, what I wanted to tell you is that you should make your first wish as soon as possible.”

“Sure, I will do it, but I still need to find it. I have some ideas of what it could be, but I need to be sure.”

“I think you're just fooling yourself, perhaps you don't know exactly what the wish is, but you have an idea.”

“But as I said, I have theories, but not the exact wish.”

“Remember that you can't wish for something again even if the wish it differently. So if you repeat your first wish in different words, then it counts.”

“So, if I say what I think is my first wish even if it's just something kind of similar to what it was, everything will be over?”

“Yes. but the problem is that I think you are just avoiding to wish it.”

I feel stressed, “I'm not avoiding it! I just need time to be sure what is it.”

“But I thought you wanted to end this quickly, if you have an idea why you haven't try it yet?”

“Because I need to be patient, there are some other possibilities.”

“I think I will cheat and show you some fragments of the past so you could be sure about what was your first wish.”

“But I just need to try different things, I will find it soon without your help.”

“No, I think it's time to see what was your first wish. I'm sure you already know it.”

I never thought Pakya would talk, much less that it shows me my first wish. I have an idea of what it might be, but I'm unsure. Maybe these fragments of the past will be the solution to the mystery.