Chapter 6:

Steal the chicken

Hunter Skills

It is the day.Bookmark here

Thousands of people enter through the gates of the great sports and games park, hundreds of them participants for the competition.Bookmark here

While it is not yet time to prepare, people enjoy the food stalls on the sides of all the streets, with many children running around and other entertainment for the public such as throwing bottles or fishing ducks. Like a giant fair.Bookmark here

After a while, all the participants have to go to the main stadium.Bookmark here

Akiro feels like a true hunter among so many people with superhuman strength and powers.Bookmark here

One group after another of participants leaves in a row towards the main field of the stadium.Bookmark here

Akiro realizes that he is the last group to leave, there are eight in total, each one made up of 30 people.Bookmark here

After all the groups are lined up as the hostesses ordered them, they release a pile of fireworks of confetti and colored powders. The shouts of all the people in the stadium of about 5000-7000 people can be heard.Bookmark here

And the well-known presenter of the hunter competition begins to speak:Bookmark here

“Welcome to all the people who are in this place right now, we are going to start the games of new hunters! This is the first day and as you all know it is a relaxing day. This year the first game has been chosen by Sec, the leader of the thousand miles guild, he is the youngest of all the leaders, at only 23 years old. The game you have prepared is something quite simple. There will be groups of 4 people throughout the festival. And the first game is to steal the chicken. "Bookmark here

First they send a message to the letters of hunters that they all have, there they show each one their equipment.Bookmark here

Akiro sees his and starts reading the names:Bookmark here

"The Number 36. Rank B. Russell Smith. 29 years old… boxing specialist ”Bookmark here

“Number 197. Rank C. Sofy Greentree. 20 years. Special skill: Poisonous mushroom "Bookmark here

“Number 111. Rank A. Einar Barrett. 18 years. Fencing specialist. Special skill: Spectral King ”Bookmark here

Akiro was glad to have strong companions… But he was somewhat displeased to be the only one with an E rank.Bookmark here

All the groups of four met. They tried to introduce each other, but there was no time, nor did the presenter speak again:Bookmark here

"Very good now that everyone knows their teams I will explain the game"Bookmark here

“Stealing the chicken, it is about two simple parts, there is a cannon in the center of the battlefield A, a city in ruins behind the stadium for these games, once the start signal is given, a certain number of chickens will be fired. plastic, each group must catch one or as many as they want, once the signal sounds again and if a group does not have any chicken, the entire group will be automatically disqualified, the rules are easy, get a chicken in any way, and remember it is prohibited kill throughout the tournament, good luck to all participants. "Bookmark here

All the groups, currently 60 in total, are placed in their positions around the ruined city, and all the spectators see everything that happens thanks to special drones with cameras.Bookmark here

He gives the signal and they all run away at the same time a cannon is fired and several plastic chickens are seen falling from the sky.Bookmark here

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