Chapter 7:


Hunter Skills

Akiro runs ahead of everyone on his team thanks to his physical superiority. Jump from the third floor of a building cut in half to catch a chicken.
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But another is ahead of him with incredible speed on the right flank stealing the chicken and running away.Bookmark here

Einar from Akiro's team, who has experience in combat, yells:Bookmark here

-DANTEBookmark here

And suddenly the man who had caught the chicken before Akiro is suspended in the air without being able to move and it seemed that he was being suffocated.Bookmark here

Akiro didn't understand what was happening, but he clearly saw for a few seconds a terrifying aura that was pulling him back.Bookmark here

Russell at that point jumped up and knocked the guy down with the chicken with a single punch.Bookmark here

He was stunned and his chicken was stolen back. But as soon as he had it, the companions of the man on the ground arrived and two more teams seemed to be.Bookmark here

They felt like it was a 4 against 11. The three teams had come together to finish off Akiro's.Bookmark here

The four of them, Akiro, Einar, Sofy and Russell, stood back to back. Hiding the chicken behind and that one took it or exchanged with the rest.Bookmark here

Einar reached out his right hand and shouted DANTE again, a cry that left everyone somewhat taken aback. Suddenly a monstrous figure was seen behind him with his arm extended as well and a translucent navy blue sword began to form in his hand, it looked like a medieval sword but with many details a kind of dark mist surrounded it from time to time .Bookmark here

When the sword was fully formed, Einar jumped up and plunged the sword into the ground in a shock wave that knocked everyone in front of him. Scream:Bookmark here

-Run!Bookmark here

And the other three started running. Akira while running asked him:Bookmark here

-What was that?Bookmark here

-Didn't you read it? It is my special ability, spectral king, I can summon a ghost that does everything I order and has quite a few powers.Bookmark here

-How cool, could I watch it later?Bookmark here

-No, no person I know has been able to see it except myself.Bookmark here

-I wanted :(Bookmark here

-Don't get distracted, we still have to spend half an hour with the chicken in our possession. -Russell cuts him off the conversation.Bookmark here

Akiro focuses on running, he sees one ahead who tries to attack them. Grab a steel bar from the ground and after making a skidding turn, hit the bar sending the man who tried to attack them to fly.Bookmark here

-If you have strength, how is it that you have been assigned rank E? Russell asks him.Bookmark here

-Well… I don't have any magic.Bookmark here

Everyone is surprised after hearing it.
They stop and Russell says:Bookmark here

-How is it possible? Magic is essential for a hunter to exist, we all have even minimal or no special abilities.Bookmark here

-I don't know, the machine didn't detect anything.Bookmark here

-Well, we don't have time to talk much more, we have to go through, whatever the case, it's my third year participating.Bookmark here

Everyone yells YES.Bookmark here

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Meanwhile, in another ruined building, an 8v1 fight is taking place.Bookmark here

Riama alone with a chicken in his hand and the katana in the other, against 8 other hunters. They all pounced on him. In only one second a reflection of light was seen, in which all the other hunters fell to the ground. None of them had legs from the knee down. But the strangest thing is that none of them were bleeding. His legs were already stumps, totally healed. Even the other part of the leg was also scarred.Bookmark here

Rioma, knowing that they could no longer move, walked out calmly with his psychopathic smile carrying the chicken in his hand.Bookmark here

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