Chapter 2:

#2: Exclusion

The Pink Witch

No one was expecting such a dazzling being. As known, witches should be ugly, cold and dark, what they were seeing completely confused them up.

The little witch was beautiful, white as snow, with a charming smile and a very cheerful face.

Even those who loved her, kept it in a thought, because they know beautifulness was a bad thing in that kingdom.

The king, lord of wizards and witches, couldn’t allow such a wonderful creature to be called his daughter.

Rejected by all, even those who didn't want to reject her, the poor baby was sentenced by her own father.

The king ordered that such a creature should be taken away, deep in the forest and abandoned in a trapdoor.

The order was carried out, in the eyes of the desperate mother, that couldn’t do anything and in tears disappeared without a trace.

In the kingdom and thereafter, everyone was forbidden to even remember such a birth on a moonligth.

In the middle of nowhere, deep in the forest, at the bottom of the trapdoor, the little witch was crying, she didn't know her luck when she was abandoned.

She cried for hours until she heard a song, she stopped crying, looked up and smiled.

A sweet voice told her:

“You’re a charming creature my dear, I’ll take care of you till your fate calls you...”

What’s that fate?... 

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