Chapter 3:

#3: What am I?

The Pink Witch

The years went by and the little witch grow up happy, without ever question a thing, but her heart always asked her... would she have a destiny to fulfill?

Being the daughter of who she was and without knowing, she asked herself why she could do some things like put rocks to fly like feathers, be able to appear and disappear from wherever she wanted, be able to treat wounds in the magical creatures of the forest and so on.

Her protector was proud for the way she was.

All creatures of the forest also love her.

The day has come and her protector told her that was time to know about her past...

“Listen very carefully to what I’m about to adored daughter, this is your story, twenty one years have passed, now you will be the one to choose your destiny...”

Listening to her story, she didn't quite understand what she felt, but she was sure of’s time to leave.

“Go my sweet, claim what is yours, you came to the world desired but because of your beautifulness you were rejected...”

The young witch promised to follow her destiny, however with the conviction to always listening her heart.

She asked her mother to accompany her, but was advised that it would be better to go alone, because she would know what to do when she arrived to the kingdom.

She left for her destiny, full of her powers.

Should the kingdom be afraid?... 

Nibir J. Barman
Real Aire