Chapter 19:

Everyone has the world they deserve

The Divine Punishment

"Shit!!!" shouted Clark, without his left arm.Bookmark here

He was going to recover it and then reattach it using radiation so I decided to destroy it.Bookmark here

I concentrated the energy of the kaiten in my hand and distributed all the atoms of electricity in the arm on the ground, which burst one by one and made the arm disappear from existence.Bookmark here

It would have taken him a minute to recreate it all over again. He was not as experienced as Reid in using the radiation kamien.Bookmark here

However, I didn't even have time to realize, that he generated huge black holes above his head, they looked like little meteorites about to crash onto me. If I hadn't moved, I would have died instantly.Bookmark here

Although I had recovered all my energy, using the Raijin had made me lose it again. I was on the verge of death, I had to accept my destiny: I was going to die.Bookmark here

What a miserable death.Bookmark here

At least he had used a strong and intelligent technique...Bookmark here

No, I was going to die because of some black hole... Was the infinity sphere really that strong? I don't know, but I was about to die.Bookmark here

PUNCH!Bookmark here

Clark received an invisible punch, which forced him to cancel out the black holes, keeping me alive.Bookmark here

I was wondering where it came from until I turned to my right and saw...Bookmark here

"EMMY!"Bookmark here

"Tenkei, sorry, it took me so long."Bookmark here

"What have you been doing so far?" I asked.Bookmark here

"I was unconscious from the blow, I didn't think I was going to make it, the injuries weren't serious. It's just the impact that knocked me out."Bookmark here

"I see, well... thank you."Bookmark here

"You're welcome."Bookmark here

He proceeded to hit Clark again, who, after losing his arm and using that technique, was very tired, but still managed to dodge every blow.Bookmark here

He didn't look human, that man.Bookmark here

I was on the ground, I was slowly getting up, I still had to recover after using the Raijin, but I had reached a limit of three a day, I could exceed it and perform a fourth or I could try to use the Kitsune for the second time but I would have probably died or got very injured.Bookmark here

I couldn't waste my energy, so I stayed and watched the fight until my help was needed.Bookmark here

"If you think I'm at the limits of my strength you are sorely mistaken, I will now give you a taste of one of the most sublime moves I have ever created."Bookmark here

"....."Bookmark here

"Divine Expansion!"Bookmark here

Immediately he created a black hole the size of his body, which was about 5'9, and began to apply every single essence of the kamien he had absorbed to it.Bookmark here

"Fire!" he shouted. And he began to ignite the black hole, leaving it black and "empty" inside, but with a fiery frame.Bookmark here

"....."Bookmark here

"Vital Energy!"Bookmark here

The sphere began to come to life, one could see that it was moving under its own free will. One hit with that sphere and it could have already destroyed the entire city we were fighting in as if it wasn't already destroyed enough.Bookmark here

"......"Bookmark here

"Water!"Bookmark here

The water didn't go to counter and extinguish the fire, but concentrated in the center of the sphere, creating a sort of tsunami around it.Bookmark here

"No! Stop Clark!" shouted Emmy who tried to sweep the sphere away with a Fujin shot, but it was useless, the sphere now had a life of its own.Bookmark here

"And... finally... Radiation!!!"Bookmark here

After applying the radiation, the sphere had a strange chemical reaction.Bookmark here

The water around it began to boil and the tsunami disappeared, to merge with the cloud of radiation formed around the black hole.Bookmark here

"S-shit... If it can hit us, it's over! Run Emmy, while you can!"Bookmark here

Emmy listened to me and managed to escape.Bookmark here

I, on the other hand, was still there. In the meantime, I had recovered from the daze of the Raijin, so I had time to escape as well.Bookmark here

But the sphere started following us.Bookmark here

Clark didn't, he was still on the ground, sitting down.Bookmark here

I didn't know what he was doing exactly.Bookmark here

He seemed to be in the middle of an act of prayer.Bookmark here

"Hey, Emmy!" I yelled, "Look at Clark, what the fuck is he doing? Is he making a bigger one?"Bookmark here

"I don't know, Tenkei, let's think about this one for now. Perfect Susanoo!"Bookmark here

Emmy began to transform into her final form, looking like the head of a god. Acuro had never told us about it. Perhaps even he hadn't arrived at such mastery with the techniques.Bookmark here

I decided to transform, too. Maybe to make myself cool in front of the girl I liked. Or maybe because I needed to become stronger.Bookmark here

I applied electricity all over my body so that it became a very light color. Emmy had a hard time seeing me.Bookmark here

My hair had become shot into the air. My eyes began to bleed.Bookmark here

I used it as an effective protection move since I had never created one.Bookmark here

The irony was that right after I finished the transformation, it was immediately canceled by the sphere that hit me full force.Bookmark here

Luckily I had used this defensive shield, or I would have died.Bookmark here

"Tenkei, are you okay?" asked Emmy.Bookmark here

"Yeah, all good for now."Bookmark here

"Great. Get up, we have to destroy it somehow."Bookmark here

"What if we direct it at Clark instead of destroying it?"Bookmark here

"I don't think that's possible, after all... It's really Clark who's controlling it. The life energy he put in earlier wasn't to make it self-sufficient but to control her through her bonds."Bookmark here

"Shit!"Bookmark here

I pulled the katana out of its scabbard and forcefully advanced towards the sphere, if I cut it in two there would be nothing left.Bookmark here

"Emmy... I'm about to cross my limit... I'm going to try another Raijin!"Bookmark here

"Don't worry, Tenkei. The more you practice, the more you can push your limits. I believe in you, I know you can do even 2 more, actually 3, if you put your mind to it."Bookmark here

"T-thanks, Emmy, I lov-" I said embarrassed. The black hole was about to redirect itself towards us.Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"N-nothing."Bookmark here

The sphere was about to come toward me so I hit it.Bookmark here

"RAIJIN!Bookmark here

I couldn't remember how many Raijin I had performed today, but if I wasn't mistaken this was the third or fourth. I was still standing, anyway.Bookmark here

The problem was...Bookmark here

It hadn't taken the slightest bit of damage.Bookmark here

The sphere was still unscathed. My Raijin had had no effect, or rather. I had missed it.Bookmark here

The blade created by my Raijin had almost destroyed the sphere as it shrank and dodged the attack.Bookmark here

It had to be controlled by Clark. Our theory was correct.Bookmark here

"Hey... Tenkei!!!" yelled Emmy.Bookmark here

The Raijin had stunned me and I saw the sphere coming towards my position, I didn't know what to do. I couldn't get up, until... Emmy came in front of me.Bookmark here

She positioned herself exactly in the position to parry it.Bookmark here

"EMMYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!"Bookmark here

I didn't see anything, the explosion was huge, even I didn't come out unscathed.Bookmark here

When I opened my eyes... the sphere had completely disappeared, and Emmy... was lying on the ground, deprived of her arms, which she had used to save me.Bookmark here

I ran towards her.Bookmark here

She looked like she was still alive.Bookmark here

"EMMMY!!!" I yelled and checked her pulse.Bookmark here

It was very slow, she looked like she was dying, I tried to revive her, she wasn't talking.Bookmark here

But she was breathing.Bookmark here

"CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!!! Emmy, can you hear me!"Bookmark here

No response.Bookmark here

So I decided to yell it out. Maybe she would hear me.Bookmark here

"I LOVE YOU!!!"Bookmark here

"I love you too Tenkei..." she replied in a very raspy voice. She had finally opened his eyes, but only half-open.Bookmark here

"E-Emmy..." I started to cry, maybe she was okay.Bookmark here

"Come on! I'll take you somewhere secluded to heal you," I told her.Bookmark here

"It's no use, Tenkei. Can't you see at what state I am? The radiation has started to degrade my body. I can't even move anymore..."Bookmark here

"No... Emmy... NOOOO!!!" I screamed.Bookmark here

"Why did you do that? Why did you save me? I should have died, you didn't deserve it."Bookmark here

"What are you talking about, Tenkei, you're so much stronger than me, I could never have defeated Clark on my own, while you can, I trust you.Bookmark here

And I saved you because I love you, Tenkei, I've loved you since the first day we met. At our favorite playground. Remember?"Bookmark here

"Y-yeah..."Bookmark here

*Flashback Begins*Bookmark here

January 4, 2014, 10:36 A.M.Bookmark here

"H-hi. What's your name?" a little girl about my age, who was 10, asked.Bookmark here

"Tenkei. Tenkei Nowak. What's yours?" answered her.Bookmark here

"Emmy Mancker, nice to meet you."Bookmark here

She was very pretty, I wanted to be her friend.Bookmark here

We spent some time on the slide.Bookmark here

"Uiiiiii! Ahah, that's very funny, isn't it, Emmy?"Bookmark here

"Yes! Where do you live?"Bookmark here

"I live near here, actually in Germany, but I come here often because I have relatives."Bookmark here

"Ah ok! How about we spend some time on the swings?"Bookmark here

"Y-yes!"Bookmark here

We walked over to the swings, they were dirty with snow, it was a nice snowy day.Bookmark here

She started to clean them with her soft mittens, but I, to be a gentleman, told her:Bookmark here

"Let me do it! Don't strain yourself, Emmy."Bookmark here

"Uhm... Okay!"Bookmark here

So I cleaned the swings with my own hands, unlike her, I didn't have gloves. My parents wouldn't buy them for me.Bookmark here

After spending about 10 minutes at the swings talking about this and that, she asked me a very interesting question:Bookmark here

"Listen, Tenkei. Do you like anyone?"Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"N-nothing..." she replied very embarrassedly.Bookmark here

"Actually... I got it, I was just kidding. Well, I don't know, I don't understand these adult feelings, I'm still young, I'm 10 years old. What about you?"Bookmark here

"I... like someone," she answered me, still red, maybe it was because of the cold, maybe because she was very shy, or maybe because she was embarrassed. Or better yet, for all three reasons.Bookmark here

"Who? A boy from your school?" I asked her.Bookmark here

"N-no... I like you, Tenkei," she replied as she walked away.Bookmark here

I was very embarrassed, but I was happy, I was alone now in the park and I jumped for joy.Bookmark here

The next day I found her in the same place, in the same swing, waiting for me.Bookmark here

"Hey, Tenkei. About yesterday... I was just kidding." she said to me.Bookmark here

I got a little angry and decided to slap her, not hard, just because I was angry. Then I apologized to her. But I didn't have time to do it because a tall and scary figure came from behind me.Bookmark here

It was my father.Bookmark here

He lifted me by my shirt and hit me hard on the head.Bookmark here

I started crying, he threw another one at me.Bookmark here

Emmy was watching us, she quickly ran away.Bookmark here

Home aggression probably wasn't normal for her? And I thought all parents were so mean to their children.Bookmark here

After that day, I never saw her again that winter. But I didn't see her again until the following summer.Bookmark here

*Final Flashback*Bookmark here

"I sure do remember, Emmy..." I continued.Bookmark here

"Well, I wasn't kidding, I did love you... Goodbye, Tenkei."Bookmark here


I couldn't even hold back the tears. They were stronger than me.Bookmark here

"I'm coming for you now, you bastard...Clark... your career is over," I thought.Bookmark here

I began to let electricity pour out of every pore, I looked like a living lightning bolt. Everything I touched was instantly electrocuted.Bookmark here

When I got to him, I noticed that he was very damaged.Bookmark here

"T-Tenkei, how the fuck did you survive the Divine Expansion? The explosion should have wiped out anything within 10 meters! And you were there!"Bookmark here

" girl...she's a lot stronger than you might think."Bookmark here

I was at my full strength, while he was shaking and could barely stand, but he decided to use his last strength to try and take me out for good.Bookmark here

"Acid rain!" he said, combining water with radiation and dropping it from above like rainfall. It was really dangerous, but the protection I had created for myself with lightning was shielding me from pretty much any drop."Bookmark here

"T-Tenkei...but're Kitsune, the world-famous nine-tailed fox of legends...the one so smart she could predict the future..."Bookmark here

Actually yes, I was indeed going to use Kitsune, but I didn't know I had perfected it. Like Emmy, who after perfecting the Susanoo, took the form of the god's head, I had taken the form of the Kitsune. I had nine electric tails, which were not only lethal, but I could also predict Clark's moves.Bookmark here

"This is the end, Clark. Any last words?"Bookmark here

"I leave it all in your hands... Tenkei..." he said.Bookmark here

I didn't pay much attention to his words... Maybe our goals were similar? Yes, but differently, he wanted to eliminate everyone. Maybe he understood that my goal was the most reasonable...Bookmark here

The fact was that I didn't hesitate for a moment.Bookmark here

"KITSUNE!" I shouted.Bookmark here

In an instant, all the molecules around us joined together in atoms of electricity. Even the acid rain Clark had created.Bookmark here

"Infinite Thunderstorm!"Bookmark here

Clark died instantly.Bookmark here

I had won.Bookmark here

But at what cost?Bookmark here

I was the only kamien user left.Bookmark here

I didn't think twice and proceeded to pick up the "vacuum" kamien that had detached itself from Clark's body, now degraded by the electric and acid rain.Bookmark here

Immediately upon contact with the kamien, I felt my electricity stone being absorbed; Was I going to die from such a mistake? No.Bookmark here

Instantly, even Emmy's kamien was absorbed by the vacuum kamien I was holding. I felt a sharp impact in my chest.Bookmark here

The kamien of emptiness had entered my chest, it had absorbed every single kamien in existence. I felt a strong reaction, which caused an endless loop of dreams in my head. So I collapsed.Bookmark here

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