Chapter 18:

He who has no past, has no future

The Divine Punishment

*The narrator becomes Tenkei again, so the story is back to the first person, from his point of view*.Bookmark here

Clark was attracted to the kamien of electricity, so he began to head towards me.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Emmy cured me a bit at a farmhouse nearby, and then we also had time to bury Evan.Bookmark here

"Evan...your death was not in vain...I only killed Reid because of you weakening him," Emmy said.Bookmark here

" achieved your goals in life, so I guess you left this world with no you can rest... Clark... we'll take care of him."Bookmark here

There was a smile on our faces, but a lot of tears coming out of our eyes. We got ready to go find Clark, but a wave of zombies came.Bookmark here

"Shit, Emmy look!"Bookmark here

"He's here. He's definitely behind these zombies."Bookmark here

"Then we'll kill them all and then end this war by killing that bastard!"Bookmark here

"Well said, Tenkei."Bookmark here

They eliminated them in no time because they were not very strong. After all, Clark had only created them to find his enemies.Bookmark here

After the zombies, there was their creator.Bookmark here

"You killed my right-hand man...I will kill you, and complete the mission we started long ago!"Bookmark here

"Reid, on the other hand, killed our best friend...w-we will kill you!" I said with some fear and anger at the same time.Bookmark here

"Bring it on. I'll get what I want at the cost of my life."Bookmark here

When they finished talking, Emmy immediately ran towards Clark in his normal Susanoo version; she tried to throw a punch at him but parried it with a black hole that sucked in all the wind. To get away from the hole, he flew away and came back to me, so I tried to run and use the kaiten, but he parried it with water, making it too strong and exploding, pushing me away. I was annoyed by that technique of defending himself; it felt like I was being made fun of.Bookmark here

This time, it was Clark who attacked, he used black holes in his hands turned into spiked balls.Bookmark here

"Now I'm going to kill you, bitches!"Bookmark here

He dashed towards Emmy, and hit her in the belly with one ball, and in the head with the other.Bookmark here

"Emmy!" I screamed.Bookmark here

I ran to check to see if she was okay, but Clark interrupted me with a horde of zombies, much stronger than before, that entertained me for a while.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, the enemy lifted Emmy by the neck and threw her against the wall of a nearby house. He smashed it, and she lay on the ground.Bookmark here

"Wind girl, though you have rested, you are still tired from the fight against your glorious opponent who killed that raving madman."Bookmark here

"I can second that you glorify Reid, but Evan... you must not even mention him!"Bookmark here

Emmy created a wall of wind to defend herself from any attack, if she sucked him in, she would have killed him by throwing an air bullet at him, fast enough not to get absorbed in.Bookmark here

Clark understood her technique, but he was still worried because he hadn't realized her true goal.Bookmark here

Above Clark, it was very cold, he looked up into the air, the wind was so strong, that in addition to the loud noise it was making, you could even see it.Bookmark here

Even behind him, he had a dusting of earth that made him shake his clothes to surround him and give him no chance to escape.Bookmark here

"You're smart, but it's not enough to stop me."Bookmark here

Clark tried to suck up the wall of wind.Bookmark here

Emmy then fired the bullet, which was stopped by a 'wave of water'; then he tried to drop the wind over the head of the enemy, which he dodged backward and sucked up with a black hole under the ground, which he used against the owner.Bookmark here

It didn't hurt her much, being made of wind, but it was just a trap to grab her from behind with the help of a zombie; which he threw into the sky, and a radioactive cloud was shot at her. Even though he wasn't as good at using the radiation kamien as Reid, the cloud was still deadly, and Emmy had to use her last strength, before falling to the ground exhausted, to fly to a safe place, and recover as soon as possible.Bookmark here

"What, she escaped... never mind, I'll look for her later... now... I must think about you, Tenkei Nowak!" he said in a threatening tone.Bookmark here

"Fuck! I healed too late! Now Emmy's in a bad state."Bookmark here

"What do you say, you want to start?" asked Clark.Bookmark here

"I'll fight to death if I have to!"Bookmark here

"Okay... so... let's go!"Bookmark here

He pulled a lot of black holes, along with them, zombies and radiation. If I managed to get past all that, he would defend himself with water, so I decided to do it differently.Bookmark here

"Kaiten!"Bookmark here

In my right hand, I applied the kaiten to my sword, in my left hand I applied it to my hand; I jumped here and there, dodging holes and eliminating beings. Although I was struggling a lot because I was not at full strength, I had finished defending myself, so I ran against Clark, being careful, however, about the water that would have thrown me. I was now around a meter away from him, and he hadn't done anything yet; so I attempted to wrap the sword in normal electricity and tried to hit him. I hadn't used any techniques, because I thought they would have been wasted; he knew I wouldn't utilize any, so he parried the blow with a simple fist of life energy, which dampened the electricity.Bookmark here

Only later did he throw me away with a strong jet of water. He was no longer at the levels of the old enemies I had faced, he was much stronger, not for nothing, he was their leader. "Damn, he tricked me! I can't fall for such easy games," I thought.Bookmark here

"So? Have you fallen yet? I know you're pretty limited, but I expected more. Never mind, I'll take your kamien now, and then I'll move onto the wind one."Bookmark here

I couldn't let him beat me like that, I had to fight back, but how? Had I lost? Was I going to make Evan's death pointless, and also let Clark kill Emmy?Bookmark here

"No! I have to get back up! I have to prove that the hopes we gave the senator, all the survivors in Frankfort, Acuro, and the two farmers, were not false!"Bookmark here

Though trembling, I stood up again.Bookmark here

"What do you want to do? Do you really think you can kill me in that state?" said Clark.Bookmark here

"Y-yes!" Never mind, I tried to keep you from thinking so I could get THAT easily."Bookmark here

"Huh? What are you talking about--"Bookmark here

Clark hit me with radiation and grabbed something I had forgotten I had: the fire kamien.Bookmark here

"Ahahah. Now that I got that too, I can get yours now."Bookmark here

"Cough. You bastard!" I said, spitting blood.Bookmark here

Clark injected the kamien into his stone, now he had the fire too, but it bothered me even more, it was like Evan was helping his enemy against his will.Bookmark here

He immediately started trying to use it, flames were coming out of his hands, but nothing Evan couldn't do; it won't drastically change the fact that he got those powers, but it won't be the same as before either.Bookmark here

The strength is in the user, not the kamien itself.Bookmark here

He immediately tried to attack me with fire, but I parried him easily.Bookmark here

He then tried to turn my katana into a zombie again, but I didn't fall for the trick twice.Bookmark here

I moved away and stopped a dozen meters away; we were both tense as we were both strong, but with different skills.Bookmark here

We shot at each other at the same time, me with the kaiten on my sword, him with a saber-shaped black hole with fire inside. When we looked into each other's eyes after the contrast, my whole face burned, the burns nearly blinded me, fortunately, I was used to resisting the temperature of electricity, which is not too low.Bookmark here

While I was lying on the ground from the pain, Clark ran towards me, in the attempt to hit me, taking away years of life with the life energy kamien; by the way, he had also rejuvenated himself to be faster.Bookmark here

"You're mine!" he said.Bookmark here

"Shit, I have to move or he'll kill me. Unfortunately, I can't even use the Kitsune, having used it before. So I'll counter it with the... teaser pistol!" I thought.Bookmark here

Less than a meter away, I hit him and managed to move, and get back on my feet. Unfortunately, the burns he had caused me were quite severe, so I couldn't see perfectly, but it could have ended much worse.Bookmark here

"You're not giving up yet?! You almost lost your face, and you're still standing?!"Bookmark here

"I-I have to kill you, I have to do it for all the good people in the world, dead or alive."Bookmark here

"Ok, then I won't give up either, and I'll prove it to you. My plan is the same as yours, only on a larger scale."Bookmark here

He reused his technique of zombies and black holes in the water, only he also added radiation in the air, catching fire.Bookmark here

They were basically flying radio-active flames.Bookmark here

I was cornered, I couldn't jump because I would have burned to death, if I tried to fight the zombies, they would have taken me out because of the water, and as if that wasn't enough, he also added black holes.Bookmark here

Even though he always used that technique, it was very effective. I didn't know what to do, then I remembered that there couldn't be any black holes underwater, otherwise, they would have drained it; so I threw an area electric shock that killed all the zombies, then I dove, and I arrived inside a nearby house, where there were no holes or zombies, just water that didn't bother me, at most, it was a bit hot, but the fire didn't reach there.Bookmark here

When the water disappeared, Clark had noticed that I had managed to escape and hide.Bookmark here

"You survived that too?! Fuck, now if I find you I'll destroy you, you useless pawn!"Bookmark here

I had to stay hidden in that house hoping he wouldn't find me, I had to recover energy and recover from my injuries.Bookmark here

"Come on, where are you? Didn't you want to kill me? I'm right here, come on, let's keep fighting like we were doing."Bookmark here

He kept looking for me, he was getting closer and closer to the structure where I was holed up. By then, I had almost totally recovered, even the breath, the wounds on my face were fading thanks to the power of the kamien, I assumed Clark was 100% as well, but I preferred to stay hidden to hit him from behind.Bookmark here

"Look, I can sense your kamien, and I can know where you are, but being very close, it's much less accurate perception, it's like I'm playing 'hot-warm-cold' with my kamien."Bookmark here

He kept getting closer and closer.Bookmark here

"I have to move, or he'll find me."Bookmark here

I moved to the house next door, and then the one next door again, and so on, all the way to the end of the neighborhood.Bookmark here

"Ah, you stopped moving, you ran out of houses. I own you now."Bookmark here

There was only one house left to check, by now he was inside, he checked the ground floor, and there was nothing there, so he went up, and saw that there was an open window that looked out onto the roof of the house. He then went up to the roof and realized that he had been screwed again.Bookmark here

"You've done it under my nose again, bravo. But do you know that the more time you waste, the more risk there is of your girlfriend dying?"Bookmark here

That's right, Emmy was waiting for me, but I couldn't attack yet, it was close.Bookmark here

"What are you waiting for, don't tell me you want to run away and then go to her, I would find you since my kamien is attracted to yours."Bookmark here

Just a little longer...Bookmark here

"You don't care what will happen if you don't hurry? You're a really bad person--"Bookmark here

"RAIJIIIIIIN!"Bookmark here

"I was waiting all that time to get enough energy, to power up the katana the best way I could at the moment."Bookmark here

I ran up behind him, he turned around and tried to dodge me, but it was just a faint, as soon as I hit the ground, I jumped upon him, and then hit him full force.Bookmark here

"AHHHHHHHHHHH" yelled Clark.Bookmark here

I made a deep wound, slicing cleanly through his arm. It wasn't enough to beat him, given his strength, but it was definitely a good step forward for the battle.Bookmark here

"A-asshole!" He said getting back to his feet, shaking.Bookmark here

"Since you wanted to fight so badly before, now you're satisfied. Break's over!" I said.Bookmark here

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