Chapter 20:

No one can surprise the thoughts of a god

The Divine Punishment

During that period of dreaming, I felt very strong emotions.Bookmark here

I saw my life passing by as if I was going to die.Bookmark here

I was dreaming of thousands of parallel universes where I was getting married to Emmy and thousands of more parallel universes where I was starting a business with Evan.Bookmark here

When the story began, I lost consciousness, woke up only a few hours later, to find some kind of huge statue, at least 20 meters high, in front of me.Bookmark here

It was a dull gray color, you almost couldn't see it.Bookmark here

It was standing, it had a spear in its hand, but it was stationary, I didn't know where it had come from.Bookmark here

Its face was very scary, it was the embodiment of every human being's nightmares.Bookmark here

I couldn't believe my eyes, I couldn't move.Bookmark here

I was paralyzed with fear.Bookmark here

Until the statue shook the spear, giving off a huge light, which brought me back to sleep.Bookmark here

But this time was different.Bookmark here

I fell into a realistic dream.Bookmark here

Unlike the others, this one lasted quite a while.Bookmark here

In my sleep, I had no sense of time, although I was in a real lucid dream.Bookmark here

I seemed to be a spectator though. I was not participating in the story.Bookmark here

I had seemed to have gone back in time. All the things around me were moving very fast, but in reverse, as if time was rewinding.Bookmark here

I was in the middle of darkness, in space.Bookmark here

I was floating in nothingness. Is this what it feels like to die?Bookmark here

Absolutely nothing was happening, until I heard this voice:Bookmark here

*mythology has been readjusted according to the story of the novel, not at all identical to the legends*.Bookmark here

"Previously there were only two gods, Izanagi and Izanami.Bookmark here

They were brother and sister.Bookmark here

They wielded the very strong spear, the Ame-no-nuhoko, the Jeweled Celestial Spear.Bookmark here

With it, they created Earth, humans, Hell and Heaven, and the various connections.Bookmark here

But above all, the various child gods, who protected the gates of Hell and Heaven, but also the various natural beauties of the earthly world.Bookmark here

Humans advanced with science, to such an extent that they forgot and neglected the gods who protected them.Bookmark here

Not even the greatest of the ancestors, Izanagi and Izanami, were revered anymore.Bookmark here

On top of all this was the fact that humans continued to destroy their living environment, the Earth.Bookmark here

Most of them were ending up in the Underworld.Bookmark here

The world was collapsing.Bookmark here

Humans and all animals would die with it.Bookmark here

Therefore, the gods gathered, and decided to act, according to the rules that would be instructed by Izanagi and Izanami.Bookmark here

All of the gods' children, both those created with Ame-no-nuhoko and those born out of nature and human emotions, gathered.Bookmark here

Yokai, Kitsune, and other beasts were not invited to the meeting, because they were not considered worthy." said a voice in the background. I didn't know who it was. It sounded like a classic narrator like in the books.Bookmark here

It was as if I was a participant in that meeting, but I could neither speak nor move.Bookmark here

It was the strangest feeling.Bookmark here

This meeting was attended by many of the Japanese deities mentioned by Acuro. Maybe the legends were true or maybe it was just a lucid dream like others.Bookmark here

The problem was that I couldn't wake up. No matter how I felt, it was impossible to escape from this lucid dream.Bookmark here

"I have gathered you here to talk about the future of mankind," said the main god. That must have been Izanagi, next to him was his sister, Izanami.Bookmark here

I looked at him closely and noticed the great resemblance to the statue I saw just before I fell into this dream.Bookmark here

Maybe it was him.Bookmark here

The statue.Bookmark here

It was Izanagi, the god of all gods. The one who, together with his sister, had created everything we know as the "Universe".Bookmark here

I refused to elaborate further and focused on their speech.Bookmark here

"Future of mankind? Wasn't it about the future of the Earth?" said one of the gods, this one was completely blue, from head to toe, AND he had shark gills. His voice was a little hoarse, it almost sounded like a raven's voice.Bookmark here

"The future of humanity is closely linked to that of the Earth. If we do not act, humans will soon reach the truth." the god Izanagi, whose existence I still found hard to believe, replied to him.Bookmark here

"What we have gathered you together for today is to make a decision about humans. According to the rules of the deities, stipulated by me and my sister, millions of millions of years ago, 'you must always decide with all the deities on what to do, leaving no one out.'" he continued.Bookmark here

"Get to the point, old man, we're not here to waste time!" replied a goddess, which must have been the sun goddess, Amaterasu.Bookmark here

"Calm down," replied Izanami, Izanagi's sister, who spoke for the first time.Bookmark here

"Humans have always been a mistake, we should never have created them, we didn't know it would end up like this, so we have to decide what to do with them." said Izanagi.Bookmark here

"......." no one answered.Bookmark here

Maybe all those gods were attached to us humans and hearing that criticism had left them speechless. The same was true for Izanami, who, despite being the creator goddess, seemed to care about humans.Bookmark here

"I get it, maybe I need to cut to the chase... Well, there are two possibilities, two chances," Izanagi continued.Bookmark here

"The first one is to destroy humans and every beast, however, to do that we will need enormous power. Destroying is not as simple as creating."Bookmark here

"Noo! We don't agree!!!" some deities replied.Bookmark here

There was a big commotion, you could not understand who was speaking.Bookmark here

Others, however, were on the yes side.Bookmark here

"Yes! It's the right thing to do! They're just ruining the only livable planet!"Bookmark here

Izanagi slammed his spear into the ground, making a great noise that echoed throughout the room.Bookmark here

The gods immediately fell silent.Bookmark here

"The second chance... is to continue like this, to let the world be destroyed and ruined by humans and let science come to the truth, and then let humans ascend and become semi-divine. The only human so far who ever succeeded in that is Buddha."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

It was true. At the table also resided with him, the man of legends. The man of religion.Bookmark here

Buddha.Bookmark here

I recognized him immediately because he was very similar to the form he had in the statues and books, only he was less fleshy, even though he was eating, right then.Bookmark here

There were several disputes. The gods present talked among themselves to see which was the best choice for the future of humanity.Bookmark here

Voting took place. Even in the world of the gods, democracy reigned.Bookmark here

"Well, then it will be decided," said Izanagi.Bookmark here

Decided what?Bookmark here

They must have used some strange technique to communicate the answers to each other.Bookmark here

"The votes are even, and as the rules say... 'In the event of an even vote on the Divine Verdict,' everything will be destroyed." said Izanagi.Bookmark here

"Everything? Wait, you don't mean that right? You fucking old man!!!" shouted some kind of deity, with a snake face and scales.Bookmark here

"Nooo!!! No way!!!"Bookmark here

All the gods began to ruffle.Bookmark here

I didn't understand what was going on.Bookmark here

After all that commotion, the lesser gods headed towards Izanagi, as if to kill him.Bookmark here

Perhaps they were very angry about that law, which I was not aware of.Bookmark here

One of the gods, he was all on fire and his hair was in the air, jumped on the sacred table, destroying it and dropping all the objects on it.Bookmark here

Also on it was the big divine book that Izanagi was reading.Bookmark here

From the position I was in (I couldn't move) I could make out a few words and read what was written in it:Bookmark here

"The Divine Verdict is the destruction of all children deities, destroying every futile and inferior creation, such as humans and animals. The gods are used as carnage. It is applied only in case of extreme parity in the vote of the Divine Gathering against the creations."Bookmark here

I was beginning to understand.Bookmark here

The gods would have been destroyed to eliminate living things on the Earth.Bookmark here

Perhaps what I was experiencing was a flashback. It was real...Bookmark here

The meeting I was observing was the "Divine Gathering against the creations..."Bookmark here

Before I could continue reading, I quickly turned around. Something was about to happen.Bookmark here

Izanagi had brandished his sword, the famous Ame-no-Ohabari* of legends.Bookmark here

*Tail Feathers of Heaven.*Bookmark here

Acuro had told me about it. Only that sword could match the Raijin in terms of sharpness.Bookmark here

He slowly drew his sword, then placed it in front of his opponents and his descendants, the lesser gods.Bookmark here

He eliminated the fiery god first, cut him in two, his soul vanished.Bookmark here

It had not vanished, actually.Bookmark here

His soul had been sucked in and then sealed on the blade of the Ame-no-Ohabari.Bookmark here

In fact, there was a strange black symbol on the blade, like some sort of seal. It was shaped like an arched triangle, but with flames around it.Bookmark here

All the other gods tried to get out of the fortress where we were, but there was no escape. It was also stronger than all those gods.Bookmark here

Izanagi without thinking twice eliminated all the gods, including Buddha and other semi-gods.Bookmark here

Many of them were sealed, others were not.Bookmark here

More than them, their essences, their powers, were sealed too.Bookmark here

In fact, eight essences could be seen at the end of the massacre.Bookmark here

The sword contained eight essences, they could be counted.Bookmark here

In random order, they were:Bookmark here

The first, that of fire.Bookmark here

The second, electricity and lightning.Bookmark here

The third, that of water.Bookmark here

The fourth, that of radiation.Bookmark here

Fifth, that of infinity.Bookmark here

The sixth, that of vital energy.Bookmark here

The seventh, that of the wind.Bookmark here

The eighth and last, that of emptiness.Bookmark here

Everything coincided, they were the essences of the eight stones, which, before passing out, I had collected and absorbed all in the stone of the void.Bookmark here

So there were 7 essences, gathered in one, the most powerful one.Bookmark here

That of the void.Bookmark here

So what Acuro said was not false, these kamien were truly something divine.Bookmark here

After seeing the gods being eliminated and sealed, I was teleported spatiotemporally to another place and time.Bookmark here

I only began to understand where I was after I saw what Izanagi was holding.Bookmark here

A huge piece of rock, but a particular rock, it seemed to be divine as well.Bookmark here

I didn't stop twice to think and realize that this was the meteorite.Bookmark here

The famous meteorite that had brought the apocalypse.Bookmark here

It was huge, and Izanagi wielded it with one finger.Bookmark here

Izanami didn't seem to want to help him, she was most likely weaker than his brother.Bookmark here

In fact, there were tears in her eyes, she was crying.Bookmark here

Izanami did not want this to happen.Bookmark here

But she didn't want to tell her brother she wanted to hide it.Bookmark here

She didn't want the destruction of humans and animals, she had probably grown attached to them.Bookmark here

Izanagi drew his divine sword, then stabbed it into the meteorite.Bookmark here

All the collected essences were scattered around the meteorite. They were tiny, covering only small pieces of the meteorite's rock.Bookmark here

They were the kamien.Bookmark here

"Now go, Hiderigami!" shouted Izanagi, just before throwing the meteorite into the void.Bookmark here

I say "into the void" because I didn't understand where we were.Bookmark here

That place was probably light-years from Earth, but for a deity like Izanagi, it wouldn't be too difficult to destroy it, even from that far away.Bookmark here

"This world shall know Pain!" shouted Izanagi.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

There was a large explosion, even from such a distance it could be heard.Bookmark here

"It's done, Izanami. Let's go." said Izanagi... but Izanami wasn't there.Bookmark here

She was no longer there.Bookmark here

She had disappeared just before the meteorite launch.Bookmark here

I was transported spatiotemporally again.Bookmark here

Exactly ten seconds before the meteorite conflicted with the Earth, I was close to the Moon.Bookmark here

The meteorite was about to enter orbit when...Izanami arrived.Bookmark here

The goddess prostrated herself and positioned herself in front of the Earth as if to protect it.Bookmark here

Maybe she really cared about living beings. She did not want their disappearance and destruction.Bookmark here

But she was not fast enough, although she was gigantic, as big as the Earth.Bookmark here

She was enlarged to protect it better, but as I said, she was not fast enough.Bookmark here

She managed to place its entire right hand on central Europe, while only its thumb on North America, or rather... Northeast Canada.Bookmark here

A very small part of it, to be honest.Bookmark here

We hadn't made a mistake.Bookmark here

Evan, Emmy, and I were right about where Clark and Reid were coming from.Bookmark here

They were coming from there.Bookmark here

The locations coincided with the places protected by Izanami.Bookmark here

The meteorite, however, contained the strength and the essences of all the gods, so it ended up eliminating and killing Izanami for good.Bookmark here

But her efforts were not in vain.Bookmark here

The two places were protected by the explosion as if a dome had formed around them.Bookmark here

Immediately all energies were sucked out by the meteorite, which had interacted with the essences of the kamien, the minor gods.Bookmark here

After watching this inferno, I was teleported spatiotemporally once again.Bookmark here

I had not been teleported yet.Bookmark here

I had awakened from the dream, or rather...Bookmark here

"The illusion. Did you like it... Tenkei Nowak?" said the statue I had seen just before entering the illusion-flashback.Bookmark here

It was Izanagi, there was no doubt about it.Bookmark here

Although the statue-god was huge, it was much smaller than the size it could reach, which was the size of a planet.Bookmark here

I didn't answer, I didn't have time to answer, or maybe I didn't have the courage...Bookmark here

Continued...Bookmark here

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