Chapter 16:

Infiltrate Spades


The Assassin’s Three, Ishii, Kimura and Ono walk towards the direction of the main gate at spades as they are stopped by what may seem to be a Devils trap. The trap covers the whole Spades making Spades a hallowed ground with Demons unable to come in or out. Spades also happens to be one of the five seals that keep the gates of hell closed. Ishii stops as he raises his hand signalling the Ono and Kimura to stop and proceed no further. “Devil’s Trap”. Ishii places his hand in mid-air as a Demon he is able to touch and feel the barrier with his hands or when they accidentally walk into it. Under Ishii’s palm red cracks start to form spreading in mid-air. Ishii closes his hand as the barrier cracks shatters like glass. On the ground light spreads in a form of a circle across the whole spades as it fades slowly like ash. He rests his arm and looks back at Ono and Kimura giving them the signal to continue.

“Hey can I get you anything”

“Yeah get me a cup of coffee”


The gate security guard at Spades sits in his both with his legs crossed and leaning on the chair, paging through lewd adult magazines while whistling as the other guard goes to grab two coffees. “What a cute one... I could have you all to my self”. The Assassin’s Three reaches the gates. Ono places his hand on the gate as it quickly melts down. They walk in causally, no rush to what they are doing. The pervert security guard stands up quickly from his chair, “Hey you three, yeah I’m talking to you short stuff how did you get here” with the dirty magazine in his hand he points at Ishii while shouting. Ishii, Kimura and Ono stop walking, Ishii looks back with his eyes red, the security guard panics. “Oh shi...”. The guard rushes back to the booth as he tries to press the panic button, Ishii gives him a deep glare as the guard lets his hand go from thee button. The guard feels something wet running down his cheeks, he wipes it off with his four fingers as he sees blood on his hands. The pervert guard tries to scream for help as he chokes on a mouth full of blood. He coughs and vomits blood at the same time, The pervert guard puts his hand on his mouth to stop himself from coughing out more blood as the blood escapes from his nose. The pervert Guard slowly falls on his Knees and looks at Ishii as his vision blurs out and dies.

The guard that went to get coffee comes back and sees three bizarre people and blood flowing out of the booth. He drops the coffee as he trembles in fear. The sound of the cups falling grabs the three Demons attention. The guard shakes, he turns as he tries to run away as a black thread grabs him by his legs and covers his mouth. Kimura’s thread coming from the Kimono’s Ribbon. Kimura grins with her eyes all read as the thread enters the guards mouth. The guard struggles to get himself free, the thread keeps entering his mouth until he struggles no more. Kimura drops the guard as the guards eye’s turns all black. Having simulated the guard now is on the Demon’s team. The three split up to cover more ground to find their target. Ono takes the left to Green battalion and Kimura the right to the Blue battalion along with his simulation as Ishii continues his way forward to the Red.

The simulated guard walks to Spade’s staff room where all teachers gather. The simulated guard opens the door as all the teachers look at him. “What are you doing here” asks one of the teachers. “My Job” The simulated guard steps aside as Kimura walks in. On the other side a student in class rests his head on his palm balancing it trying to not fall asleep during a lesson. The student sees a huge guy outside through the window just standing there looking up to the sky. “Sosuke can you please focus in class just for once”. The teacher tries to scold the student. The student ignores his teacher as he stands up and points out to the window. “Look”. The students stand up and rushes to the window as they looks at Ono. Ono kneels on one knee as he places his hand to the ground. The teacher feels a little shake to the ground he looks up at the sealing and looks at his desk. The emergency bell rings as a sigh of intrusion into spades as a huge explosion occurs. Damaging the whole Green battalion school block.

Unarmed students start to run away as some of their classmates and teachers have been simulated and are terrorising the other students as some teachers Opens fire on them. In the main office, Nohaku Kirigimoto, Kiyomi Mitsuko and Keichiro Watanabe hold a meeting as it is disturbed by the commotion happening outside. One of the staff members run inside to break the bad news to them. “Demon’s Have entered Spade”. Keichiro rushes out making Ace his top priority in which he already is he contacts Kaori to find out where they are and is Ace still in one piece.

Meanwhile The Spades special force opens fire at Ishii, with his Katana he slices and deflects every Assault rifles bullets as everyone runs out and tries to reload. With an opportunity presented to him Ishii takes advantage of the opportunity as he slashes everyone who was taking fire. The others tries to take on Ishii on with hand to hand combat with the odds being obvious Ishii takes them all down. On the other side Kimura still rains terror to everyone and using his simulation as meat shield having a laugh as the other simulations continues to kill The Spades special force. Ono on the other hand impervious to any blade and bullet he rushes to them crushing ever opponent in his way.Keichiro finds Ace, Aoi, Kaneko, Kaori, Nishimura Satori and Takeda all together as Ishii scopes his target in the hall way. “Mr Watanabe” shouts Kaori. “Look I want you take the south exist of Spades an escape will be presented to you by Miss Kiyomi, what ever you do make sure Ace gets out of here safe” says Keichiro. Ace curious to why he has to have a safe passage like a president. 

“Why me what’s so important”

“Ace we don’t have the time to be arguing about this, Now jus...”

Before Keichiro could finish his explanation of his plan of escape, Ishii jumps through the window as he lands a kick on Keichiro’s face sending Keichiro crushing through a classroom wall. “You’re coming with me” Ishii looks at Ace as he reaches his hand out about to grab Ace. Ace and the others remain frozen as the are awakened by a gun shot to Ishii head as deflects it with his Katana. Nishimura grabs Ace by his collar as he drags him behind making a break for it with the others. Ishii tries to follow as Keichiro blocks his path and draws out his knife. “You’re very eager to die” says Ishii. “Well if that means the kid is protected from your kind, I don’t mind laying my life down so he can stop all of this in future”. Keichiro stands his ground ready to take Ishii on. “Very well then... Let us make this quick”.

The two masters of hand to hand combat rushes towards each other as their blades collide. They both jump back as they rushes towards each other again each dodging and evading each others blade slashes. Keichiro tries to keep up with the speed of a Demon. He thinks it’s better to change his tactic as he spins off Ishii’s attack and lands a scratch on Ishii’s face. Ishii jumps back and wipes off the blood with his backhand. Keichiro smirks as the two clashes again.

Meanwhile Keichiro fights off Ishii. Ace and the others continues their escape south as they run down the hall. “Do you think It’s okay to leave Keichiro back there... I mean the guy looks like a Ninja” asks Ace. “Keichiro is a bad ass when it comes to close combat fight so don’t worry about it we’ll meet up with him later” says Satori. Ace feels uneasy he stops running and tackles back as the building explodes separating Ace and Aoi from the others. Ace looks coughs as he looks at Aoi. “Are you okay” asks Ace worried about Aoi. “Yeah, but I sprang my ankle” Aoi replies as she coughs.

The dust clears and in front of them stands Ono. Aoi stands in front off Ace and looks at the giant man. From behind appears Ishii, Aoi looks at Ishii as she trembles in fear. “You’ll never touch Ace” Ishii ignores Aoi as he slaps her with his back hand removing her away from Ace. Aoi falls next to Ace in pain. Ace looks at Aoi as his eyes turn red, he gets angry and stands up as he rushes towards Ishii. Ishii steps to the side, he knees Ace on the stomach and chops the back off Ace’s neck to knock him out. “Ace!” Nishimura shouts out to Ace. Ishii catches Ace from falling to the ground by grabbing hold on Ace’s collar he tosses him to Ono. “Our job here is done” Ono carries him on his shoulder. With the seal broken and Ace Apprehended, Kimura stops her simulating madness and regroups with Ishii and Ono as a spiral opens in front of them, they enter and the spiral closes behind them.