Chapter 3:

It's a trap !

Student life of Buissy in Tokyo

The first few periods quickly passed as it was mostly presenting roadmaps for the year. While the diligent Louis listened and took notes of what was to come, me, the narrator, got excessively annoyed at the fact that I couldn't talk to that girl and wondered how much time was left until I could speak to her... Maybe it was truly love at first sight. But not for Louis...Bookmark here

“Can you hear yourself for a minute? You don't even know her name.”Bookmark here

I know... That's why were going to go and ask her.Bookmark here

“No. The best thing I can do for the Earth is to contain my curse from affecting innocent people.”Bookmark here

Which curse?Bookmark here

Anyway, Louis didn't have anything to do during the lunch break so he directly headed to the cafeteria.
He sat with random students he saw in his class and began to talk to them. His viril and confident voice caught the attention of everyone at the table. They were also amazed by his almost perfect face and his display of intelligence during the conversation. He soon exited the cafet' and sat down to read the documents he obtained from the first periods. His gorgeous focused gaze made many woman look his way.
However, he was acting rather strangely. His handsome face had an annoyed expression. And he also didn't utter a single word to his life-long buddy of a narrator.Bookmark here

“It is no use throwing random compliments at me. We're not going to go meet her.”Bookmark here

OH Come on ! *sigh*
hmmmmmmmm Oh ! Eheheheh.Bookmark here

As he was speaking, a feral dog slowly approached Louis and prepared itself to attack him.Bookmark here

« What the- » said Louis as he began to run.Bookmark here

Don't worry, I'll help you escape him ! Turn right ! Left ! Left ! Now go though that door and close it as fast as you can !Bookmark here

SLAMBookmark here

« Louis ? Why do you look out of breath ? » said a feminine voice behind him.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

'… Damn it. It was a trap. I'll make you pay for this Narrator.'Bookmark here

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