Chapter 15:

Battle for survival

Spirit Guardians

Alright nice…. Mashù they're safe, we gotta finish this soon.Bookmark here

Mashù- yea I know..Shut upBookmark here

Bradoon- You 2 seem to be close friends. Good I'll enjoy taking both your powers simultaneously.Bookmark here

Where's my brother!?!?Bookmark here

Bradoon- Oh you mean the fire user? He's currently in this machine with another one of my subjects.Bookmark here

You are disgusting!Bookmark here

Bradoon- so I've been told I wouldn't mind switching places. Bookmark here

What do you mean?Bookmark here

Bradoon- Your spirit for his safety. I already have Magma so I don't really need fire, but water is so interesting. I want it; give it to me.Bookmark here

You know what, I'll just take option 3.Bookmark here

Bradoon- And what's that?Bookmark here

We'll just kick your ass!Bookmark here

Bradoon- Raaawwwrrrr!!!!!Bookmark here

Jeremi!! Formation B, Mashù follows my lead.Bookmark here

Jeremi- Got it.. Phantom Phase!!Bookmark here

Bradoon- Give them to me!!!!Bookmark here

*Bradoon begins to shoot balls of magma at everyone.Bookmark here

Fat chance Tenki Geyser Beam!!!Bookmark here

Mashù- What are we doing?Bookmark here

Getting close. Use your luck on both of us.Bookmark here

Mashù- Alright cool Double Jackpot!!Bookmark here

Bradoon- What're you 2 planning?? And where did the other one go? Infrared Eyes!!! Bookmark here

How many spirits does this guy have?Bookmark here

Bradoon- Found you!! Bookmark here

*Bradoon throws a ball at Jeremi.Bookmark here

Jeremi- Ahh it burnsBookmark here

Jeremi!! VAPOR BULLETS!Bookmark here

*Anjero hits Jeremi with the water to stop the burning.Bookmark here

You alright man!! Bookmark here

Jeremi- yea I'm ok, just worry about the mission.Bookmark here

Alright Mashù I'm going to get you close. Can you hit him?Bookmark here

Mashù- yea I canBookmark here

Alright here.Bookmark here

*Mashù forms bubbles around Mashù's fistBookmark here

Mashù- What are these?Bookmark here

Let's just call them power ups..Bookmark here

Mashù- Ok so I keep punching him righ…Bookmark here

*The machine Chamber keeping the 2 awoken shattered.Bookmark here

Jeremi- I did my job Anjero, finish the missionBookmark here

*Jeremi Faints Bookmark here

Bradoon- Why you little…Bookmark here

Mashù- you're not hurting anyone else!!!Bookmark here

Bradoon- When did you get over here?Bookmark here

*Mashù starts pummeling BradoonBookmark here

Mashù- You're done Tenki!!!Bookmark here

*Tenki stops Mashù's attacks Bookmark here

Bradoon- you're doing nothing but pissing me off!!!Bookmark here

*Tenki throws Mashù in the air and points at himBookmark here

Mashù!!!!Bookmark here

*An explosion occursBookmark here

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