Chapter 16:

Aalto Please!!!

Spirit Guardians

No no no no….Huh Shinkei?

*Shinkei jumped up and blocked the explosion with his fire.

Mashù- I'm alive…

What are all these plants coming from?? My wounds are healed and my stamina it's all back.

Nanshi- Thank you for saving us.

I'm surprised you know how to use your powers so well.

Nanshi- I don't, I'm just doing it at this point…

*Nanshi Faints from Spirit exhaustion

Thank you little girl. Jeremi get this girl and Shinkei outta her…

Shinkei- No, I got a score to settle with this guy.

*Shinkei becomes enraged, engulfed in flames

Bradoon- Get back here how dare you get out!!

Ok Shinkei I don't know what you can do but Let's Go!!

Shinkei- Haaaaa Scorch Laser!!!

Bradoon- Puny little laser you think that could hurt me?

Hm a beam just like mine but with fire… I got an idea…Shinkei shoot that again at him this time give it all you got.

Shinkei- Got it Haaaaaa…

*Shinkei starts powering up

Mashù gets some more hits. I need 10 more seconds!!

Mashù- you didn't have to tell me twice. Revenge Rush!!!

Bradoon- did you really think I'd let you power up!?!? Magma Devastation!!

*Bradoon throws magma at Anjero and Shinkei. Mashù sweeps in and punches it away.

Mashù- you have no choice because you're fighting me!!!

*Mashù continues to block and hit Bradoon.

Ok Shinkei, are you ready?

Shinkei- Let's kill this bastard!!

Mashù we're good to get going!!

Mashù- Ok Anjero, I trust you to finish this.

I got ya man…. Ok Shinkei give it everything you got.

Bradoon- Oh no you don't!!! Lava Destruction!!!!

Shinkei- Rrrr Scorch Launcher!!!!

Geyser Bazooka!!!

*Both their beams clash and Braddon starts to get the upper hand.

Bradoon- Fuck your spirits!! I just want you all dead!!!

Shinkei- Anjero I don't know if I can hold on much longer we might die here man.

Errr… Aalto if you can hear me. I need your power...Aalto…

Aalto- Hello Anjero I see you finally called for me.

Now's not the time I need to borrow some of your power.

Aalto- You know what that would mean right?

Yes I know that's fine….just..p...please hurry!!!

Aalto- Ok I'll grant you just a little bit of my power as long as you keep your promise.

I..i will

Aalto- Ok take it.

Rawrrrr Aalto GEYSER Bazooka

Bradoon- What is this!?!? No!!! I can't be losing…. Waaahhh

*The beam slams Tenki into the steel walls

Tenki you're under arrest…..

*Anjero places the cuffs on Tenki and then falls out, Mashù catches him.

Mashù- Thank you man.

*Mashù turns to Tenki

Mashù- Now I should kill you right here...but that'll make me as evil as you if I did…

*Mashù bruised up pretty badly and carried Tenki, Anjero, and Shinkei to the submarine.

Yoku- woah you guys did it!!

*Mashù throws Tenki at Yoku

Mashù- Here lock him up somewhere I can't see him.

Yoku- You did the right thing Mashù.

Mashù- Shut up

Jeremi- How's Anjero and Shinkei?

Mashù- They're both fine. Just knocked out is all.

Jeremi- Oh thank God

Mashù- (smiles) you should've seen them, they were amazing.

*They all head back to the Base of Operations.