Chapter 17:


Spirit Guardians

2 hours later….

*Commander greets all of them

Commander- Congratulations fellas on your job well done…. Who are these other 3?

Jeremi- Sir, they're Anjero's and Yoku's friends…. They came to help us with our mission.

Commander- hm(angrily snarling at the 3) welp no casualties and you caught Tenki.

Commander-(Whispers to Jeremi) I'll let it slide just this once.

Jeremi- Thank you sir

Commander- Anyways you all stay the night here and heal up.

Thank you commander….

Commander- Oh Anjero I see you're finally awake. Good job on the mission, young one.


Commander- Men bring these 2 to the interrogation room...i got some questions to ask. Jeremi, Yoku bring the injured to the infirmary.

Jeremi- yes commander…

*Commander leaves with Tenki and Devanga

Jeremi- Ok everyone follow me this way.

Mashù- I'm not really all that injured. I'll be fine….

Yoku- Mashù but those wounds are deep.

Mashù- I said I'm fine!!!....

*Mashù falls out

Yoku- of course… I don't know what's wrong with you.

Is everyone safe…

Yoku- yea Anro just focus on healing up man.

What about Shinkei??

Yoku- he's fine, just knocked out is all.


*Meanwhile in interrogation room 1…

Commander- So talk who are you sending the spirits to?

Tenki- And why would I tell you that???

Commander- because I'm not as nice as the others here.

*Commander punches Tenki in the face making his nose bleed.

Tenki- Hahaha A little blood won't get me to talk….

Commander- No?? How about this??

*Commander weaves a one handed sign and touches Tenki's forehead.

Tenki- Ahhhh!!!! Why am I burning up!?!?!

Commander- I might not have a spirit like the others but I studied spirit manipulation back in the day.

Tenki- How dare you….. Ahhhhh!!!!

Devanga- Bradoon!!!! You'll die for hurting him….

*Commander touches Devanga's Forehead. Putting him to sleep.

Commander- You had your turn to talk...shush now boy. The grown ups are talking….Now who do you work for?

Tenki- I'd rather die than tell you anything… AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Commander- Talk now or it'll get even worse for you.

Tenki- Ok...ok.. I don't know if I just sent the spirits off somewhere. In a big black cargo truck.

Commander- Tell me more!!!

Tenki- I don't know anything else… Ahhhh!!! (Screaming in pain).

Agent 1- Sir I think he's telling the truth.

Commander- this got us nowhere…. Shit take him to the cell he's gonna be out for awhile.

Agent 1-sir what about the boy?

Commander- I have something else in mind for him.

*Back in the sleeping quarters.

Jeremi- we're heading out in 30mins…be ready.

Ok Nanshi where do you live?

Jeremi- No worries I'll take her and those 3 with me. They live close to my school.

Ok cool we'll be taking Shinkei with us.

Jeremi- Alright we'll be off now Anjero, Yoku, and the others we hope to see you all soon.

Same as Jeremi. It was great working with you.

*Anjero and the others board the ship and head home

*The Ship docks back at Spirit south.

*Aado and Sharin stare at everyone as they get off the boat.

Mashù- I'm...I'm so sorry Mr.Aado I disobeyed orders and went anyway…

Aado- Shut it!!!! We'll deal with that matter later….Im just glad you all made it back without any casualties.

Sharin- Shinkei!! Oh thank God. Anjero, Yokudan, Mashù, Kamira, and Romaji. Thank you for saving everyone.

No problem Mom

Kamira- Piece if cake Ms. S

Romaji- Easy for the main character of this story.

Sharin- I have no idea what he's talking about… but Anjero!! Yoku!! In my office for results on the mission. Shinkei you also

Yes ma'am

Shinkei- Yo Anjero what's mom doing here?

She's the principal of this school…

Shinkei- What!...since when!!

*Anjero, Shinkei, and Yoku follow her.

Aado- You 3 have some explaining to do… I should expel you 3 for one disrupting a mission, and two for breaking multiple rules of this school.

Everyone- we're sorry!!

Aado- And Kamira I'm especially surprised at you. You were supposed to be the leader of this squad.

Kamira- Sir if you would. Mashù wouldn't take no for an answer so I thought the best option would be to go with him and protect him from doing anything else stupid.

Aado- though I do commend you for your decision. I still have to punish you for doing this so Kamira and two will be cleaning all the bathrooms on the spirit side for 2 weeks.

Romaji- Oh man those things are disgusting!!

Kamira- Suck it up man we could've gotten worse.

Aado- And Mashù not only did you break the rules. But you went against my direct order to stay out of it… So what I'll do is… Give you a month under house arrest and you'll also be on bathroom duties with Kam and Romaji.

Mashù- Thank you sir….

Aado- I wasn't done!! You'll also be helping out in the cafe for whatever they need…..Now I'm done. Dismiss!!!