Chapter 18:

Job well done

Spirit Guardians

*Back in the office

Sharin- Ok so what happened???

*Anjero and Yoku explain what all went down.

Sharin- I see Shinkei?

We believe that he's awoken Pyrus the spirit of fire Principal Sutanrì.

Sharin- Damn it that's 2 now… I hope your sister doesn't have one. I can't deal with this.


Sharin- Listen Shinkei I'm going to enroll you into this school.

Shinkei- What about my friends at my old school

Sharin- it'll be safer that way.

*Shinkei starts to catch on fire.

Shinkei- I don't care about safety, I don't wanna go here!!

*Anjero Douses Shinkei with water.

Chill out man and listen

Sharin- Shinkei… you're a Guardian now. We need you here.

Shinkei- What about Aria? And what's this about the Guardian?

Sharin- she'll be fine. These "Guardians" are beings with powers beyond understanding and protect humankind from destroying itself. We protect the powerless.

Shinkei- We??? Mom, are you one also?

Sharin- I was...but also am. VOLT WHIP!


Sharin- I used to be a Guardian 20 years ago but I started to become weak and chose to retire. I'll tell you both the whole story some other day.

Yoku- I kinda want to hear that story also.

Sharin- Anyways. Please train your hardest to become a great Guardian, and try to control that temper. It'll be the death of you.

Shinkei- Whatever I guess I'll give this life a try for now.

Sharin- Thank you, Anjero, Yoku!! I'm both awarding you 2 days off campus and $2000 each for a job well done.

Thank you. I definitely need a break.

Shinkei- Woah you get paid like that to do this? I'm sure in. Do I get anything mom I helped out with?

Sharin- of course you get $600!!

Shinkei- That's it??

Sharin- Technically you're not even enrolled so I really can't give you much.

Shinkei- Huh fine…

Sharin-ok done. Anjero led Shinkei to his new living quarters. Room 1217. Dismissed!!

Yes Principal!!