Chapter 3:

Where Do We Go From Here?

Blossom Forest

Shibata Sakura enters the Cafeteria “I'm so sick of this Shit it's already been a horrible day I'm not a tsundere cough Tiger, I'd take a gamble like Kake and see some ghosts like Bake and become a ghoul-like Ken.

“What the Hell am I even murmuring and rambling on about c'mon you got this it's just an endless time loop simulation like that M Night Old.”

“I could be watching my favorite Vtuber idols but instead I'm stuck in this desolate state of unforeseen circumstances where my actions and consequences know no bounds.”

Morimoto Souta interjects “Um bad timing Sakura?” Sakura retorts “Not today creep do I even know you what's your name jobber?”

Souta “Excuse me it's Custodian to you thank you very much and I don't like your tone it's Morimoto Souta for you to recollect missy!”

Sakura “What The Fuck did you just say to me? You malevolent swine! How dare you come up to me like some big shot thinking it's okay where do you get off buddy?”

Souta “You know what you're just like those stubborn customers at a drive-thru that are all Shitty to you even when you have everything right!” “The nerve of some people am I right?”

Sakura “You think this is a Damn Joke? Huh? I bet you thought I'd be like oh sure, pudding anything for you my darling prince or the bat who laughs I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but I'm not dumb I'm an idiot duh!”

Souta “Well obviously this is getting us nowhere at least ask me out before you insult me.”

Sakura “Really after the harsh things you said? Like Hell I will!”

Ogatsu Hanisami now gets into this heated debate argument. Hanisami “Hi would you two buffons glad be quite? So that I can enjoy my tea!”

Sakura and Souta in tandem “Get Bent!” Hanisami “Fine have it your way!”

Yamamura Iwao and Otohira Sumiri as a collective unit say “What seems to be the problem here anything we can do to help?”

Sakura “Yeah get this loser away from me this instance!”

Souta “What did I do wrong?”

Okimoto Ryurata helps “Leave her alone man she doesn't want to be around you can't you see?”

Yashishida Matsurime saves the day “I'm sensing some bad auras and negative energy let's not escalate the situation any further come along with me Sakura!”

Sakura “About time! Thank you! At least someone has the common decency to treat me with respect around here.”

Dezaki Kosashi is trying to eat lunch amidst all the chaos. Daydreaming thoughts “I wonder what Sunoda Chitsu is up to right now so pretty those eyes just so amazing they shine like the sun!”

Furuyashi Komari came to cause trouble as per usual “Hey snap out of it dweeb give me your food before I put you horrendous face in it.”

Kosashi “Sure I guess I'm not eating today.”

Komari “Awesome I can squeeze that in for today Shit sucks school what a waste of time that's why I cut class and just ditch to go to the bathroom until schools done for the day.”

Mitsuhira Hirari and Hanakama Kyokura meet face to face Hirari “Well if it isn't Miss Perfection.” Kyokura “You could say the same thing about yourself.”

Hirari “I think we could be Perfect friends don't you?” Kyokura “Oh for sure let's hang out after school?” Hirari “It’s a plan!”

Sunoda Chitsu comes to see what's the matter. Chitsu “Kosashi here take my food I'll share I made my own sushi I hope you like it!” Kosashi “Ummmm thanks so much Chitsu I don't know what i’d do without you want to talk later?”

Chitsu “Sure I'll mark it down on my calendar planner I forget sometimes.”

Furuyashi Komari and Ogatsu Hanisami meet as well Komari” Seems like we could benefit from tormenting these neanderthals.” Hanisami “Whatever do you mean? I'm in! Komari “What a deadly alliance with your deception and combat we can test our might and rule the school!”

Unlikely Alliances Romance Is Souta okay? Tune in next to the next into of Rivershore Apple Cider Z and see how it all unfolds.