Chapter 4:

Hot Summer’s Day

Blossom Forest

It was a Hot day the sun was beaming scorching on fire like a car sitting in the sun for too long or fresh tarmac.

We begin where we left off Sakura and Yashishida Matsurime are seated on a bench next to Rivershore Apple Cider High School. The scene starts different this time the Summer vibes are real.

Sakura “Gosh it’s so Fucking hot outside I could really use a Lemonade or something to cool me down!” Matsurime “I know the perfect place don’t you worry and there’s air conditioning!”

Dezaki Kosashi sneaks out to hang out/go on a date with Sunoda Chitsu. Kosashi “Hey are we still on for today we can go shopping like you wanted to or go watch Japanese Wrestling?” Chitsu “Oh I have the memory of a goldfish yes you surprised me I still have it marked in my calendar aka planner I already bought the tickets for the Japanese Wrestlingi can't wait!”

Chitsu “My favorite to wrestler to watch is Marundo Shinitoki he's a Heel great personality and really resonates with me!” Kosashi”Yeah he's my favorite too I watch him all the time he's no Magisawa Akankei though.” Chitsu “We’ll see about that!” Kosashi “So it's a date then?” Chitsu “You know we're just friends right? but we shall see where this take us.” Kosashi incoherently “So she likes me right I've got a chance? Dammitt Friendzoned again now I know how Sakura feels!”

Now to see what Morimoto Souta is up to after being lambasted, chastised, reprimanded, rebuked, berated, scolded, criticized, condemned, admonished is left to think for himself. Souta “What to do on this fine summers day oh I've got an idea!”

Furuyashi Komari and Ogatsu Hanisami plan their next move. Komari “Hey Bitch These students are such imbeciles we gotta come up with something let's go somewhere!” Hanisami “I told you not to talk to me before I've had my caffeine or Coffee now I'm pissed! If you insist we'll go hurry up!”

Yamamura Iwao and Otohira Sumiri also discuss how they can make the school better Iwao “I think we need to hold some special events!” Sumiri “I second that we'll all put it to vote somewhere.”

Okimoto Ryurata is waiting for something but what? Ryurata “I can't remember why but I feel like I've been waiting forever for a thing to take place.”

Mitsuhira Hirari and Hanakama Kyokura do what anyone would on a hot day. Hirari “Hey bestie get your Shit I know where we're going today!” Kyokura “Enlighten me, please girl I want to know.” Hirari “Just c’mon we're leaving in Five Minutes!” Kyokura “Alright you sound so eager.” Kyokura “Ha jokes on her little does she know I hate her with a burning passion I'm so perfect at masking my emotions that she'll never suspect a thing she's dumb.” Hirari “I can't stand her it's so easy to be fake around her I bet she doesn't realize it what a fool.”