Chapter 4:

#4: Arrival

The Pink Witch

In the kingdom of wizards and witches, everything was the same, as if nothing had happened in the last twenty one years.

On a full moon night, in which they used to party, a young woman in a black cloak arrived, with a hood covering her face.

As they were good hosts, they received the creature who introduced herself as the Pink Witch.

Although, the name was strange, everyone thought that she would be from some distant kingdom they had never heard of and without questioning they welcomed her and invited her to stay.

Wearing such a black cloak and with her face covered, everyone thought for sure, that it would be because of its ugliness.

But the wise king wizard, soon demanded the creature to show itself, because he couldn’t allow someone in the kingdom that wouldn't show the face.

Lifting up her thin hands, the Pink Witch took off the hood, the dark night became day with the glare that almost blinded everyone.

Astonishments, a luminous witch, how was it possible??? And pink hair?...

The ancient wizard doubted, something in that being frightened him out.

“I doubt that you are a witch...”

The Pink Witch said with all serenity:

"So... test me...”

The king, full of tricks, soon began to think something very difficult, impossible to do.

“Well, you’ll have three tasks to fulfill, I won't make your life easier, and if you’re not a witch, you must leave immediately...”

Would it be easy?... 

Nibir J. Barman
Real Aire