Chapter 17:

Operation: Rescue Ace


Hours pass after Ace has been abducted by The three Demons. Spades has been left half destroyed and many students badly injured. The injured and everyone are gathered in the assembly hall where it is treated as an infirmary and happens to be the only place including that is not damaged. Mitsuko approaches the student council room group; Kaori, Nishimura, Satori Takeda and Kaneko as she asks about Keichiro’s whereabouts. Kaori explains everything to Mitsuko including to what happened to Keichiro.

Mitsuko summons Kaori and the others to the main office. They open the door and find Keichiro laying across the floor with blood running down his face. “Keichiro” Mitsuko rushes too his aid. She taps on Keichiro’s face to wake him up. Keichiro opens his eyes and sees Mitsuko in front of him. “How long was I out” Keichiro asks feeling a bit dizzy. “Don’t try to move Nohaku will patch you up good as new”.

After a short while having bandaged Keichiro on his forehead. Mitsuko tries to find a way on how to find Ace. They suspect Ace to still be somewhere in the Kanto region and of course this earthly realm. Ace being the key to unlock the gates of hell finding the gates themselves in a huge place is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Keichiro stands up “I think I know how to find Ace” says Keichiro as he takes a map and page. He puts the page on the Map of the Kanto region and draws a circle around it and the devils trap symbol around it. “So If each and every point of this symbol was the seal from north, east, west to two south points and everyone of them was destroyed including Spades, then our Ace should be right here”. Keichiro points in the middle of the trap symbol with the page on the Map. Everyone draws the heads nearer to the page as Keichiro removes it and circles the place that was in the middle of the symbol.

Meanwhile Spades is planing Ace’s rescue the whole day. Ace is held hostage but not the one to be freed after the demands kind. Ace being chained up to the wall and passed out, Ishii throws water on Ace to wake him up. “Where am I” says Ace to himself he raises his head and sees Ishii the demon who kidnapped him and the first thing that comes to his mine is Aoi. “Aoi... WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER”. Ace struggles to be free. With the chains rattling Ishii kicks Ace on the face to shut him up and calm him down. “Your girlfriend isn’t here we have nothing to do with her”.

“Then what do you want from me”

“You are going to open that”

“A door?”

“Why don’t you open it yourself, it’s not hard to open a door you know”

“The door needs a Key” Goto appears as he interjects to Ace and Ishii’s dialogue. Ace glares at Goto. “Who are you...” he asks. “I’m Goto highest ranking Demon and Zagan’s right hand man”. 

“I don’t know who this Zagan Character you demons keep preaching... is he like your dad or something”

Goto draws his face nearer to Ace’s as he looks Ace straight into the eyes. “Funny you should be a comedian, you already know who Zagan is or I should say, saw who Zagan is... March 18th... do you remember that day when daddy bit the dust... such tragedy”. Ace reminded of his fathers death he feels like he could throw a punch on Goto’s face but with the chain’s holding him back all he could do is imagine punching Goto’s smug face. Goto stands up smirking he snaps his finger calling Kimura. Kimura walks up to Goto as Goto drops some type of bean in Kimura’s mouth. Kimura slowly walks up to Ace, she bends over as she grabs Ace’s cheeks and squeezes them forcefully making Ace to open his mouth. Kimura draws her face closer to Ace, with the bean on Kimura’s tongue, she sticks her tongue out and puts it into Ace’s mouth giving him a tongue kiss and putting her tongue down Ace’s throat as saliva runs down Ace’s mouth. The tongue kiss goes on for a short while as Kimura withdraws her tongue breaking the kiss.

Ace coughs out trying to get the thought of a Demon kissing him out of his head. “What... did you just made me swallow”. Ace’s eye’s turns red as he glares at Kimura. Kimura grins and touches her lips while looking at Ace. “It’s called the Devil’s tongue” Goto says as he takes a seat. “It’s a highly concentrated drug given to demon torturers in hell making them go insane to make soul torture more effective”. Ace breaths heavily and sweat profusely as it feels hot making it hard for him to breath. “Ah I forgot one thing the drug is going to work very well after an hour, you’ll lose all sense of who you are and you’ll be drawn to the large amount of spiritual energy coming from that door isn’t that just great,”.

“So... Goto was it... after you open the gates what do you plan on doing”

“Well it’s simple really... Hell is over populating and taking over this this world as new Hell is Zagan’s new goal... let’s call it the promised land”

“Well that’s just a load of crap isn’t it if you want to decrease Hell’s population why don’t you create some sort of disease and wipe out the numbers of demons there”

“Unlike Humans demons aren’t as half evil as humans are. That is why we are going to make this realm hell and wipe out this disease called humanity. You’ve had you fair share of fun here, it’s hell’s turn to rule”

Outside the Ace’s rescue group prepares to raid the Demons they get ready locked and loaded. Keichiro draws a symbol similar to the devils trap on everyone’s shoulder. A skill he had learned from his teacher back in the day ‘Adrian Scott’ the father of Ace Scott.

The team divides themselves into three groups plus back up on its way. With Nishimura and Takeda on Watanabe Keichiro’s forefront team. Satori and Aoi on Nohaku Kirigimoto’s Support team, and Mitsuko Kiyomi's reconnaissance team in a sniper position. The place being heavily guarded by an army of Demons, operation Rescue Ace begins.