Chapter 43:

(Benj) Don’t Give Sandwiches To Strangers

Cafe Eris

As soon as I heard about the rivalry between the two cafés, I knew I HAD to work at one.
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See, I started off working at Café Eris, and it was okay-at best. They spelt my name wrong on my name tag. I specifically said Ben with a J, a.k.a Benj, but Scanta ignored me and just wrote Ben. Ever since then I've had a deep hatred for the café. Bookmark here

I heard about the rivalry from some shady guy who stood between the two cafés. It's not like I approached him or anything, he literally just called me over saying, "hey, wanna know a secret about these two cafés?" Bookmark here

Well, he actually called me over asking for the sandwich I was holding. I obviously wouldn’t give it to him, because who the hell gives their lunch sandwich to a stranger but I guess I was interested in what he had to say. I handed him my lunch and he told me the secrets in exchange. I wasn’t disappointed.Bookmark here

This guy, apparently named Genu, told me that there was a rich history between the two owners. No one knows what exactly happened between the two, but he had a feeling their sworn enemy relationship was actually a cover up for their secret love. Bookmark here

Yeah, it was definitely a stretch, but it had me wondering. Bookmark here

Plus, I was looking for a job anyway. Bookmark here

So I eventually got fired from Café Eris for being a “bad worker”. Obviously I was doing that on purpose… Bookmark here

Although I have to say, I’ve gotten fired from every other job for being a “bad worker”. That’s besides the point. Bookmark here

Eventually I got hired at Café Moonbucks. My track record from Café Eris had somehow followed me to the interview for Café Moonbucks, but once I explained my hatred for the place, I was hired on the spot! Bookmark here

The best part about my new job, though, is that my antics are encouraged when it comes to hating on Café Eris. Since the cafés are so close together, our customers/workers are very loyal to the business. Everyone has some sort of reason to dislike Café Eris, or a preference to our café. Bookmark here

My boss, Bartholemew Pugh (I call him Bart), is the only one who doesn't like when I mess with our rivals. He's a strict guy and he has a very strong dislike for his rival, Scanta, the owner of Café Eris. Bookmark here

I assumed he would be fine if I messed around at the other café in my spare time, but he was actually very mad when he overheard me talking about it. When I asked why, he yelled at me. Bookmark here

Now this made everything more interesting. Normally, Bart was a pretty rational guy. He would've told me it was to keep a good reputation for the café, but it seemed like he had other reasons. Not morals, but something specific. Like something happened before. Bookmark here

Anyways, it's been getting boring in terms of work-drama, so I decided to talk to Genu. I wanted to know more about Bart and Scanta's past history. Maybe I'd learn something to blackmail Scanta. Then I could finally teach him a lesson for spelling my name wrong! Bookmark here

On my lunch break, I walked outside to see if I could find Genu. I brought a sandwich for the possible exchange that’s about to happen. To no one's surprise, he was standing on the sidewalk, right in the middle of the two cafés. He saw me approaching (his gaze was on my sandwich though) and walked towards me. Bookmark here

"Hey Genu! Just the guy I've been looking for."Bookmark here

"Hey. Do you need something?" He continued to look down at the hand holding my food.Bookmark here

I looked around to see if my boss or Scanta were outside. The coast was clear. Bookmark here

"Yeah, uh, I was wondering if you had any new info on Bart and Scanta." Bookmark here

He shifted around and beckoned me to come closer. Bookmark here

"I heard some hot information about an upcoming plan organized by Café Eris, but I’m gonna need something in return.” He looked at me expectantly.Bookmark here

I handed him the bologna and cheese sandwich and he snatched it out of my hands. He ripped open the plastic and scarfed it down in record time. I was honestly impressed. Bookmark here

“Damn, is this bacon and cheese?”Bookmark here

“No, bologna… So what’s the info?”Bookmark here

He wiped his lips and shoved the wrapping into his back pocket. He swallowed down the last of his food before continuing. Bookmark here

“So, I heard that the owner is planning some sort of event that requires actors. Apparently no experience is required, but he’s hiring for an acting event and it seems like he’s hiring a lot of people. Those interested were told to come inside the café for more info. The event is a week from now.”Bookmark here

Huh… Does that have to do with our café though? Why would he need so many actors?Bookmark here

“What does that even mean? Do you have any other information?” Bookmark here

He deadpanned. “Do you have another sandwich?”Bookmark here

This bastard. “Checkmate. Thanks, I guess?”Bookmark here

When Genu didn’t turn to leave, I looked at him questioningly. Bookmark here

“The sandwich was mediocre. I liked the turkey one better.”Bookmark here

Before I could even open my mouth to say something, he promptly turned around and left. Bookmark here

I walked inside Café Moonbucks while my thoughts began to race.Bookmark here

What is this event? Does it even concern us? Wait… Why would Genu tell me if it didn’t even relate to our café? Maybe the event has to do with our café? But how…Bookmark here

I walked to the back room and checked the time. 5 minutes left in my break. I walked to my locker to get my apron on. I was in the middle of tying it around my waist when I paused-Bookmark here

What if it doesn’t have anything to do with our café? This is possible… He seems like a shady guy. What if he just wanted a free lunch? Wait, he did say that the sandwich was mediocre. Maybe that’s why he gave me useless information? Dammit, I just got punked!Bookmark here

Goddammit. I can’t believe I gave away a perfectly good sandwich for no reason. Bookmark here

I walked to the office to clock in. My boss sat at the desk, typing away at his computer. Before I punched in, I noticed a flyer pinned to my boss’ corkboard. It had the ugliest font I could imagine. Bookmark here



P.S please do not dispose of these flyers anywhere near this area, thank youBookmark here

I gave away my lunch for information that was clearly given out for free! What the heck! Bookmark here

“Benj! If you’re just gonna stand there, you might as well clock out! Go back to work or you’re out of there!”Bookmark here

I jumped in shock. I forgot my boss was here. “Y-yes boss! Right away!”Bookmark here

“And do NOT look at the corkboard! There’s nothing for you to see. That is my private information, do you understand?” My boss’ voice boomed throughout the room.Bookmark here

I winced, “yes, sir. Sorry about that.” I scuttled away as fast as I could. Bookmark here

I guess I learned two things today. Bookmark here

One, don’t read whatever’s on the corkboard. Bookmark here

Two, don’t give sandwiches to strangers. Bookmark here

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