Chapter 6:

A place to get rest

The pearl of God

Chapter 6

Sorry for not uploading for almost a month. I was kinda out of ideas. But now let’s begin

POV of Narrator:

They went out on moving through the first. Fighting countless monsters finally reaching the village.

POV of Kriti

“Dad! How many days it has been since we started!”

“A week” - Father said

“Damn! I wanna sleep in a bed so bad. Sleeping on the ground with bugs surrounding myself was so creepy, gross, scary and annoying!”

“Ah, kriti now c’mon! Try to compromise, it’s not that bad!” - Daarsh said

“Says the guy who sleeps on the tree” - I said


“Hey you two, we’ll be reaching Kothagaon (Pronounced Kotha Gao) in some time. We’ll rest there with a friend of mine and then we’ll head for the temple tomorrow.”

“What you have a friend? In such a faraway village?”

“Yup! We used to go on expeditions searching for food, land, and animals. It reminds me of my youth!”

I hope my father's friend is a good guy.

Narrator: After a while

“Here! Meet my friend Koli! We killed countless monsters together. His aiming and precision with bow and My sword skill were a great combination! We were known as, The Duo of Death!

“Looks like your father’s mental condition just went back 20 years” - Daarsh mumbled into my ear.

“Ehhe, it seems like he is.” - It’s kinda weird to see him like this, Also it seems Koli is a good guy.

“You can call me Koli Khura”

Narrator: “KHURA” is an Assamese term used for uncle. Generally we also use it for our father. If the person if older than our father, we use “Zetha” like, “Koli Khura” or “Koli Zetha”

His house is so big. There are 5 rooms in his house. Well, that’s the benefit of having a house not built on stilts. Our house only has two rooms. A kitchen and a bedroom.

It’s night time. Koli khura let us have a separate room. Apparently he gave me and Daarsh a separate room while he and father are gonna be in a separate room. Something’s fishy.

Narrator: Skip to dinner time

Damn, he makes delicious food! I never had such a great meal in a while. The mashed potatoes, fish curry are all perfect!

Narrator: Skip to sleeping time.

“I ain’t gonna let that piece of crap sleep with my daughter!”

“Bhupen, now c’mon! He ain’t a bad guy.”

My father’s drama started again. I wanna stop him so bad.

“I’ll sleep in a separate room alone, you guys decide on your own” - Well, that’s the best decision to make.

Narrator: All of them slept in separate rooms. They got the best sleep after seven days of walking around in the forest. Skip to the morning.

“Hey daarsh! Now stop yawning! We’ve gotta go as far as we can!”

“Yeah! But I wanted to sleep more. It was so comfortable to sleep on a bed.” - Darsh said.

As we left the village we bid farewell to Koli Khura. Hope we meet him again!

Narrator: With this the adventurers left the village and went on to their destination The East Temple!


Koli is a span of time where all the bad things happen. According hindu mythology, we are living in koli zug (in hindi Kalyug) or the dark age. 

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