Chapter 11:

Massive Massacre (part 2)

Higher Lower

While Vincent was fighting the police, someone was watching... and when everything ended, that person started following Vincent. Who was this person? Sarah Wayne.Bookmark here

"I must be popular. So many people stalk me recently. This one seems to be just a regular human though." taught VincentBookmark here

It only took a split second for Vincent to locate the exact position of the stalker and to get there. He saluted her with a big smile and waving his arm. Like how you would salute a little kid that bumps into you at the park.Bookmark here

"Hello, Sarah Wayne! What are you doing here?" said Vincent in a forced cheerful accentBookmark here

"H-hello I-"Bookmark here

She didn't had time to finish. Vincent rose his arm and struck down. But before the hit could have landed, he felt a powerful pain signal from his other hand, the one with the broken finger. Vincent missed, but only by a small margin.Bookmark here

"Aaah! Sorry sorry!" screamed the girlBookmark here

"Next time I wont miss."Bookmark here

"Wait! Listen to me please! I just want to-"Bookmark here

She couldn't finish her sentence again. But Vincent missed once again. Miraculously, a pigeon flew at low altitude right between Vincent's hand and Sarah's head. Vincent missed once again.Bookmark here

"You... you really are lucky you know."Bookmark here

"I-I just want to thank you!!"Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

" I really don't like being in a crowd. I wanted to do some shopping today but I got carried away and stayed too much. When I wanted to go home, the streets were full of people. You must have noticed that and that's why you did what you did. I watched it all!"Bookmark here

"Hm?" Bookmark here

It took a few seconds for Vincent to process the whole thing.Bookmark here

" I thought you were just a regular humans but it seems I made a huge mistake... You are much more dumber" Bookmark here

"Hey! That's not nice!! You're supposed to say 'You're welcome'!" Said Sarah while softly hitting Vincent wit her fist. Vincent, of course, was lazely dodging even those joke hitsBookmark here

All of a sudden Vincent sensed something behind him. That sensation made him lose focus for a second and one of Sarah's hits landed. Bookmark here

"S-sorry! I thaught you were going to dodge that as well." said SarahBookmark here

But it was useless. It was the first time that Vincent got hit. For him it was a great humiliation. With his eyes glowing red and a terrifing look om his face, Vincent put all his power into the next attack. He was determine to kill her, and this time he won't let anything interfere. Bookmark here

"Run!" screamed a voice from a dark alleyBookmark here

It was the cat masked attacker. He jumped, pushing the girl away from Vincent's attack. But it was too late for him to save himself. A powerful explosion followed the attack. The only thing remaining was a huge whole in the ground, as big as a meteor crater...Bookmark here

"That's one down." said VincentBookmark here

Vincent saw the whole thing happen, but decided to not stop his attack. For him, they both were a nuisance and he was planning to kill them both anyone, it didn't matter wich of them first.Bookmark here

"It's your turn now, Sarah Wayne." said Vincent walking twords her.Bookmark here

But out off nowhere, a hand grabed his shoulder.Bookmark here

"I said you will play a game with me, Vincent"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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