Chapter 6:

#6: The last test

The Pink Witch

The date set for all tasks to be completed has arrived, the people of the kingdom had never lived days like those, never had felt so much anxiety, so much emotion, so much fear and so much curiosity, hadn’t even experienced the feeling of supporting someone, but all kept those feelings to themselves fearing to share them.

On the 21st day and almost at nightfall, something coming from the woods put the kingdom on alert.

Something very big was leaving a trail to it’s passage, everyone looked in disbelief at what their eyes were seeing, it was a huge, beautiful, majestic blue dragon with the Pink Witch by his back.

The king incredulous, but haughty and sly then said:

"That doesn’t impress me. The third task isn’t completed, neither I’m sure that the first two had been fulfilled by you...”

The Pink Witch explained:

“Sir, the first task I accomplished on the 7th day, I took from a dry pit tears of someone who cried for twenty one years and asked for them to fall where they were caused... the second task, I had help from my companion, so I request you to give back his crystal...”

Saying this, the crystal returned to the heart of the blue dragon, as if it had never left it.

The king let out a laughed and said:

“The third task would never be fulfilled...”

And the Pink Witch replied:

“But it's fulfilled sir...”

The king was confused.

It's fulfilled?... 

Nibir J. Barman
Real Aire