Chapter 77:

It's Odd...

New Leaf!

About two hours have passed since I woke up, and I am currently sitting at the desk trying to get some of my school work done. But, I could barely make any progress. It wasn’t because the questions were hard or because I couldn’t understand the material… I just couldn’t properly read the book, and I couldn’t properly conduct calculations… I just couldn’t focus.Bookmark here

Many things were clogging my mind — many thoughts weren’t letting me think clearly… Ever since I woke up, I’ve been burdened with questions about last night. Why did Ren look so pained when I told him my past? Bookmark here

And recently, a text added to my puzzlement. A few minutes ago, Bailey texted me that we would be leaving at around noon. It’s not like I desperately want to stay in this city, it just confuses me as to why the schedule was changed. I mean, I was told that Bailey and Ren had a lot of work to complete that would take them three days to complete. But it was condensed by that much? Hm…Bookmark here

And I can’t help but wonder what he thinks of me now… Does he pity me? Does he feel sad? Does he feel fear? I don’t know… But the feeling that stands out the most and makes the most sense to me is hatred…Bookmark here

Ren hates me… I did something bad — I committed a crime… Rebelling by running away from my home… No one likes people like me who can’t follow simple rules.Bookmark here

And I wouldn’t blame him — even though I’m happy, I still hate myself for being so awful…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

A couple of hours passed and I heard the doorbell ring. Are Ren and Bailey back from work? It’s about an hour after they said they’d finish, but whatever. I opened the door.Bookmark here

And there he was — Ren Morales… I haven’t seen him since last night, but he still looks the same. The same, except he looked… distressed. His sluggish look of black circles under his red eyes contributed to it, but something else radiated that type of vibe.Bookmark here

“Oh… G-Good morning, Ren… Or I guess I should say good afternoon now…”Bookmark here

“Yeah… Good afternoon…”Bookmark here

And then, he walked past me to get to his suitcase. I turned around to look at him, and…Bookmark here

He seemed different. On top of being distressed about something, he’s… different. But his walk and tone of voice are all the same… Is he mad? I’m not entirely sure… But he does seem to be ignoring me…Bookmark here

As I was thinking, someone gently slapped me on my shoulder. I turned my head.Bookmark here

“Bailey?”Bookmark here

“Hey, Camryn!”Bookmark here

She was different from how she was in the morning. Instead of being sombre, she seemed more enthusiastic and energetic. Was it just because of fatigue?Bookmark here

“We managed to finish early, and we’re heading home now!”Bookmark here

“Yeah… But you were supposed to finish tomorrow. How did you manage to cut down that amount of work?”Bookmark here

“O-Oh…”Bookmark here

She shrugged.Bookmark here

“W-Well, we got some help from other employees here… You know, some people were either free to help or they decided to pick up the slack. But honestly, it would have been better if they did that in the first place!..”Bookmark here

Her voice sounded proud… But at the same time, it sounded weird — as if it were forced or hesitant.Bookmark here

“A-Anyway, your things are all packed up, right?”Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah… Well, most of it is.”Bookmark here

“Okay then! Then we’ll be leaving real soon.”Bookmark here

She sounded avid about that. Though, I guess that makes sense. After a long time of work, I’d also want to go home and relax. Bookmark here

She then walked up to Ren who was packing his suitcase. She put her hand on his shoulder.Bookmark here

“Um, R-Ren… I’ll drive, okay?”Bookmark here

Why were they speaking in low voices? It was only barely audible to me.Bookmark here

“It is okay, I can drive.”Bookmark here

“Yeah? Hell nah. Look, I’m not risking my life…”Bookmark here

Bailey leaned closer to Ren’s ear.Bookmark here

“I insist… After all you’ve done, it’s the least I can do. Besides, driving the way you are will be risky…Please?”Bookmark here

Ren looked down as if he were surrendering to something.Bookmark here

“Is that so? Well… Okay then…”Bookmark here

“Okay!”Bookmark here

So, we have another five-hour drive ahead of us… Hm… I wonder how it will go? We will get back around the evening if we don’t stop or are stopped in traffic… Bailey’s driving… That means the person that I will be with the most is Ren.Bookmark here

Ren… I don’t want him to hate me — I really don’t…Bookmark here

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