Chapter 31:

Afterword - A Message from Snazzy

Why Kill? When Witches Can Be Tentacled!

Snazzy here! Talking to you live from another world paradise of Witches! Greetings to all of you back home!Bookmark here

I’m sure many of you readers probably looked at the title of this novel and thought some pretty weird things at first. Thank you for making it all this way, even with how sketchy it sounded. It’s been quite the experience having to tell such a story, tentacles or not. Bookmark here

I believe that this contest has brought a lot of talent to Honeyfeed, and it was fun to share in the same thrill as everyone else competing. I wish everyone the best of luck. Frankly, I wasn’t sure how people would react to this kind of idea, but I was happy to see that it has been doing well.Bookmark here

A little laughter, a little silliness, and maybe something to think about in the end – this story was written to encourage those who wanted to bring forward their ambitions.Bookmark here

Do not be afraid to stretch yourself if you want to take a chance, as you may be surprised with the outcome. Even if you feel like you get stuck at times, getting yourself involved in the community is never a bad thing. For all you know, those connections that you make with people may suddenly materialize and give you a boost in a time of need. Not just for potential writers, but for anyone out there.Bookmark here

I’ve already seen it happen many times during the contest. Words of encouragement to not quit. People jumping in to give pointers or guidance. A bit of memes and humor thrown around to brighten someone’s day. Both writing and reading can be a lot of fun.Bookmark here

We have great people here at Honeyfeed. And I hope that even after this contest ends, that you will continue to stay. This is a great place to polish yourselves. Maybe, you’ll be even more ready to tackle the next contest. And if you’re just a reader, that means you can expect better things to browse through.Bookmark here

Truly, a lot of thanks to the entire community. I’m happy to see it grow.Bookmark here

Maybe, you’ll get to see more of me soon. One day.Bookmark here

If not, feel free to poke Kazesenken and send him my way. I’ll have a jellyfish sandwich waiting for him.Bookmark here

And while you’re at it, tell him to hurry up and give me a human body! I want to be ready for the moment my harem slots fill up!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I kid. I’m a gentlemanly jellyfish after all. But feel free to give him your input for where you want it to go next.Bookmark here

This is the end of this program for now. Happy isekai ventures, all you boys and girls. Snazzy out!
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