Chapter 30:

The True Meaning of One Word

Why Kill? When Witches Can Be Tentacled!

After the fighting subsided, the Battle of Yggdrasil, as it would later be called, ended in a total defeat of the Roswalian army. The four thousand troops that marched in the name of defeating the Witch lost more than half of its troops. While the detachment was only a third of the kingdom’s forces, that was an earth-shattering blow to a powerful nation.

What made it worse was that they were trounced by a group of roughly a hundred magicians, most of them children that had zero battle experience. And also, forty-two female magicians that were in their possession were taken from them, further rubbing salt in their wounds.

Even though claims of a Demon Lord had risen over the area to aid the Witches, the facts still stood. An army was left with its tail tucked between its legs by a fraction of its number. And because of that, all eyes paid close attention to the sudden rising of a new dominion. It occupied the northwest corner of Roswalia, a small area carved around the Yggdrasil tree.

The small circle of land was surrounded by a large forest, except for a large pathway that was completely flattened. It became home to that Demon Lord and his group of Witches. And on any normal day, a voice sounded over the region.

“Okay! How’s everyone doing?! Snazzy here, ready to give a status report of the current progress of the new Domain of Salutis!”

That was what they decided to call it. Their new home, a place for all Witches to thrive upon. Snazzy’s voice boomed across the area, aided by Seraphina’s magic to carry it far away like a loudspeaker. This was just one of the new things that he started a month ago, as they realized that their village now had the capacity to stand on their own against invaders.

Slowly, their home grew, accommodating the group of freed magicians that added to the work force. With the threat of a Demon Lord and empowered magicians living upon this land, they no longer needed to hide behind a protective fog. And that unveiled a lot of territory for them to thrive upon.

In addition, a stream of people showed up at their doors. They had become so fed up with the Kingdom of Roswalia’s ways. Attracted by the jovial chatter that filtered from Snazzy’s announcements, they found it rather strange that some creature posing as a Demon Lord acted in such a manner.

But apparently, hearing it for themselves was a stronger stimulus than the recycled barkings of a broken record that Roswalia kept throwing at the public. Curiosity got the better of them as they approached the area around Yggdrasil. And what they found was something built upon pure magic.

Residences and inns sprung up around the area. Workshops and eateries were opened. And what inhabited them all were a team of lovely women, working their hardest to manage a town fresh on its own legs.

Since the area that they claimed stretched to the borders of the Kingdom of Rhylimer, many beastkin merchants started entering Salutis from that point of entry. How quickly trade had been established with the new domain was all Madame Jacoux’s doing. She could sniff an opportunity from an entire kingdom away. It only took a short journey of craftsmen and artisans to find many promising workers possessing magic to build up a thriving economy.

Now, visitors were greeted with the sight of children frolicking around the square, the aroma of freshly cooked meals, and the awes of magic crafting. The scene was the spitting image of a paradise of lovely angels on earth.

However, that also attracted some not so nice people at times.

“C’mon, lady! Why don’t you shake that ass for me a little?! Gotta be lonely here with mostly chicks. C’mon, I’ll show you a real, good time!”

A male traveler grabbed a woman’s arm roughly. Given that there was so much eye candy around, he simply couldn’t resist testing his luck. Immediately, the man felt cold chills run down his spine as everything went quiet.

Turning around slowly, he saw that the villagers all pointed a glowing hand at him. Young girls and mature women, each now wearing a floppy, black hat that appeared out of nowhere, all stopped what they were doing and readied a spell at him. Turning back to the woman he grabbed, a hat was now donned on her head as well. She tipped it lightly up and smiled.

“You cross one Witch, and you cross them all. That is the way of this domain, united under our Demon Lord. Speaking of which, here he comes….”

Fear crept upon the man as he turned back around, coming face to face with a jellyfish creature, whose beady eyes and carefree smile belied what kind of punishment awaited.

“You dare touch another man’s harem without their permission? Shame!” Snazzy grabbed the man’s head with his tentacles and dragged him down the wooden steps and across the ground. “Now, if you had asked nicely and she agreed, I would have allowed it. But there are rules in this place!”

The village girls watched in amusement as their rowdy guest received a personal lesson from their leader. A few minutes later, a pair of shouts echoed from the forest.

“What the bloody hell are you?! You spineless coward!”


It was just another day in their new paradise.


Maribell looked out at the rapidly expanding town below. It was hard to believe that Snazzy had done exactly what he set out to do. Establish a place for Witches to call home.

Due to the prejudice that the girls here faced from the Kingdom of Roswalia, the distinction between Witches and female magicians was hazy. The beastkin traders didn’t even bat an eye as Maribell and Seraphina were mixed among the crowd. To them, they were no different from all the other girls in town.

Maribell materialized the oversized Witch hat that was so gaudy that no one paid attention to her grimoire earring. The same was said for Seraphina’s grimoire as a hair charm.

“Funny how such a little thing could create such a distraction in the eyes of people.” Maribell smiled as realized that Snazzy had purposefully blurred the lines between them. Slowly, people would realize that not all Witches were bad. By associating everyone here as one, she was merely a part of the whole. A group that few witnesses would deny as wholesome and good.

She felt an arm wrap around her stomach, a hand gently teasing its way under her blouse. With a slap of the hand, she batted the pest away.

“Hey, just because I let you do it once, doesn’t mean that we are a couple. I don’t swing that way!” Maribell pouted, looking more annoyed than truly angry.

“Oh my, just because you won’t let me, that doesn’t mean that I’ll give up. After all, you let Snazzy rub up all against you at night…,” Seraphina held back a chuckle at her fellow Witch.

“Th-That’s different! He’s squishy like a pillow, and it’s just… comfortable…”

Snazzy had returned to his jellyfish form. When questioned why, he simply shrugged it off. Even now, she wasn’t sure what exactly to make of him. But then again, did it really matter?

“Ah, what childish tastes. I’ll be sure to request for a turn then. But I wonder how he’d like having a taste of the wild side? Those tentacles sure look like they could wrap me up nicely. Oh, he’d be such a tease, seeing that they could reach all the unmentionable pla-”

Seraphina dodged a smack from Maribell, who was now a deep shade of pink. “H-How can you even think of that?! Is that what dirty things come to mind when tentacles are spoken of?!”

Unfortunately, Maribell was still of the innocent mind, completely different from Seraphina and Snazzy’s experiences.

“My, how much he coddles you. But that’s part of what amuses me. Seeing you squirm and look over your shoulder in anticipation is what makes our future engagements simply… enthralling.

Seraphina turned to leave, but then she looked back. “By the way, the preparations are done. Now, it’s time for the next stage of our plans.”

Later that afternoon, a crowd gathered around the base of the tree. Among them, most were wearing Witch hats. Maribell and Seraphina stood on either side of Snazzy, who was on a raised platform and sporting a tiny Witch hat of his own.

They had planned on this event ever since the construction of their new home. It needed to be done – an announcement directed to the entire world. Using the copious supply of mana from Yggdrasil and everyone’s knowledge of magic, the first live stream of this world would now be conducted.

Many symbols placed around the tree started to glow, activating a large-scale magic spell. An image of a jellyfish formed in the sky, towering high enough to be seen a fair distance away. Along with this projection magic, the individual branches of the tree were attuned to send out sound signals, so that Snazzy’s voice would carry far throughout the kingdom, and possibly, even to nearby ones.

“Umm, hello there!” Snazzy’s voice echoed far and wide.

“The name’s Snazzy, your substitute Demon Lord of this world! Just to let you know, I am now declaring this land for ourselves, the new Domain of Salutis. I’m sure you’ve heard all about the terrible things the Demon Lord and Witches have in store, courtesy of the Kingdom of Roswalia. And I’m here to give my side of the story. Open your eyes, clean out your ears, and see for yourselves what we plan to do here!”

Snazzy looked out at the sea of Witch hats. Each one of them were connected to his powers, and as the person chosen to lead them forward, he couldn’t let them down. Once again, he would fight against the tides to make sure those who felt like drowning would join his lifeboat.

However, a few dots of normal people could be seen – those who had discarded their prejudice and came to this place with an open mind. Snazzy welcomed them, because a country could not be built while pushing away those who were different. He wanted a place where one wouldn’t think twice to have beliefs clash, but then, to find some compromise.

And to whoever out there that bothered to listen, he spoke. He tore through the misguided preconceptions. He talked down the people in power, those that stood up high and simply parroted their propaganda to the commonfolk. He proclaimed his silly ideals, those that were laughable normally, but even crazier when proclaimed by a jellyfish. And in the end, he offered an outstretched tentacle.

“Join us. If you have any doubts about how this world is. If there is even an inkling that your beliefs have been led down the wrong path. We will support you. We will walk with you. We are the supporting voice for those flailing in the darkness.

What this world needs is not a hero! There is no great power looming over your lives! There is no calamity threatening to upturn the world! We, as Witches, simply want to live, and not let some silly grimoires dictate what to do with our lives!

Rather, fear lives in the hearts of people, even in times of peace. We make enemies of those different than us, because it is natural to be wary of the unknown. But let us not fear change. Let us not push away those who are different. If we do, untold wonders in life are passed over.

I proclaim, that this world needs a Demon Lord of change. A Demon Lord of fun and entertainment. One that strives to show you that there is good even in the strangest of places. So do not fear. We are coming for you! But simply, to share in the joys of living! Witches, humans, beastkin – the entire world!

We’ll make the world so fun that you’ll forget all about your silly grudges. And under me, we’ll make you start to question.”

Snazzy paused for a moment, letting the next statement sink in for everyone. A wide smile decorated his head as he wiggled his tentacles.

“Why Kill? When Witches can be tentacled!”

There were several moments of awkward silence as Snazzy scratched his head. “That sounded much cooler and funnier in my head… haha…”

Maribell placed a hand over her face. Why the hell did he go off script right at that moment!? Seriously, what is he thinking?!

“Hey! How the hell did you conclude that from being ‘connected’! What-”

But then, Maribell felt herself glow with power. She moved her hand from her face, seeing Seraphina and all the Witches below glowing as well.

“That’s just how he is. Always keeping you on your toes. Why bother fighting it?” Seraphina smiled as she raised her hand up into the air. Maribell and the others joined her.

With everyone filled to the brim with mana from Snazzy, they shot their magic upward. A myriad of spells streamed across the sky, decorating the new domain like magical confetti. It was a celebration after all. One that signaled the turning point for the very concept of Witches.

Snazzy smiled as the cheering brought not the end of an era, but the beginning of a long road ahead. And this time, he wanted to see it through, all the way to completion.

Why Kill? When Witches Can Be Tentacled!

Volume 1 End
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