Chapter 7:

Save the general!

Lost from Paradise: I was a demon lord and got reincarnated as a mere human!!!

Zac (that's what everyone calls him) is a mysterious person.

I see him rarely in the facility, and when I do, I see him gazing at me with worried eyes.

I knew he doesn't trust me yet, that's why I keep training with the abducted kids. I never had the chance to meet the higher five.

They say they are the strongest.

The training session was physical and intellectual.

We get to know the history of the corrupted nation, pray to the father Gidakrya.

It's more of a cult than a terrorist group.

The religion has a name and it's Gidakri. In order for you to join the father, you need to complete the seven commandments:

Faith, love, altruism, peace, share, nobility, and strength.

You should have faith in the father and its future messenger and savior.
You should love your brothers and everyone who isn't a threat or an obstacle to your religious path.
You should become altruistic and put other's needs before yours.
You shall share your knowledge and wisdom with others.
You must have a noble heart and a noble cause for following the father.
You always need to improve your individual strength, mentally or physically. You have to aim to be the strongest as a strong prayer is better than a weak prayer.

After completing the holy seven, you will be put to a test, and if you succeed you get to join the higher five.

However, if you fail you will be put to rest.

Put to rest is a term used to describe the sentence of death in the facility. Sinners will be frozen in an ice capsule for eternity. Until the father will come and command them to wake up. That's what they did to the captured low-fire soldiers. They only kept the general.

The general! Yes, that's my winning card.

My devil's senses tingled, the idea was so demonic that made me so excited to execute it.

It was night. I memorized the pattern that the watch brothers take.

There were three of them.

Yeah, the brother's group has a lack of soldiers but I feel that isn't necessarily an issue as it is said that a higher five's strength is equal to a whole army.

Anyways, two of the watchers take a half turn to the facility and one stays at the general's cell.

The watchers were no easy task as they were also S-human.

Taking one of them is possible. I had twenty minutes to take down the watcher and escape to the RC with the general.

I had no time to train with my new powers but I knew how to use them.

I sneaked into the cell, and with the steps of a shadow, I grabbed the watcher's neck, enhanced my right arm's strength with my shockwaves, and broke the watcher's neck, and pulled his dead body.

As fast as I could, I tried to open the cell door using his hand. Before that, I could succeed I felt the hand grabbing my arm.

The dead corpse stood up and flipped his head 360 degrees.

I felt like I'm watching a zombie movie.

" You think a watcher will be taken down that easily, kid? "


I'm running out of time.

The watcher threw his fists at me, I managed to block them using my right arm's shockwave barrier.

I retaliated and managed to break most of his bones but he keeps regenerating. This sick ability reminds me of the self-regeneration ability of demons. Actually, it was the same.

Luckily, I am a former demon. I have slain countless demons so I know their abilities limits.

I don't have much time left. Think!

I have to unleash a powerful move that will destroy his body completely.

I gazed at my left leg and stumbled upon the solution.

I never tried using my leg, but it has burning stains such as my right arm. So it's logical for it to have the same ability.

" Azure "

My leg was shimmering and I can hear the sound of thunder coming from it.

I kicked the watcher and half of his body was destroyed.

The leg was insanely powerful than the arm.

His body quickly regenerated. This time, I punched his arm instead and tore it apart. I only needed the hand.

It was time to end this.

I thought of a new move.

" Azure sword dance "

It was the first sword dance I learned as a demon. You had to split your legs, absorb momentum then rush towards the opponent, fake a sword slash then make him fall by kicking his knees, then you thrust his hearth with your sword after moving behind him.

Instead of the last sword thrust, I used my powerful leg to destroy him.

Finally, the watcher's body was torn to pieces and his regenerative ability disappeared.

Without further slacking, I opened the gate using his hand and found the general lying in his bed.

" If you're looking to torture me again, go ahead. I won't tell you shit even if I die. "

I see now the reason for keeping him. I already knew they wanted some secret intel from him but now, I'm reassured.

" Hail Aramelia, a nation of free men! "

He quickly turned around

" You! "

He was amazed and at the same time shocked.

" I've come to save you, my general! "

*Bonus story:

Alkatraz was sitting on his massive ruby throne, two maids sitting in his lap were patting his silk silver hair.

A dwarf came to the room. He was wearing a long robe with a dragon symbol inscribed on it.

" My lord, I beg your pardon. I have come at the very need of your wisdom and prestige. "

" What is your request dwarf? "

" I am a mud statue maker. I made my lord's famous statue at the Kazadel. "

The demon lord raised his hand and the dwarf continued.

" I made commissions for three demons and they never followed the seventh rule of your reign my lord. "

The ruthless's demon eyes glittered with rage. He never tolerates breaking his rules. The maids ran towards their chamber the guards took cover and the dwarf never stopped shaking and sweating.

" Tell me, dwarf, what is the name of those demons tribes ?"

" Itttttt's Haroni, Macendy and Silvi. "

" You can dismiss. "

The dwarf after leaving the royal room released a sigh of relief.

No one ever dared to test Alcatraz's anger.

The next morning, a massive army marched towards the three villages, led by Alkatraz. They burned the whole three tribes and left the three culprits to watch their families get roasted alive before their eyes.

A massive battle ring was prepared.

The infamous demon lord gave the three demons a chance to take their revenge and clear their name if they managed to kill him. That was their death sentence.

After choosing their weapons, they entered the ring.

One of the demons fell unconscious just by feeling the blood lust of his lord. It was like they were looking at death itself.

Alkatraz easily massacred all of them and before that, he can deliver the final blow to the last remaining demon he said:

" The seventh rule, always appreciate the worker's art by rating it and leave a supporting feedback or message! All the workers in my nation put a lot of effort into what they do! Consuming it and never rate it is a big sin and I never tolerate a law break in my world. "

From that day on, the seventh rule was never broken till the last day of his reign.

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